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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Generated resources
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2010 00:42:07 GMT

> Yeah, resources.from only works for static resources.   If I generate
> resources, I would typically do it like:
> define 'my-project' do
>  project.version = '0.1-SNAPSHOT'
> = 'myProject'
>  clean do
>    rm_rf _(:generated, :resources)
>  end
>  resources do
>    mkdir_p  _(:generated, :resources)
>    touch _(:generated, :resources, :foo)
>  end
>  package(:jar).include _(:generated, :resources)
> end


This works in practice but as you add more plugins to the system that
inspect the project model to do magic it gets nasty and a lot more
work. i.e. The buildr-iidea plugin will need to be customized to make
the set of resources included in .iml as well as build-bnd plugin for
including resources in bundle, aswell as a few other plugins I am
working on.


Peter Donald

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