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From Ittay Dror <>
Subject Re: transitive project dependencies
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 04:33:18 GMT

Stephen Bannasch wrote:

>> This method only works for artifacts you're downloading from the Maven
>> repository, not for anything created with Buildr.
>> Full transitive dependency support is planned for 1.4.
>> Assaf
> Is this still planned for version 1.4?
> The #transitive method in lib/buildr/packaging/artifact.rb doesn't 
> have any rdoc and isn't mentioned on the web site or pdf. The method 
> itself hasn't changed since it was checked in over a year ago.
> In Assaf writes:
> "Transitive is for people who work with POMs and eager to use 
> something until we work out transitive dependency support in the 
> framework."
> Is there any documentation for this feature?
> I'm trying to evaluate buildr for a project with a large number of 
> artifacts and transitive dependencies?
> It's not clear to me if this is the kind of build task buildr is 
> intended for [1].
> [1] 
> May 2008
While I love Buildr, this is one of its weak points. The #transitive 
method does not work well, for example, it doesn't do any version 
resolution (tried transitive on 'xom:xom:jar:1.1' and it downloaded xom 
1.0b3 also...)

However, if working on a large project, I think you'll get a lot of 
benefit from Buildr's flexibility and  task oriented approach. With the 
problem above it took me ~5 minutes  to just list the transitive 
dependencies in buildfile and continue working.

Anyone tried using the maven ant tasks (or maybe MavenEmbedder and the 
dependency plugin) from Buildr?

(Note that, transitive dependencies is not a good idea for compiling (if 
A depends on B for compiling, C may depend on A without needing B unless 
using it directly)).


Ittay Dror <>

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