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From Will Rogers <>
Subject buildr package doesn't notice changed resources or xsd?
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 20:45:24 GMT
I have a project that has some configuration files in
src/main/resources and some schema files in src/main/xsd. I'm using
buildr/xmlbeans and the compile_xml_beans function to process the

If I change a file in either src/main/resources or src/main/xsd and
then run "buildr package", the package task does not rebuild the jar.
In fact, if I add a completely new file to src/main/resources, it
doesn't even get copied to target/resources on the next "buildr
package". Detecting changed/added files seems screwy in general.

The build system not maintaining its output package correctly is bad.
Is this a bug? Are my expectations out of whack? Or am I doing
something wrong?

-- Will

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