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From Joe Van Dyk <>
Subject Sample buildr project, completely self-hosting
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 20:58:32 GMT
I'm a big fan of easy project setup.  I've just started getting into
the JVM/Scala world, so I'm looking into the best ways to
package/manage software.

I created this sample project:

If you have java and git installed, you can check out the project, then run:

export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/vendor/jruby/bin
buildr package

This will compile the scala sources and run the tests and package the
jars.  Notice that you didn't have to install jruby or rubygems or
buildr.  You don't have to download any more software during the
compilation process.  You check out the project and that's all - you
can disconnect your internet and go program on a boat.

I wish more projects would do this sort of thing, instead of requiring
users to install a whole bunch of software, setup environment
variables, etc.

Anyways, buildr looks pretty sweet, digging into it now.


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