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From Sebastian Hennebrueder <>
Subject maven improvements - help offer
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 23:27:36 GMT

I started to use buildr and was slightly annoyed by the limited maven 

Apart from not resolving properly, I had poms which couldn't be parsed. 
I switched the parser to Nokogiri and improved the code to deliver 
better results.

Well it does work know but I run into the next big problem:

The transitive methods split up a hash of dependencies and resolves them 
individually. Naturally this doesn't work because I need to know all 
dependencies to avoid duplicate instances.

The consequence is that I have to change the API. It could look like the 
following code snippet. Before I start working on this, is there 
interest to integrate this or is there anybody working on something like 

MY_DEPS = maven do
    add({ :groupId=>"org.hibernate", :artifactId =>"hibernate-ehcache", 
:version=>"3.3.2.GA", :scope=> "compile"}).transient
define 'laliluna' do
    project.version = '1.1'
    package :jar
    compile.with MY_DEPS

Best Regards / Viele Grüße

Sebastian Hennebrueder
Software Developer and Trainer for Hibernate / Java Persistence

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