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Subject [2/5] buildr git commit: Preparation for release
Date Sun, 13 May 2018 04:22:17 GMT
Preparation for release


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 9b23fbc1d4c4996bfd025fcf9a591e2fab941879
Parents: efe4538
Author: Peter Donald <>
Authored: Thu May 10 09:42:47 2018 +1000
Committer: Peter Donald <>
Committed: Thu May 10 09:44:53 2018 +1000

 CHANGELOG             |  2 +-
 doc/index.textile     | 67 +++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
 lib/buildr/version.rb |  2 +-
 3 files changed, 39 insertions(+), 32 deletions(-)
index e1018e1..f2eadfb 100644
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-1.5.6 (Pending)
+1.5.6 (2018-05-10)
 * Fixed:  Ensure that the username and passwords declared for repositories are correctly
url encoded for
           the upload repositories when converted to a URL. (i.e. Ensure `Buildr.repositories.release_to`
           and `Buildr.repositories.snapshot_to` settings can have usernames and passwords
with special
diff --git a/doc/index.textile b/doc/index.textile
index 30f764d..b7b5412 100644
--- a/doc/index.textile
+++ b/doc/index.textile
@@ -46,36 +46,43 @@ So let's get started.  You can "read the documentation online":quick_start.html,
 h2(#news).  What's New
-Highlights from Buildr 1.5.5 (2017-12-06)
-* Fixed:  The concatenation extension released as part of 1.5.4 changed the way zip archives
-          constructed so that entries for some intermediate directories were elided. For
most consumers
-          of zip files this had no impact but some tools require the entries during scanning.
(i.e. Older
-          versions of Jruby that loaded ruby scripts from within a jar).
-Highlights from Buildr 1.5.4 (2017-11-29)
-* Added:  Findbugs Addon: Upgrade to version 3.0.1 of findbugs.
-* Added:  GPG Addon: Add boolean configuration setting `project.gpg` that can be set to false
-          `project.gpg = false` to avoid signing and uploading packages. This is useful when
-          projects are not intended for publishing.
-* Fixed:  JaCoCo Addon: Projects that have jacoco disabled will no longer appear in the JaCoCo
-* Change: JaCoCo Addon: Update JaCoCo version to 0.7.9.
-* Fixed:  BUILDR-733 - Escape classpath entries in the pathing jar manifest. Submitted by
Glenn Croes.
-* Fixed:  Ensure that the pom is attached to the jar artifact with empty classifier rather
than the last
-          artifact of a type defined. Otherwise a project that defines multiple artifacts
of the same type
-          (i.e. `package(:jar)` and `package(:jar, :classifier => :gwt)`) could have the
pom named after
-          the package with the classifier rather than the package without a classifer. (i.e.
the pom could
-          be incorrectly defined as `mypackage-1.0.0-gwt.pom` rather than `mypackage-1.0.0.pom`).
-* Added:  GWT Addon: Add support for GWT 2.8.2 release and make it the default version unless
otherwise specified.
-* Added:  BUILDR-732 - Support bnd version 2.1.0 or more. Submitted By Eric Bruneton.
-* Added:  Support to compiling Kotlin
-* Added:  New way to concatenate file contents when merging several archives together.
-* Added:  New way to transform file contents when merging several archives together.
-* Added:  Support both Jetty 6 and Jetty 9 as addons. Added integration tests to cover their
-Highlights from Buildr 1.5.3 (2017-05-17)
-* Change: Add support for gwt 2.8.1 to gwt addon.
-* Fixed:  Avoid error "undefined local variable or method `pom'" when invoking the `JarTask`
without it being
-  registered through the `package` helper`. Reported by Dieter Vrancken.
+Highlights from Buildr 1.5.6 (2018-05-10)
+* Fixed:  Ensure that the username and passwords declared for repositories are correctly
url encoded for
+          the upload repositories when converted to a URL. (i.e. Ensure `Buildr.repositories.release_to`
+          and `Buildr.repositories.snapshot_to` settings can have usernames and passwords
with special
+          characters).
+* Added:  Add support for allowing some dependencies to include transitive dependencies via
+          `pom.include_transitive_dependencies` configuration setting.
+* Added:  Add support for adding dependencies to the pom via the `pom.additional_dependencies`
+          setting. These dependencies are `compile` scope and are in addition to any derived
from the normal
+          compile dependencies.
+* Fixed:  GWT Addon: Use version `1.0.2` of the ``
+          when using GWT 2.8.2 to align with version shipped with GWT.
+* Fixed:  Dependencies added as `pom.provided_dependencies` or `pom.runtime_dependencies`
and not included
+          as compile dependencies were incorrectly omitted from pom.
+* Fixed:  Dependencies added as `pom.provided_dependencies` and `pom.runtime_dependencies`
were being
+          incorrectly duplicated within the pom dependencies section. Now provided dependency
scope takes
+          precedence over runtime scoped dependency.
+* Fixed:  Dependencies added to POMs will specify the classifier unless it is the default
+* Added:  Add the `project.pom.dependency_filter` configuration property that can be set
to a proc. The proc
+          accepts a dependency and returns a boolean that determines whether the dependency
is included in
+          the generated pom or not.
+* Fixed:  POMs generated by Buildr use the parent pom `org.sonatype.oss:oss-parent:pom:7`
but this
+          generates a warning in the latest version of Maven. Modern versions of Maven would
+          ignore transitive dependencies declared in the pom. The parent pom has now been
+          to `org.sonatype.oss:oss-parent:pom:8` which will result in modern Maven correctly
+          up transitive dependencies.
+* Change: JaCoCo Addon: Update JaCoCo version to 0.8.0 which in turns supports Java9.
+* Added:  GWT Addon: Added support for `:gwtc_args` parameter to supply arbitrary parameters
+          the GWT compiler.
+* Added:  Add support for sha512 digests to be generated for files during the upload. This
is typically
+          configured by adding `sha512` to the list of digests via a line such as:
+          `repositories.release_to[:options] = {:digests => [:md5, :sha1, :sha512]}`
+* Fixed:  The default upload tasks would often get a ReadTimeout when uploading using http
to a remote
+          server that did not have `KeepAlive` socket option enabled and the upload took
more than 60
+          seconds (the default socket read timeout). Some commercial maven repositories could
+          this scenario during upload of even modest size artifacts. Default the read_timeout
to 10 minutes
+          when during upload to work address this issue.
 This is a partial list -- see the "CHANGELOG":CHANGELOG for full details.
diff --git a/lib/buildr/version.rb b/lib/buildr/version.rb
index 6bd9479..c31187c 100644
--- a/lib/buildr/version.rb
+++ b/lib/buildr/version.rb
@@ -14,5 +14,5 @@
 # the License.
 module Buildr #:nodoc:
-  VERSION = ''.freeze
+  VERSION = '1.5.6'.freeze

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