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From dhpeterson <>
Subject Re: Continuous Integration
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 23:27:49 GMT

Hi Assaf,

Attached is a first-cut recipe for Bamboo setup with Buildr. It is very
straightforward. Feel free to edit prior to inclusion in recipes. (I won't
be offended!)

It can be difficult to draw the line between Bamboo configuration and
Buildr-Bamboo configuration, so the below recipe is a minimal complete
configuration to a buildr project get up and running. Some sections such as
SCM configuration are omitted for brevity.



Bamboo Buildr Recipe

This recipe outlines how to configure a new Bamboo project to use Buildr.
The following steps assume that you have logged-on to Bamboo as an

 1. Configure a Builder

 * Select the Administration tab from the Bamboo toolbar.
 * Select the Builders area (first option) from the Administration menu.
 * Using the Add Builder dialog, configure a custom builder for Buildr with
the following options:
   - Label: buildr
   - Type:  Custom Command
   - Path:  /path/to/buildr (typically "/usr/bin/buildr")

 2. Create a Plan

 * Select the Create Plan tab from the Bamboo toolbar to enter the Create
Plan wizard.
 * In "1. Plan Details", define your build plan including project name,
project key, build plan name and build plan key.
 * In "2. Source Repository", specify your source code repository settings
(CVS or SVN).
 * In "3. Builder Configuration", specify the "buildr" builder that you
defined above, along with the following:
   - Argument: "test=all" (ensures that all tests are run even if failures
are encountered)
   - Test Results Directory: "**/reports/junit/*.xml" (or your path to test
results, if different).
 * The remaining wizard sections may be either skipped or configured with
your preferred settings.
 3. Trigger a Build
  A build should occur automatically at the point of project creation. It
can also be manually triggered at any time 
  * Navigate to the project summary page (located at:
  * Click on the small arrow to the left of the label "Build Actions"
  * Select "Checkout and Build" from the pop-up menu to force a build.

The project page will contain full status information for previous builds
and the results tabs will integrate the results from your JUnit tests.


Assaf Arkin wrote:
> On 1/20/08, dhpeterson <> wrote:
>> Assaf Arkin wrote:
>> >
>> > Any of you using Buildr with continuous integration, can you share
>> details
>> > about setup, configuration, special tricks, etc?
>> >
>> > We're going to have a section for documenting recipes in the next
>> release,
>> > and I'd like to include that.
>> >
>> > Assaf
>> >
>> >
>> Hi Assaf,
>> We're running Atlassian Bamboo here with Buildr and it works just fine. I
>> just added a build type for buildr, pointed it to the local svn repo, and
>> set the junit XML report path and everything worked out of the box.
>> I've also played with buildr under continuum which also works, but is a
>> bit
>> more painful to setup.
>> I'd be happy to contribute recipes / help for this section of the docs.
> Thanks.
> What I'm thinking is two to five paragraph of the steps necessary to set
> it
> up in the UI, or setup properties/configuration, basically if you had to
> do
> it again on a fresh install.  One trick worth mentioning is adding
> test=all
> on the command line, so it doesn't stop on the first failure, another
> pointing to the project's junit/report directory.
> Probably easiest to just send it to the list, so anyone can read, and I'll
> pull it into the recipes page.
> Assaf
> Dave
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