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From Rhett Sutphin <>
Subject Buildr::TestFramework::TestResult::Error and BUILDR-252
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2009 23:10:28 GMT

I just noticed/reported BUILDR-252 ( 
  ).  I'm trying to figure out how to fix it.

The basic problem is pretty obvious --  
Buildr::TestFramework::TestResult::Error.guard attempts to  
call .dump_yaml with only one argument when two are required.  When  
that's fixed, though, the problem isn't resolved.  The dump_yaml code  
takes the exception that it is passed and overwrites the target file  
with it.  In the case of the rspec test framework, the file it is  
passed is the generated runner script.

So if there's an exception while executing the runner script, the  
runner script is overwritten with the backtrace for the exception.   
This doesn't seem right to me.  As far as I can tell, the test run  
then ends and buildr doesn't do anything with the backtrace -- it  
reports that the build was successful whether or not there were  
failing specs.

I'd like to fix this, but I'm not sure what the intended behavior is.   
Any hints would be welcome.


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