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From David Rault <>
Subject Re: Tuning Junit Report directory
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2008 13:59:10 GMT
Assaf Arkin a écrit :
>> i'm having trouble customizing the JunitReport output
> Try = <path>
thanks, i missed checking the class variables !
so this works and i've moved on to running cobertura and jdepend
but then again there doesn't seem to be an "obvious" way to set the 
working directories (cobertura reports and cobertura.ser, xml output for 

so here are my questions :

1/ how can i force cobertura and jdepend to use specific output folders ?

2/ why don't they (= junit-report, cobertura, jdepend, etc.)  root their 
outputs in the "project.reports" property  **by default** ?
since project.reports already exists (and is used by the test task), i'm 
a little confused other tasks write somewhere else

thanks for your feedback

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