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From Andrew Moore <>
Subject Re: Help using Include
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 23:03:28 GMT
Well, I have it working, but not as it seems like it should... I'm  
essentially excluding every other kind of file, like this:


I've got about a dozen files I'm excluding, so this isn't a great  

I am running version 1.3.3, so maybe there is a bug with that version  
related to this that has been fixed in 1.3.4.
After looking more closely, it seems like with the other way:


I did seem to only get .js files, but I ended up with duplicate  
copies... one copy of all the .js files at the root of the war and  
another in the directory structure where I expect them to be.

If I get time, I'll try and revisit this and create a test case  
example... I'm behind schedule right now, so I'll have to plug on with  
this. Thanks for the help, I will try and get back to this to flush it  

~ Andrew

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