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From <>
Subject presentation about buildr (in french)
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 08:57:27 GMT
Hi all,

I forgot to tell you I made a 30 minute session in french about buildr 
at the Agile Conference France 2011. It went well and I found it very 
easy for me to "sell" buildr.
Slides are available online if you can read french [1] and [2].

I would like to run it in english at the XP Days Benelux 2011 (selection 
process stil running). I would appreciate any feedback.
Here is my abstract :
buildr, a simple, powerful and efficient build tool

Buildr is build on top of rake, “the ruby make”, and ruby. Buildr keeps 
maven good habits (repositories, standard sources layout, standard 
commands such as compile, test, install…) but remains a simple and easy 
to extend tool.

We will see concrete exemples of real buildfiles. We will also see what 
benefits are brought by rake and all the possibilities available with 
the ruby language.

A few before/after maven and buildr examples :
  * telecom project : build goes from 12 min to 2 min : feedback is 
faster and clearer. The team now dares to dramatically improves its product.
  * video projet : build shrinks from 14000 SLOC (maven 1) to 800 : 
release duration and risk dramatically reduced on a very risky project.

buildr is available at : an active and open community 
in the US and in Europe.

Format and length:
30 mins presentation

Intended audience and prerequisites:
Developers who care about their build and want a faster and better 
feedback from their build

Objective(s) of the session:
Discover buildr
Have people trying it and adopting it, then contributing to it

Benefits for participants and presenter(s):
A new perspective about build tool : there are other ways to build code


-- Jean-Philippe Caruana

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