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From "Assaf Arkin" <>
Subject Re: Buildr questions
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2008 07:25:44 GMT
On 1/17/08, Neil Lott <> wrote:
> I really like buildr a lot, and please forgive my discourtesy at not
> having
> thanked you both for your helping me with my previous questions.  I have
> some more as well :)

Thanks :-)

Lastly, I have several suggestions:
> First is to try to integrate panopticode into Buildr.  This is a great
> metric tool that is really helpful in visualizing code.  I'd be willing to
> look into this further if you'all are open, as I'd also like to have
> TestNG's groups available via buildr which I'm looking into as
> well.  Still
> learning a lot in all areas :)
> Second, I work on a project that uses CORBA and IDL.  Would you all be
> open
> to an IDL generation task?  I have most of this coded up using a buildfile
> already and would be happy to contribute.

Definitely.  I'm planning a plugin mechanism for Buildr, so it will be
easier to develop, package and share them with other developers.  That way
you can contribute plugins without having to go through the Buildr release

Third, a lot of projects I'm guessing don't have a desirable tree structure
> that falls in line with buildr for example ours has
> Main
> --components
> ----component 1
> ----component 2
> --share
> ----share 1
> ----share 2
> --webservice
> ---webservice 1
> -----server
> -----client

If these are different projects that you want to build together, you can do
that with one Buildfile by defining them as nested sub-projects.  The
top-most project would be Main, and then everything underneath is nested, so
project Main contains components, components contains component 1 and so


And it would be nice to be able to accomdate this kind of thing and then
> have some way to transition to something that makes the most sense, which
> I
> really don't have an answer to.
> Mainly I'm thowing ideas out as I'd like to be able to use buildr but see
> the above issues as road-blocks and would like to move past them in some
> way.
> Thanks a bunch,
> Neil

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