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From Antoine Toulme <>
Subject [VOTE] Buildr 1.4.2
Date Sun, 19 Sep 2010 00:41:37 GMT
We're voting on the source distributions available here:


The documentation generated for this release is available here:

The official specification against which this release was tested:

Test coverage report:

The following changes were made since 1.4.2:

* Added:  BUILDR-415 Ability to exclude tests from command line
* Added:  BUILDR-495 Document twitter on Buildr's homepage
* Added:  BUILDR-212 Update support for SNAPSHOT artifacts (Timo Rantalaiho
and Izzet Mustafa)
* Added:  BUILDR-465 Eclipse project names should be customizable
* Added:  BUILDR-493 Eclipse task should generate javadocpath
* Added:  BUILDR-509 Option to generate non-prefixed Eclipse project names
* Added:  BUILDR-510 Add support for trace categories: --trace=foo,bar
* Added:  Integration test to show how to change the war packaging spec.
* Added:  Integration test to show how to use junit 3.
* Added:  Integration test to show how to get ahold of parent project
* Change: BUILDR-473 Update jruby-openssl dependency version or support a
range of versions
* Change: BUILDR-478 Upgrade to net-ssh 2.0.23 and net-sftp 2.0.4 (Shane
* Change: BUILDR-475 Support for long names on tar.gz (updated to minitar
* Change: BUILDR-484 Upgrade to Scala 2.8.0 (final) and associated
          (ScalaCheck 1.7, ScalaTest 1.2, Specs 1.6.5)
* Change: BUILDR-487 package :sources should default to using .jar extension
(instead of .zip)
* Change: Upgrade to Jruby 1.5.2
* Fixed:  BUILDR-143 Upload to a file:// path needs ability to specify
permissions (Joel Muzzerall)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-144 Filter does not preserve file permissions
* Fixed:  BUILDR-163 cobertura-check
* Fixed:  BUILDR-203 Compiler guessing very inefficient
* Fixed:  BUILDR-225 ArchiveTask#merge, not according to doc
* Fixed:  BUILDR-256 Automatically installing gems aborts rspec test runner
(Rhett Sutphin)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-285 Cobertura failing when running build
* Fixed:  BUILDR-302 Move out-of-date Nailgun documentation to wiki (Shane
* Fixed:  BUILDR-317 ecj compiler
* Fixed:  BUILDR-326 follow up: binary safe untarring on Windows (Sam
* Fixed:  BUILDR-335 follow up: excluding libraries from war is confusing
* Fixed:  BUILDR-342 The jruby gem installer invokes the removed
Gem.manage_gems function (Rhett Sutphin)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-403 Buildr::Util::Gems.install does not find gems on remote
* Fixed:  BUILDR-436 release task should only replace "-SNAPSHOT" (spec from
Jean-Philippe Caruana)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-438 Release Task: customizable version numbers (Alexis
* Fixed:  BUILDR-464 Improve the versioning of Buildr (Rhett Sutphin)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-466 Rendering issue with IE on the website (Shane Witbeck)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-468 test:failed does not respect test.exclude
* Fixed:  BUILDR-469 test:failed causes all transitive tests to run
* Fixed:  BUILDR-472 ECJ dependency now required to build any java project
* Fixed:  BUILDR-477 Error while parsing maven-metadata.xml
* Fixed:  BUILDR-479 Enforce using a minimal version of jruby
* Fixed:  BUILDR-481 Antwrap monkey-patching in core.rb
* Fixed:  BUILDR-482 Javadoc : cannot load class
* Fixed:  BUILDR-488 artifact poms not reinstalled
* Fixed:  BUILDR-491 sftp download goes into infinite loop
* Fixed:  BUILDR-498 Artifact download fails with "negative argument" if
          terminal capabilities are undefined
* Fixed:  BUILDR-499 Java package caching through constants
          e.g. ( cached as Java::Lang::String)
          can shadow Ruby modules
* Fixed:  BUILDR-501 Fix buildr label when listing tasks (Peter Donald)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-503 Include with as includes directories as files when the
directory has the same name as the path
* Fixed:  BUILDR-506 Gem packaging does not work under windows (Peter
* Fixed:  BUILDR-508 Remove unnecessary use of Java.classpath in OpenJPA
          extension (Peter Donald)
* Fixed:  BUILDR-507 Gem packaging should replace dashes with dots in
          version number (Peter Donald)

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