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From "Assaf Arkin" <>
Subject Re: Building (and testing) only certain projects
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2008 22:21:58 GMT
On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 9:55 AM, Ketan Padegaonkar
<> wrote:
> Turns out that I'm doing something wrong. Running with the following command
> line works:
> buildr test:net.sf.swtbot.generator
> I'm just amazed at the subtleness of a lot of things in buildr!

Buildr runs all the tasks you list on the command line.

  buildr swtbot-2:net.sf.swtbot.generator test

This executes two tasks, the second task 'test' just tells Buildr to
run all the tests.

  buildr swtbot-2:net.sf.swtbot.generator:test

This executes the test task of swtbot-2:net.sf.swtbot.generator (note
the colon), so only tests for that project and its dependencies.
Other tasks (compile, build, package) behave the same way, you can run
them against all projects or specific project.

  buildr test:net.sf.swtbot.generator

This executes all the tests in all the projects but only for classes
that match net.sf.swtbot.generator in their name.  This kind of
filtering is specific to the test task.


> -- Ketan
> Ketan Padegaonkar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to build and test only certain projects.
>> Here's what I've defined in one of my projects "net.sf.swtbot.generator":
>> compile.with([COMMON_JARS, DEPS,
>> project("net.sf.swtbot.finder")].flatten).using(:warnings=>false,
>> :debug=>true)
>> this however builds the "net.sf.swtbot.finder" project and runs tests on
>> it.
>> I'd however want to skip tests for the entire "net.sf.swtbot.finder"
>> project.
>> I'm using the following command line argument to run the build:
>> buildr swtbot-2:net.sf.swtbot.generator test
>> Is this supported by buildr, or is there something I'm doing wrong ?
>> -- Ketan

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