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From Maarten Billemont <>
Subject Referencing other buildr projects.
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 22:07:54 GMT
My situation is like this:

  |-- X
  |   |-- X:a
  |   |-- X:b
  |-- Y

X is a project with subprojects.  Only the subprojects contain source  
Now I want Y to depend on one of the subprojects of X because it uses  
a few classes from there (X is basically my library project containing  
a few convenience utility classes, classified by subject in subprojects.

X has a buildfile and Y has a buildfile.

root does not have a buildfile, nor do X:a and X:b, the latter two are  
defined in the X buildfile - obviously.

Now my question is:  How do I declare a dependency of Y on X:b, for  


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