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From Martin Grotzke <>
Subject Tests not executed with eclipse bulding automatically - how to set different output folder for eclipse
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2009 17:10:58 GMT

at first: we're just starting a new project here and it's the first for
our company we're building with buildr - I'm very happy! :)

Now my question: is it possible to specify a different output folder for

We need this as we're using eclipse with "Build automatically". This
causes the effect, that tests that once ran successfully are not
executed again, even if classes files or tests are changed. Turning off
"build automatically" or a "clean" resolves this issue. However, we
still want to have an automatic build in eclipse, so this is not the
preferred solution.

Is there another solution for this (e.g. specifying different output
folder for eclipse)?

Thx && cheers,

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