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From Olivier Lefevre <>
Subject Re: How well does buildr subsume rake?
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 19:30:29 GMT
OK, I'll give buildr a try after I'm finished converting my homegrown 
bash scripts to Gradle (portability issues between unices). buildr 
does seem to have good docs; it's the state of rake docs (basically
just API docs) that worried me.

Incidentally the most recent review of Gradle vs. buildr I could 
find is from 2009; I suppose much has changed since. Too much
energy seems spent on arguing against XML tools, where the 
contrast is stark (either you consider things like <copy file=
"myfile.txt" tofile="mycopy.txt"/> acceptable or you don't), and not 
enough on trying to inform the choice between the *other* tools.

-- O.L.

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