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From Martin Grotzke <>
Subject Setting BUILDR_ENV in buildfile has no effect on chosen settings.profile
Date Sun, 22 Feb 2009 22:00:27 GMT

the documentation [1] says

  "You can also set environment variables from within your Buildfile.
  [..] Make sure to set any environment variables at the very top of
  the Buildfile, above any Ruby statement (even require)."

I tried this with adding

  ENV['BUILDR_ENV'] = 'test'

to the top of my buildfile to set the default profile to 'test'.
Unfortunately, still the 'development' profile is used (it's printed in
the very first line after running buildr and I see the 'development'
profile is applied).

Should setting the 'BUILDR_ENV' variable in the buildfile work, or is it
just a documentation issue (because it's not meant to work for the
environment environment variable)?

Btw, what I really want to do: we're using profiles for our development
machines, with a profile for each machine/hostname, inheriting a common
profile (like development). Therefore I'd like to initialize the buildr
environment with like


This just if you wonder why the hell I want to set the default profile
to 'test' ;)

Thanx && cheers,


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