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From Ittay Dror <>
Subject Re: Buildr or Gradle?
Date Sun, 01 Nov 2009 20:06:54 GMT

Sten Roger Sandvik wrote:

> Hi.
> I am a heavy Maven 2 user but lately I have been really tired of it. Been
> looking at both buildr and gradle for some time now. Tried both buildr and
> gradle in some real world settings. Right now I am favouring buildr since it
> gives me a good feeling to have control over my build. But I am worrying
> about the community. Seems that the gradle community is bigger and more
> active than buildr. That is just my feeling.
> In my build I have the need of building jars, wars and osgi modules. Could
> someone give me a nice overview of pros/cons about buildr vs gradle?

I wrote something a while ago: There are also discussions 
in stackoverflow.

I went for BuildR, mainly for the performance, but also because the 
architecture looked better (Gradle felt more like a rewrite of Maven in 
Groovy). However, I must say that I'm not so sure about the choice 
today. People are encountering many issues setting up Ruby (not being 
able to install rjb in mac, segmentation faults) and when looking at 
JRuby, the performance advantage is gone. Also, Gradle seems to be more 
actively developed.

As for Maven: did you look at maven-antrun-extended-plugin or the groovy 


> BR,
> Sten Roger Sandvik

Tikal <>
Tikal Project <>

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