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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Subprojects
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2010 03:36:19 GMT
> Parent projects have an implicit dependency on child projects for all
> recursive tasks (e.g. clean, build, package, ...).
> For other tasks, there should not be any such parent-child dependencies
> unless you wire them yourself.
> If you provide a more detailed example of what you're doing / trying to do,
> we can probably help you further.

I guess the way that Buildr work seems unintuitive to me.

When I go to the base directory of the project and do a "buildr
help:tasks", "buildr help:projects", "buildr help" etc - I do not
expect it to go and package the subprojects before giving me help.
When I use "buildr clean" I expect it to delete a directory rather
than package the subprojects then delete the directory.

If "buildr clean" in the base directory went and invoked clean on all
the subprojects that would make sense but currently it is packaging
them all.

I guess my concern is the scalability of this approach. When a project
starts to have 40+ subprojects it could take a very long time to
perform even simple commands. It can be worked around by providing
another set of tasks to do things like clean and provide help but that
seems a bit hacky.


Peter Donald

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