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From dhpeterson <>
Subject Re: buildr eclipse and spring nature
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 05:01:57 GMT

Alex Boisvert-3 wrote:
>> Is there any block or override I can set for the "buildr eclipse" task to
>> ensure spring natures (and other such things) are preserved?
> Not at the moment.   I've thought about it but haven't gotten to it yet.
> If you want to give it a shot, don't pass 'Go', collect
> lib/java/eclipse.rb
> and hack right in!

Hi Alex,

I noticed there seems to be some support for scala natures in the eclipse.rb
file, e.g.

      # Check if project has scala facet
      scala = project.task("scalac") if

This variable is then used to control the generation of various XML for the
.project file. I imagine the approach would be similar for spring nature.

One question: how do you "flick this switch" (i.e. switch on the scala
support) from the main buildr Rakefile?


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