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From Niklaus Giger <>
Subject Problems building eclipse application elexis
Date Sat, 24 Apr 2010 01:03:08 GMT

I am running a hudson CI at for the elexis 
application, a eclipse RCP for medical practitioners.

I looked at various build systems for headless builds in order to add unit 
tests, etc to the CI and found buildr a very promising offer. Using ruby for a 
lot of my scripts and testing tools, I felt at ease with it.


I started like this (on my GNU/Debian-Linux squeeze system), Installed buildr 
for jruby.

cd /opt/4hudson
tar -zxf eclipse-rcp-galileo-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz
cd /opt/4hudson/eclipse
# Next two zip probably not yet needed.

mvn eclipse:make-artifacts -DeclipseDir=/opt/4hudson/eclipse 
cd /opt/4hudson
svn co elexis
cd elexis

(Created the attached buildfile)
buildr -v clean compile 

Now I get the following error:

> (in /nfs4/hudson-service/4hudson/elexis, development)
> []
> Downloading org.eclipse.core:org.eclipse.core.runtime:pom:[3.1.0,4.0.0)
> bad URI(is not URI?):
> org/eclipse/core/org.eclipse.core.runtime/[3.1.0,4.0.0)/
>ntime-[3.1.0,4.0.0).pom Buildr aborted!
> Failed to download
> org.eclipse.core:org.eclipse.core.runtime:pom:[3.1.0,4.0.0), tried the
> following repositories:
> /nfs4/hudson-service/4hudson/elexis/buildfile:27
> /home/niklaus/.gem/jruby/1.8/gems/buildr-1.3.5-java/lib/buildr/core/applica
>tion.rb:400:in `raw_load_buildfile'
> /home/niklaus/.gem/jruby/1.8/gems/buildr-1.3.5-java/lib/buildr/core/applica
>tion.rb:218:in `load_buildfile'
> /home/niklaus/.gem/jruby/1.8/gems/buildr-1.3.5-java/lib/buildr/core/applica
>tion.rb:213:in `load_buildfile' (See full trace by running task with
> --trace)
I have in my local maven repository


How do I make buildr make recognize this? Or did maven produce a wrong 
specification? Or am I following a completely track?

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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