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From lacton <>
Subject [buildr] Downloading artifacts' sources
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 19:36:54 GMT
I think the discussion that's happening in the comment section of
BUILDR-164 concerns many users, so I start this thread so that the
user base can be heard.

My understanding is that we have three clearly identified use cases.

UC1. As an IDE user, I want the sources of the artifacts referenced in
my project's metadata files, so that I can browse these sources
directly from my IDE.

UC2. As a developer, I want the sources of the artifacts used in my
project available in my local repository, so that I can browse these
sources from there.

UC3. As a developer using snapshot artifacts, I want the snapshot
source artifact to correspond to the snapshot binary artifact, so that
I can browse the relevant sources when the snapshot is updated.

The design that's emerging is along the lines of
* add a new task to download available source artifacts (e.g., task
'sources' or task 'download-sources'),
* modify the IDE tasks so that they reference the source artifacts
available in the local repository.


Q1. Should we add a task dependency so that IDE users have the sources
automatically available in their repo (i.e., task 'eclipse' =>
['artifacts', 'sources'])?  Or should the IDE task use source
artifacts only if they are available locally and it would be up to the
user to call 'buildr sources'?

Q2. Should the new 'sources' task download all available sources for
all Artifacts, or should it recursively download source artifacts
based on compile and test tasks?



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