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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: ivy4r vs buildr
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2010 23:48:46 GMT

One of the aspects I really like about OSGis is that it declares
dependencies on an API rather than an implementation. So some of my
code has a dependency on APIs of log4j, commons logging and the sl4j
but all these APIs are provided by Pax Logging. OSGi has a repository
system (OBR see
that allows you to search for artifacts/bundles that satisfy
APIs+constraints. Felix apparently apparently has a project in
progress that integrates OSGi's OBR with Ivy
( but I have yet
to look into it.

I would love to see buildr offer some sort of mechanism for building
and caching a tree of dependencies based on queries to OBR. It could
traverse as far as required (i.e. the minimal set for compilation, the
minimal set for running, the runtime set with certain optional
dependencies present or the complete tree). It would probably have to
be something that sat next to regular maven repository integration but
something that could build a config file for ivy/maven would be great.


Peter Donald

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