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Subject svn commit: r19711 [2/44] - in /dev/buildr/1.5.3: ./ dist/ site/ site/css/ site/images/ site/rdoc/ site/rdoc/Buildr/ site/rdoc/Buildr/ArchiveTask/ site/rdoc/Buildr/ArtifactNamespace/ site/rdoc/Buildr/Assets/ site/rdoc/Buildr/CPom/ site/rdoc/Buildr/Chec...
Date Wed, 17 May 2017 11:56:15 GMT
Added: dev/buildr/1.5.3/site/CHANGELOG
--- dev/buildr/1.5.3/site/CHANGELOG (added)
+++ dev/buildr/1.5.3/site/CHANGELOG Wed May 17 11:56:15 2017
@@ -0,0 +1,1929 @@
+1.5.3 (2017-05-17)
+* Change: Add support for gwt 2.8.1 to gwt addon.
+* Fixed:  Avoid error "undefined local variable or method `pom'" when invoking the `JarTask` without it being
+  registered through the `package` helper`. Reported by Dieter Vrancken.
+1.5.2 (2017-04-03)
+* Change: Update TestNG version to 6.11.
+* Change: BUILDR-731 - Enhance Sonar addon to support configuration of the project version. Submitted by Ross Mahony.
+* Fixed:  Fix pom generation to eliminate invalid `classifier` element from being added to POM.
+1.5.1 (2017-03-11)
+* Change: In the 'buildr/git_auto_version' addon strip out any versions that start with a 'v' character as
+          most projects on git repositories prefix version tags with a "v" to avoid collisions with any branchs
+          named after the version which are typically without the "v" character.
+* Fixed:  GWT Addon: The GWT project publishes invalid jars that can not be included on source path when
+          the javadoc tool is executing. Work around this issue in GWT by removing them from the documentation
+          class path.
+* Change: IDEA: Change the ordering of dependencies in the IDE module descriptor such that test dependencies are
+          first to allow test dependencies to override/shadow compile dependencies.
+* Fixed:  IDEA: Correctly configure the IDE module if the language level differs from the root project language level.
+* Change: Add css2gss task to gwt addon to support conveting from deprecated css syntax to modern gss syntax.
+* Change: Add support for gwt 2.8.0 to gwt addon.
+* Change: Remove orderedhash gem.
+* Change: Update jruby-openssl to 0.9.17
+* Change: Move hoe to the development dependencies
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-728 Snapshots metadata incorrectly created
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-718 Deprecate SVN repository - remove links to SVN
+* Change: BUILDR-724 Use scalamain to call scala projects
+* Change: BUILDR-719 Change User-Agent when uploading artifacts
+* Change: Set the OPEN_IN_BROWSER to false when building idea launch targets via add_glassfish_remote_configuration.
+* Change: BUILDR-709 Integrate `buildr/custom_pom` into core and just make it the default pom generated.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-563 protobuf addon including source directories to protoc breaks build
+1.5.0 (2016-09-23)
+* Change: Update RJB to 1.5.4
+* Change: Update rubyzip to 1.2.0
+* Change: Update hoe to 3.15.0
+* Change: Update net-ssh to 3.1.1
+* Change: Update json_pure to 1.8.3
+* Change: Update diff-lcs to 1.2.5
+* Change: Update xml-simple to 1.1.5
+* Change: Update jekyll to 3.1.3
+* Change: Update rdoc to 4.2.2
+* Change: Update ecj to 4.5.1
+* Change: Added jekyll-textile-converter 0.1.0 to generate the site.
+* Change: Move to default on Scala 2.11.
+* Change: Remove Buildr::Project#on_define, deprecated in 1.3
+* Change: Remove JavaWrapper, deprecated in 1.3
+* Change: Remove JUnit::REQUIRES, deprecated in 1.3.3
+* Change: Remove TestNG::REQUIRES, deprecated in 1.3.3
+* Change: Remove Buildr::Ant::REQUIRES, deprecated in version 1.3.3
+* Change: Remove Buildr::CompileTask#classpath, deprecated in version 1.3
+* Change: Remove Buildr::TestTask responding to :using with .using('foo','bar'), deprecated in version 1.3
+* Change: Remove addon/buildr/cobertura.rb, deprecated since 1.3.4
+* Change: Remove addon/buildr/emma.rb, deprecated since 1.3.4
+* Change: Remove support for Rakefile/rakefile, deprecated.
+* Change: Remove project#target, project#reports, deprecated.
+* Change: Remove JBehave::REQUIRES, deprecated.
+* Change: Remove JMock::REQUIRES, deprecated.
+* Change: Remove ScalaCheck::REQUIRES, deprecated.
+* Change: Change Eclipse Scala project natures from ch.epfl.lamp.sdt.core.scalanature to org.scala-ide.sdt.core.scalanature
+* Change: Fix the custom Google search widget on the website.
+* Change: BUILDR-722 Remove links and image of the buildr book from the website.
+* Added:  Travis badge to README.rdoc
+* Added:  Added Rubygems badges to README.rdoc
+* Added:  BUILDR-577 Allow remote repo to be added with http basic auth support. Submitted by Michael Guymon.
+* Added:  BUILDR-523 Issue a warning when Java.classpath is modified after Java.load has happened
+* Added:  BUILDR-594 Added support for changing the verification mode of SSL certificates
+* Added:  BUILDR-595 Added support to providing custom SSL certificates
+* Added:  BUILDR-572 Allow to upload unique version (timestamp based) snapshot artifacts to a repository. Submitted by Brice Figureau.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-207 remove 'Skipping tests' messages
+* Added:  BUILDR-703 release: allow THIS_VERSION to be defined in another file
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-674 Artifacts with bundle extension cannot be downloaded by Buildr
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-565 resources are not included in the war if defined after package call
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-621 ZipTask creates zip file with entries not sorted by path causing very slow unzipping.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-695 transitive doesn't support ${project.parent.version} in POM.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-653 Using Eclipse compiler (ECJ)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-476 Buildr doesn't respect company repository manager
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-454 Definition-level parent-child references-by-name fail in 1.4.0 but not in 1.3.5. Submitted by Rhett Sutphin.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-620 resources.filter should not run on non-text files
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-489 Java + Scala joint compiler fails if default encoding and source file encoding are not same and special characters have been used in source code
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-486 Buildr-generated poms should include dependencies
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-723 JavaTestFilter is unable to parse paths containing %2F
+* Change: Update the custom_pom addon to generate poms with exclusions section that excludes
+          all transitive dependencies. This is required as buildr dependencies are not
+          transitive while Maven's dependencies are transitive by default.
+* Change: Remove the BND aqute maven repository, as it was decommissioned. Use Maven Central instead.
+1.4.25 (2016-04-18)
+* Change: BUILDR-712 Update jruby-openssl dependency version or support a range of versions
+* Change: Update gwt addon to add the GWT artifacts to project dependencies as specs rather
+          than files.
+* Change: Support the project.root_project utility method to retrieve the top level project.
+1.4.24 (2016-03-19)
+* Added:  Support the :no_invoke parameter being passed to Buildr.project() and
+          Buildr.projects() to avoid attempting to call invoke when retrieving the projects.
+* Added:  Add `exclude_paths` setting to pmd addon to allow paths to be explicitly excluded.
+* Fixed:  Update jDepend addon to ensure target directories are invoked prior to attempting
+          to analyze directories.
+* Added:  Add jdepend.additional_project_names configuration to jDepend addon to
+          ease merging in the source paths from multiple projects into one jDepend task.
+* Added:  Add findbugs.additional_project_names configuration to Findbugs addon to
+          ease merging in the source paths from multiple projects into one Findbugs task.
+* Added:  Add checkstyle.additional_project_names configuration to Checkstyle addon to
+          ease merging in the source paths from multiple projects into one Checkstyle task.
+* Added:  Add pmd.additional_project_names configuration to PMD addon to ease merging in
+          the source paths from multiple projects into one PMD task.
+* Fixed:  In the PMD addon, check that the source directory exists before adding to
+          sources directories to include.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-709 - Fix "Exception in jacoco.rb [TypeError : can't convert Array into
+          String]". Submitted By Ross Mahony.
+* Added:  Define the 'activate_jruby_facet' addon that activates the jruby facet in
+          generated IDEA project modules.
+* Change: Update the Intellij IDEA plugin to support marking directories as generated.
+* Change: Update the Intellij IDEA plugin to correctly identify project paths as resource
+          directories.
+* Change: Update the default GWT version used in the GWT addon to the latest release 2.7.0.
+* Fixed:  Fix GWT addon to explicitly add gwt-dev artifact to gwt compile path now that
+          the bug that allowed unintended sharing has been fixed.
+* Fixed:  Fix bug in IDEA module generation that resulted in dependencies in IDEA module
+          using shared references to compile dependencies.
+* Change: Update the checkstyle addon to use checkstyle 6.12.1.
+1.4.23 (2015-06-12)
+* Change: BUILDR-706 - Update the checkstyle addon use checkstyle 6.6. Submitted
+          by Dieter Vrancken.
+* Fixed:  Fix Buildr.rspec_present? so that it works under jruby
+* Change: BUILDR-705 - Avoid attempting to load rspec classes unless Buildr.rspec_present?
+          returns true. Reported By rbpandey.
+* Fixed:  Remove debug output left in ipr.sql_dialect_mappings.
+1.4.22 (2015-02-28)
+* Change: BUILDR-704 - Updated the Sonar addon to support the latest version of SonarQube
+          Runner. Submitted by Ross Mahony.
+* Added:  Add support for ipr.add_glassfish_remote_configuration method that generates
+          a remote glassfish configuration in IntelliJ IDEA project files.
+* Added:  Add support for iml.prefix and ipr.prefix settings that prefix the generated
+          IntelliJ IDEA project and module files.
+* Change: Update the buildr gemspec so that rspec is no longer a required dependency.
+          This enables end-users to use a different version of rspec and buildr in
+          the same project. The rspec version MUST be be compatible with the version
+          used by Buildr if rspec features are used from within Buildr. Buildr also
+          issues a warning if the `check` method is called and rspec has not been loaded.
+          The warning includes directions on how to resolve the issue. Submitted by r6p.
+* Fixed:  A long standing bug existed such that if tests failed to compile, and the
+          option Buildr.options.test is set to :all then the compilation error would
+          not result in a failed build. As many people set the Buildr.options.test to
+          :all in their continuous delivery/integration tools, this has caused some
+          problems. This has been fixed by ensuring all the problems associated with
+          the resolving the prerequisites are not caught when Buildr.options.test is
+          set to :all.
+* Change: Update checkstyle to 6.1.1. Submitted by neher.
+* Fixed:  Avoid empty dependency issue in gwt addon if the attempting to gwt compile
+          a project that has no src/main/java.
+* Fixed:  Support dependencies in the gwt addon that are other local projects rather
+          that artifacts, without forcing a compilation of dependency when parsing
+          buildfile.
+* Added:  Support configuration of sql dialect mapping in IDEA generated project files
+          through methods on the ipr extension ipr.mssql_dialect_mapping,
+          ipr.postgres_dialect_mapping and ipr.sql_dialect_mappings
+* Added:  Support specification of the target project to which the gwt compilation
+          artifacts are added as an asset, by using :target_project option.
+1.4.21 (2014-11-28)
+* Change: Upgrade atoulme-Antwrap to 0.7.5 to remove deprecation warnings in
+          modern JRuby. Suggested by Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt.
+* Change: Update the gwt addon to add the validation dependencies required for GWT
+          compiles without requiring that the user specify the dependency.
+* Change: Update ipr.add_gwt_configuration method to support GWT 2.7 configuration
+          parameters and IDEA 14 parameters.
+* Change: Upgrade jacoco to 0.7.2. Submitted by neher.
+* Change: Update checkstyle addon to use Checkstyle 6.0.
+* Added:  Updated the gwt addon to support the upcoming GWT 2.7.x release.
+* Change: Enhance ipr.add_glassfish_configuration to support the ability to
+          define the version of GlassFish in uses. Change the default to 4.1.0
+          as that is the latest supported variant.
+* Fixed:  Change the name of the GlassFish install in ipr.add_glassfish_configuration
+          to use the same convention that IDEA uses by default. i.e. Name the
+          installation "GlassFish 4.1.0" rather than "Glassfish 4.1.0".
+* Change: Change the default version of the jdk in IDEA project files to 1.7.
+* Change: Change the default version of the IDEA project files created to the
+          current release version 13. To revert to the older versions specify
+          ipr.version = '12' in your buildfile.
+* Added:  Enhance the IdeaFile class to easily support mixing in of custom
+          components from either the filesystem or from an artifact.
+* Change: Update rjb to version 1.5.1.
+* Added:  Update checkstyle addon to support downloading checkstyle checks
+          as an artifact.
+* Added:  Update checkstyle addon to supply checkstyle.config.dir property.
+* Added:  Update pmd addon to support downloading rule files as an artifact.
+* Change: Update pmd addon to use pmd version 5.1.3.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-702 - Retain Unix permission flags when merging
+          zip files into another zip or tar archive. Submitted by Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt.
+1.4.20 (2014-08-23)
+* Fixed : BUILDR-688 - Disregard files when determining if
+          the Javac compiler should be run or not. Submitted by Pepijn Van
+          Eeckhoudt.
+* Fixed : Work around bug/feature of jruby 1.7.13 that caches Gem::Version
+          objects based on constructor parameters that causes issues with
+          Buildr as we mutate the version objects through monkey patching.
+* Change: Upgrade rjb dependency to 1.4.9.
+* Change: BUILDR-701 - Update to JUnit 4.11. Submitted by Jean-Philippe Caruana.
+* Added:  Support the 'report_level' property on findbugs addon.
+* Change: Update the findbugs addon to use the 3.0.0 version of Findbugs.
+* Change: Update the findbugs addon to use the built-in findbugs stylesheet
+          to generate the html report.
+* Fixed:  Ensure that the 'source_paths' and 'extra_dependencies' properties
+          in the findbugs addon does not contain arrays or nils.
+* Fixed:  Ensure that the 'single_intermediate_layout' addon removes the top
+          level target and reports directories during 'clean' phase.
+* Added:  Enhance idea project generation of ejb facet by looking for ejb
+          descriptors in location compatible with ejb-jars.
+* Fixed:  Ensure that the 'source_paths' property in the pmd addon does not
+          contain arrays or nils.
+1.4.19 (2014-07-06)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-700 - Ensure SNAPSHOT artifacts, constructed using the
+          download(artifact('group:artifact:jar:1-SNAPSHOT') =>
+          '') construct will correctly download the
+          artifacts from configured URL.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-700 - Fix bug where buildr was truncating SNAPSHOT files
+          that had not changed since last update check and HTTP was returning
+          "HTTP Not Modified" status.
+* Fixed:  Fix bug introduced in 1.4.18 version of custom_pom addon where
+          poms are created for artifacts that have a classifier.
+1.4.18 (2014-06-24)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-699 - Update the custom_pom addon to avoid failure when
+          used with zip packages.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-694 - "buildr upload" fails: wrong number of arguments in
+          progress bar read() in Ruby 2.1.0. Submitted By Mark Reibert.
+* Change: Remove support for uploads to with gem dependencies
+          as the site no longer exists.
+* Change: BUILDR-664 - Update Checkstyle addon so that extra_dependencies is
+          the project dependencies by default. Move the checkstyle dependencies
+          to the start of the classpath to avoid problems running checkstyle.
+          Submitted by Dieter Vrancken.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-698 - Correct "Lines of code" example in documentation.
+          Submitted By: Trejkaz.
+* Added:  Add ipr.add_glassfish_configuration method for defining a local
+          glassfish configuration within IDEA.
+* Added:  Add ipr.add_ruby_script_configuration method for defining a ruby
+          configuration within IDEA.
+* Added:  Add ipr.add_java_configuration method for defining a java
+          configuration within IDEA.
+* Change: Include additional rules in default pmd rule set: 'finalizers' and
+          'braces'.
+* Change: Upgrade the version of PMD in use to 5.1.1.
+* Change: Supply a default xsl file for generating the jdepend report.
+* Fixed:  Fix the naming of css_lint addon file so it is made available
+          as an addon.
+1.4.17 (2014-05-25)
+* Added:  Add the add_default_testng_configuration method to help IDEA
+          project creation. Improves test coverage across 'default'
+          configurations.
+* Fixed:  Fix a bug where 'default' configurations in IDEA projects
+          were being incorrectly created.
+* Fixed:  Fix the vcs detection in IDEA addon for 1.8.6 (!) versions
+          of ruby by reordering blocks.
+* Change: Supply a default xsl file for generating the checkstyle
+          report.
+* Added:  Add csslint tasks css_lint:xml and css_lint:html that
+          support source code analysis of CSS files.
+* Added:  Add scss_lint tasks scss_lint:xml and scss_lint:html that
+          support source code analysis of SCSS files.
+* Added:  Import 'buildr/custom_pom' addon to make it easier to
+          build POMs for projects publishing to Maven Central.
+* Added:  Add flag to allow non portable extensions in wsgen addon.
+* Fixed:  Avoid nil dereference bug in GWT addon when running GWT in
+          a project that has no source directory.
+1.4.16 (2014-05-03)
+* Added:  Add the ability to generate a html report when using the
+          jacoco addon. Extracted from the ode project.
+* Fixed:  Remove the projectname.ids file when rebuilding the idea
+          project file avoiding conflict with idea.
+* Fixed:  Avoid passing duplicate -keep parameters to wsimport from
+          wsgen addon.
+* Change: Improved the error handling when generating java from wsdl
+          in the wsgen addon.
+* Change: Upgraded the Checkstyle plugin to use checkstyle 5.7 that
+          improves Java 7 compatibility.
+* Added:  Add support for configuration of the schema-pattern,
+          table-pattern and default-schemas settings in idea's
+          data source definitions.
+* Change: Upgraded the PMD plugin to use pmd 5.0.5 which for Java 7
+          compatibility.
+* Change: Derive the version of GWT in gwt addon from supplied
+          dependencies.
+* Fixed:  Include the compiled classes on path for GWT addon to
+          ensure the GWT compiler can load annotations.
+* Change: Derive the GWT version from build settings if not
+          explicitly specified by GWT addon.
+* Change: Support prefixing the version generated by the
+          gwt_auto_version addon with the environment
+          variable "VERSION_PREFIX".
+* Fixed:  Support overriding the GWT version used by the GWT addon.
+* Fixed:  Fix problem when the :dependencies option was not
+          passed to the GWT addon.
+* Fixed:  Avoid crash in GPG addon if unable to create a pom
+          for an artifact.
+* Fixed:  Correct location of Git mirror in the README. Submitted
+          by Marcos Sainz.
+1.4.15 (2013-11-06)
+* Change: Update to TestNG 6.8.7.
+* Change: Updated the 'test_jar' package type to have a
+          classifier of 'tests' and thus match maven
+          conventions. Reported by Chris Bozic.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-689 - Ensure that war file includes generated
+          assets rather than the "source" assets that may have
+          been filtered.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-689 - Define assets task before the project is
+          defined to avoid "undefined method `project='" if the
+          project attempts to generate into the same directory.
+* Added:  BUILDR-679 - Support uploading to a snapshot repository
+          defined by repositories.snapshot_to if the artifact is
+          a snapshot. Submitted by Tammo van Lessen.
+* Change: Update the jaxb_xjc addon to add output directory to
+          generated IDEA project files.
+* Change: Update the default output directory used in the jaxb_xjc
+          addon to use Maven conventions.
+* Fixed:  Bug in IdeaProject.partition_dependencies resulted in
+          projects being rebuilt if artifacts were added to the
+          project with dependencies on the current project.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-605 - Ensure package task invokes included paths.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-609 - compile.from should accept Task argument.
+1.4.14 (2013-10-11)
+* Change: Remove highline dependency.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-682 - Fix the documentation for releasing using
+          your own versioning scheme. Submitted by Jean-Philippe
+          Caruana.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-681 - Stop empty projects creating target/webapp.
+* Change: Add dependency from generated jws client source directory
+          to the source wsdl in the wsgen addon.
+* Fixed:  Fixed regression in gwt addon due to "pathing_jar"
+          functionality in
+* Change: Support disabling the new "pathing_jar" functionality in
+ utility method. Required for tools
+          that introspect the classpath.
+* Change: Update wsgen addon to generate source into a directory
+          hierarchy based on maven conventions.
+* Fixed:  Fixed regression using transitive dependencies due to
+          presence of :scope option in Artifacts.to_hash.
+* Fixed:  Fixed bug in GWT addon that required that the user supply
+          the :dependencies option.
+* Fixed:  Fixed bug in Intellij project file generation when adding
+          a web facet.
+1.4.13 (2013-10-02)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-439 - Fix java command under windows when supplied
+          with extremely long classpath. Submitted By Tammo van Lessen.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-394 - Fix release task with standalone distribution.
+          Submitted By Tammo van Lessen.
+* Added:  BUILDR-678 - Improve support for gpg signing artifacts
+          using a single method.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-677 - GPG addon hangs when .asc files are still in
+          target. Submitted By Tammo van Lessen.
+* Added:  Initial support for data source creation in Intellij IDEA
+          project files.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-676 - Rework Java::Command:java so that it does not
+          reject the :dir option. Reported by John Roth.
+* Added:  Auto-detect jpa provider in Intellij IDEA facet generation if
+          persistence.xml file is present and provider not specified.
+* Added:  Auto-detect jruby version in Intellij IDEA facet generation if
+          .ruby-version file is present.
+* Added:  Improve support for auto-detection of ejb and web descriptors
+          within Intellij IDEA project generation.
+* Change: Default to setting the "User-Agent" header to "Buildr-VERSION"
+          when accessing http resources. Maven Central rejects requests
+          without a User-Agent string.
+* Change: Change default scope of dependencies to 'compile'. Submitted
+          by Ingo Schmidt.
+* Change: BUILDR-675 - Set Cache-Control to 'no-cache' when downloading
+          artifacts. Submitted by Félix Enrique Llorente Pastora.
+* Added:  Initial support for simple integration of an asset pipeline.
+          See "Compiling Assets" section in the manual.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-673 - Fix the option handling of the MultiTest test
+          framework to behave as documented. Only the framework specific
+          options are passed to the test. Submitted by John Roth.
+* Added:  BUILDR-672 - Persist the properties field in the checkstyle
+          addon so that they can be modified by the user. Submitted
+          by Wim C.
+* Fixed:  Make the package_as_* methods public so that the methods are
+          detected in Ruby >= 2.0.0 via the respond_to? method.
+* Change: Updated dependency versions;
+          - rspec-expectations (2.14.3)
+          - rspec-mocks (2.14.3)
+          - rspec-core (2.14.5)
+          - rspec (2.14.1)
+          - minitar (0.5.4)
+          - ci_reporter (1.8.4)
+          - xml-simple (1.1.2)
+          - rjb (1.4.8)
+          - diff-lcs (1.2.4)
+          - builder (3.2.2)
+          - net-ssh (2.7.0)
+          - net-sftp (2.1.2)
+          - hoe (3.7.1)
+          - json_pure (1.8.0)
+          - highline (1.6.19)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-668 - Specify File::FNM_EXTGLOB for include globs
+          where needed in Ruby >= 2.0.0. Reported by Yavor Nikolov.
+* Fixed:  Ensure generation of buildfiles from eclipse projects will
+          finds .project files in Ruby >= 2.0.0.
+* Fixed:  Patch Rake::FileList in Ruby >= 2.0.0 to match dot files if
+          a .* pattern is supplied as in earlier versions of ruby.
+* Fixed:  Make Archive-related operations (e.g. zip.merge) deterministic using
+          OrderedHash.
+* Change: Update to TestNG 6.8.5.
+1.4.12 (2013-05-04)
+* Added:  BUILDR-648 Add new package(:test_jar) packaging type.
+          Submitted by Mike Pettypiece.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-666 modifies file regardless of usage.
+          Reported by Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt, fix by Alex Boisvert.
+* Change: Moved to using TravisCI to test the Linux variants.
+* Added:  Make the location of the wsdl in generated source configurable
+          in the wsgen addon.
+* Added:  When generating the GWT facet for Intellij IDEA modules, use
+          the gwt-dev maven artifact dependency if present as the SDK,
+          falling back to the existing behaviour if not possible.
+* Added:  Improved support for auto-detection of VCS dirs when creating
+          IDEA projects.
+* Added:  Added support for SuperDevMode in gwt addon and upgraded to
+          GWT 2.5.1 by default.
+* Change: BUILDR-664 Update Checkstyle addon so that extra_dependencies is
+          empty by default. Submitted by Dieter Vrancken.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-663 require 'buildr' fails for Ruby 2.0.0.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-665 Java artifacts in build.yaml breaking ArchiveTask.
+          Submitted by Antonio Pérez Barrero.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-662 reported time is much shorter than actual
+1.4.11 (2013-03-14)
+* Fixed:  Multiple tests in TestNG 6.x versions were being incorrectly passed to
+          the command line application.
+1.4.10 (2013-02-10)
+* Added:  Support a single intermediate directory for each project hierarchy
+          through an addon 'buildr/single_intermediate_layout'.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-660 possible build issue when using build.yaml and tasks/*.rake
+          (Félix Enrique Llorente Pastora)
+* Added:  Support the :dir option in the method.
+* Fixed:  Scala 2.10 support - compiler now uses additional/separate jars
+          introduced in 2.10 such as scala-reflect.jar and scala-actor.jar
+* Added:  Add an addon for NSIS.
+* Change: BUILDR-612 - Support the TestNG 6.x versions and default
+          to 6.8.
+* Added:  BUILDR-599 - Support the passing of arguments to testng
+          test runner.
+* Fixed:  Observer the per-project source version when generating
+          IDEA module files.
+* Change: Sort the components in IDEA project files in the same
+          order the idea sorts them.
+* Fixed:  Findbugs addon correctly handles String dependencies
+          (vs task dependencies)
+* Fixed:  Checkstyle addon correctly handles String dependencies
+          (vs task dependencies)
+* Added:  Created an addon 'buildr/wsgen' for generating wsdls from java
+          and java from wsdls using the underlying wsgen tool.
+* Change: Defer the expansion of generated poms by wrapping the generation
+          in a Proc.
+* Change: Rework Artifact.content(value) method to accept a Proc that
+          will be called before the artifact is written rather than
+          requiring a string.
+* Added:  Create a 'buildr/gpg' addon that signs and uploads signatures
+          when uploading artifacts. Inspired by a similar extension in
+          the Apache ODE project by Tammo van Lessen.
+* Change: Updated dependency versions;
+          - jruby-openssl (0.8.2)
+          - atoulme-Antwrap (0.7.4)
+* Change: Require 'bundler/setup' as part of buildr startup to ensure that
+          buildr always runs with up to date dependencies if a Gemfile is
+          present.
+* Added:  Add FrameworkDetectionExcludesConfiguration facet to Idea project
+          file creation by default.
+* Fixed:  In the IntelliJ extension, defer the materialization of the
+          default_components until expansion time to avoid loss of sub-
+          components added after an add_component call.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-633 - Remove hardcoded shebang lines in all-in-one release.
+* Added:  Create a simple extension that modifies the project layout to place
+          generated files at the top level.
+1.4.9 (2012-11-08)
+* Fixed:  Fixed the interaction with the FileUtils classes. The last release
+          introduced a non-deterministic bug that sometimes caused logging
+          preferences to be ignored and the install method to be
+          inadvertently overwritten.
+1.4.8 (2012-11-01)
+* Change: Revert to importing non-verbose FileUtils utility methods to match buildr 1.4.6 release and earlier.
+* Added:  Experimental support for jacoco code coverage tool.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-655 - Support JDK1.7 under OSX
+* Change: Updated dependency versions;
+          - builder (3.1.3)
+          - rubyforge (2.0.4)
+          - net-ssh (2.6.0)
+          - hoe (3.1.0)
+          - rjb (1.4.2)
+          - rdoc (3.12)
+          - xml-simple (1.1.1)
+          - rspec-expectations (2.11.3)
+          - rspec-mocks (2.11.3)
+          - rspec-core (2.11.1)
+          - rspec (2.11.0)
+          - rubyzip (0.9.9)
+* Added:  BUILDR-652 Generate buildfile from Eclipse workspace. (Niklaus Giger)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-627 Support explicitly listed source files in buildr cc task. (Christopher Tiwald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-606 Transitive artifact resolution should not include artifacts in 'provided' scope in poms to
+          match maven behaviour. (Julio Arias)
+* Change: BUILDR-640 Enable building jekyll and rdoc under more rubies. (Niklaus Giger)
+* Change: Mark Buildr:Bnd.remote_repository as deprecated as dependencies appear in maven central.
+* Added:  BUILDR-654 Add the ability to configure the version of BND used by bnd addon. (Niklaus Giger)
+* Added:  Create the git_auto_version addon that automatically specifies a version for a git project based
+          on git describe.
+* Added:  Integrate with Zinc (incremental compilation wrapper for scalac 2.9+)
+* Change: Default to Scala 2.9.2, ScalaTest 1.8, Scala Specs2 1.11,
+          ScalaCheck 1.10.0.
+* Change: Scala artifact repository changed to
+* Added:  BUILDR-645 Support Mercurial as a version control system (Tan Quach)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-646 TGZ files do not keep their permissions when extracted
+          via Buildr::Unzip#extract
+* Added:  Add add_exploded_ear_artifact and add_exploded_ejb_artifact to the idea project extension.
+* Change: Default to using Checkstyle 5.5 in the checkstyle addon.
+* Fixed:  Fix the add_exploded_war_artifact method on the idea project by adding in missing method
+          `partition_dependencies`.
+* Fixed:  Fix the extension of the gwt plugin so that it can be required as an addon.
+* Fixed:  Fix the undefined default_web_xml variable in the add_web_facet method on the idea project.
+1.4.7 (2012-05-29)
+* Added:  BUILDR-618 pom properties feature does not support hierarchy (kafka liu)
+* Added:  Add a Sonar extension.
+* Change: BUILDR-638 Update to rake (Russell Teabeault)
+* Added:  BUILDR-316 Add a GWT extension
+* Change: BUILDR-624 Update rspec version to 2.9.0 (Russell Teabeault)
+* Change: BUILDR-632 Update net-ssh version to 2.3.0 (Russell Teabeault)
+* Change: BUILDR-632 Update net-sftp version to 2.0.5 (Russell Teabeault)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-635 JRE container entry to be declared before user sources and dependencies (Dani Perez)
+* Change: BUILDR-639 Stop requiring pygmentize to run "rake -T" (Russell Teabeault)
+* Added:  Enhance the IDEA extension to support the addition of several explicit facets such as
+          ejb, jruby, jpa, web and gwt.
+* Added:  Add several utility methods to IDEA extension for defining artifacts and configurations.
+          Add some explicit methods to support a gwt configuration and a "Exploded War" artifact.
+* Change: Upgraded to Apache Ant 1.8.3
+* Change: Default maven2 repository is now
+* Change: Make minimumTokenCount and encoding configurable for the PMD/CPD action
+          and default encoding to UTF-8 for compatibility with external tools (i.e. Jenkins)
+* Change: BUILDR-615 VersionRequirement.version? now returns true for
+          versions following pattern "r9999", e.g. "r09"
+* Change: BUILDR-630 Run task should not add test dependencies (Russell Teabeault)
+* Change: BUILDR-629 JavaRunner should include target/resources in classpath (Russell Teabeault)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-617 pom exclusion does not work (Kafka Liu)
+* Added:  Add a Findbugs extension.
+* Added:  Add a Checkstyle extension.
+* Added:  Add a JavaNCSS extension.
+* Added:  Add a PMD extension.
+* Added:  MultiTest framework that allows combining multiple test frameworks
+          for a single project.
+* Added:  Scala Specs2 framework support.
+* Added:  Buildr.transitive() now accepts hash with :scopes, :optional and
+          :scopes_transitive parameters
+* Added:  Improved scala file change detection
+          (to avoid recompiling  unnecessarily)
+* Added:  ScalaTest now automatically loads the Mockito library
+* Added:  Enhance the Intellij IDEA extension to support the addition of "artifacts"
+          and "configurations" to the generated project file.
+* Added:  BUILDR-598 TestNG support for :groups and :excludegroups (Christopher Coco)
+* Added:  BUILDR-616 Buildr development - If using rvm a default .rvmrc file would be helpful (Russell Teabeault)
+* Change: Scala Specs upgraded to 1.6.9 if using Scala 2.9.1
+* Change: Scala 2.9.1 is now default
+* Change: Make it possible to parameterize the JDepend extension and control the
+          projects that are included in the analysis and to enable support for
+          loading a per project
+* Change: Parameterize the the directory where the top level cobertura tasks will generate
+          reports. Specify using Buildr::Cobertura.report_dir = '....'
+* Change: Stop pretty printing the Intellij IDEA project files to avoid IDEA breaking
+          in the presence of non-normalized whitespace content.
+* Change: Change the Intellij IDEA extension to always rebuild the project files.
+* Change: Upgrade to require atoulme-Antwrap 0.7.2
+* Change: Changed the default output directory for Intellij IDEA extension to be
+          _(:target, :main, :idea, :classes) from _(:target, :main, :java) and the
+          default test output directory to be _(:target, :test, :idea, :classes)
+          from _(:target, :test, :java)
+* Change: Upgrade to highline 1.6.2
+* Change: Upgrade to jekyll 0.11.0, jekylltask 1.1.0, RedCloth 4.2.7, rdoc 3.8 for
+          generating documentation
+* Change: Upgrade to require rubygems > 1.8.6
+* Change: BUILDR-603 Remove install/uninstall actions from :gem packaging type
+* Change: BUILDR-602 Fail the build when gem dependencies are missing rather than
+          attempting to install the dependencies
+* Change: BUILDR-601 Remove Buildr::Util::Gems
+* Change: BUILDR-600 Centralize the common ad internal requires into one location.
+* Change: Upgrade to JRuby 1.6.2
+* Change: Move to Bundler to manage the project dependencies
+* Change: BUILDR-548 Remove support for JTestR as it is no longer maintained (Antoine Toulme)
+* Change: BUILDR-614 Buildr development - Using rvm, bundler and OSX installs the wrong rjb (Russell Teabeault)
+* Change: Upgrade to RJB 1.4.0
+* Fixed:  ArtifactNamespace fails when using artifacts with classfier.
+* Fixed:  Buildr.artifacts() should handle any object with :to_spec method
+          (i.e., any object that ActsAsArtifact)
+* Fixed:  Handle HTTP Unauthorized (501) result code when downloading artifacts.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-611 Buildr should not unnecessarily recompile Java files
+          explicitly added to compile.from
+* Fixed:  scaladoc generation with scala 2.9.x
+* Fixed:  Bnd Plugin: Add each artifact individually as a prerequisite to
+          bundle / package task when passed to classpath_element method
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-439 "The command line is too long" when running TestNG tests (Tammo Van Lessen)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-595 Add option to specifiy location of ca cert
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-596 Update installation notes to talk about the all-in-one bundle
+1.4.6 (2011-06-21)
+* Added:  BUILDR-592 Allow Users to Specify SSH Options for Deployment (Marc-André Laverdière)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-591 Sort modules in iml files generated by idea task to ensure
+          main_dependencies are exported
+* Added:  Support for Scala 2.9.0+ (with help of Alexis Midon)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-583 Update jruby install to use jruby version 1.6.1 (Alexis Midon)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-582 Revert the name change for the task to generate Intellij
+          project files to 'idea'
+* Change: BUILDR-579 Format generated IDEA project files to look more like what
+          IntelliJ generates (Peter Royal)
+* Change: BUILDR-574 Enhance idea task to generate test resources with test scope
+          (Jean-Philippe Caruana)
+* Change: BUILDR-576 Upgrade to JUnit 4.8.2
+* Change: Upgrade to JRuby 1.6.2
+* Change: Scala 2.9.0-1 is now default, along with ScalaCheck 1.9, ScalaTest 1.6.1
+          and Specs 1.6.8.
+* Change: ScalaCheck, ScalaTest and Specs now default to sane versions when using
+          older Scala versions.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-571 Generated IDEA projects include resources multiple times (Peter Royal)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-573 HTTP upload PUT request with incorrect Content-Type (Mathias Doenitz)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-578 Tar task does not preserve uid/gid on folders (Jean-Philippe Caruana)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-251 Classifier not handled when downloading snapshot artifacts (Ryan Fowler)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-585 "TypeError : can't dup NilClass" when merging jars
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-586 ScalaTest uses deprecated ant task (Martin Partel)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-584 eclipse plugin should use absolute path
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-587 ScalaTest uses deprecated reporter parameters
+1.4.5 (2011-02-20)
+* Added:  BUILDR-555 Add support for the jaxb binding compiler (Mark Petrovic)
+* Added:  BUILDR-554 Add support for OSGi bundle packages by importing the
+          buildr_bnd plugin
+* Added:  BUILDR-125 Add support for <security-role> in application.xml of
+          EAR packaging (Mikael Amborn)
+* Added:  BUILDR-550 Add support for groovydoc
+* Added:  BUILDR-521: System tray notifications for Linux systems
+          (via libnotify/notify-send)
+* Added:  BUILDR-537 Shell tasks should use JAVA_OPTS by default
+* Added:  BUILDR-538 Shell tasks should support passing :java_args
+* Added:  BUILDR-544 Support ${groupId} in pom files (Chris Dean)
+* Added:  BUILDR-552 Projects may now be defined using project(:name) and a block
+* Added:  BUILDR-564 Add package(:scaladoc)
+* Added:  Automatically add "require buildr/{groovy,scala}"  when generating
+          project if Groovy/Scala files are detected.
+* Change: BUILDR-540 Upgrade to rspec 2.1.0
+* Change: BUILDR-546 Upgrade to Rubyzip 0.9.4 (Michael Guymon)
+* Change: BUILDR-556 Merge buildr-iidea extension back into buildr.
+* Change: Upgrade default Scala compiler version to 2.8.1-final
+* Change: Upgrade to ScalaCheck 1.8
+* Change: Upgrade to ScalaTest 1.3
+* Change: Upgrade to Specs 1.6.6
+* Change: Upgrade to JRuby 1.5.6
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-542 Release task:  SVN tagging fails if parent tag directory
+          does not exist yet (Gerolf Seitz)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-543 POMs are installed and uploaded twice when using artifacts
+          with classifier
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-522 Send notifications when continuous compilation
+          succeeds/fails.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-551 Continuous compilation not working for project trees
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-557 MD5 + SHA1 checksums are not Maven compliant (Tammo van Lessen)
+* Change: Upgrade to Groovy 1.7.5
+* Change: BUILDR-545 Add the ability to specify the description element in in
+          application.xml contained within an ear.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-547 - Ensure ECJ compiler works when there is a space in the
+          path of dependencies.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-558 Artifact uploads should show a progress bar (Tammo van Lessen)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-560 show a meaning full error message when POM cannot be parsed
+          (Tammo van Lessen)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-562 WAR package isn't updated if files under src/main/webapp
+          are updated
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-569 Buildr fails under JRuby 1.6.0.RC1 due to read-only $? variable
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-570 Buildr does not work with Rubygems 1.5.x
+* Fixed:  Scaladoc task would cause build to exit prematurely
+1.4.4 (2010-11-16)
+* Change: BUILDR-549 Upgrade to RJB 1.3.3 to address "Cannot create JVM" issue with Java Update 3
+          on Mac OS X.  Win32 platform upgraded to RJB 1.3.2.
+* Change: RSpec gem dependency ~> 1.3.1
+* Change: Upgrade to JtestR 0.6
+1.4.3 (2010-10-15)
+* Added:  BUILDR-514 New 'run' local task.
+* Added:  BUILDR-518 Load _buildr.rb or .buildr.rb from same directory as Buildfile
+          if they exist (Peter Donald)
+* Added:  BUILDR-519 Load repositories.release_to from build settings (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-520 Scaladoc 2.8 no longer support -windowtitle, use -doc-title instead.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-512 Buildr::Util.ruby invokes non existent method (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-513 --trace fails with NoMethodError : undefined method
+          `include?' for nil:NilClass
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-515 -update-snapshot doesn't work as expected
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-517 package(:jar).include(directory, :as=>"foo") produces a corrupted jar
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-524 Optimized and more robust reading of jar MANIFEST.MF (Hugues Malphettes)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-525 Documentation refers to repositories.upload_to rather than
+          repositories.release_to (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-526 Gracefully handle h2 sections with no id in documentation (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-527 package(:war) if libs passed are files (instead of artifacts)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-528 Stop using deprecated method Gem::Dependency.version_requirements correctly (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-529 Stop using gem name "foo" in tests as it is the name of an actual gem (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-531 Improve error message when build requires gem that can't be found in local/remote
+          gem repositories (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-532 package_as_source does not package resources (Tammo van Lessen)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-534 package_with_sources does not package source artifacts if no sources but resources exist.
+          (Tammo Van Lessen)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-535 Failing "checks" produce no meaningful errors  on JRuby
+* Fixed:  JavaRebel was previously not correctly detected.
+1.4.2 (2010-09-18)
+* Added:  BUILDR-415 Ability to exclude tests from command line
+* Added:  BUILDR-495 Document twitter on Buildr's homepage
+* Added:  BUILDR-212 Update support for SNAPSHOT artifacts (Timo Rantalaiho and Izzet Mustafa)
+* Added:  BUILDR-465 Eclipse project names should be customizable
+* Added:  BUILDR-493 Eclipse task should generate javadocpath
+* Added:  BUILDR-509 Option to generate non-prefixed Eclipse project names
+* Added:  BUILDR-510 Add support for trace categories: --trace=foo,bar
+* Added:  Integration test to show how to change the war packaging spec.
+* Added:  Integration test to show how to use junit 3.
+* Added:  Integration test to show how to get ahold of parent project
+* Change: BUILDR-473 Update jruby-openssl dependency version or support a range of versions
+* Change: BUILDR-478 Upgrade to net-ssh 2.0.23 and net-sftp 2.0.4 (Shane Witbeck)
+* Change: BUILDR-475 Support for long names on tar.gz (updated to minitar 0.5.3)
+* Change: BUILDR-484 Upgrade to Scala 2.8.0 (final) and associated dependencies
+          (ScalaCheck 1.7, ScalaTest 1.2, Specs 1.6.5)
+* Change: BUILDR-487 package :sources should default to using .jar extension (instead of .zip)
+* Change: Upgrade to Jruby 1.5.2
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-143 Upload to a file:// path needs ability to specify permissions (Joel Muzzerall)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-144 Filter does not preserve file permissions
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-163 cobertura-check
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-203 Compiler guessing very inefficient
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-225 ArchiveTask#merge, not according to doc
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-256 Automatically installing gems aborts rspec test runner (Rhett Sutphin)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-285 Cobertura failing when running build
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-302 Move out-of-date Nailgun documentation to wiki (Shane Witbeck)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-317 ecj compiler
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-326 follow up: binary safe untarring on Windows (Sam Hendley)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-335 follow up: excluding libraries from war is confusing
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-342 The jruby gem installer invokes the removed Gem.manage_gems function (Rhett Sutphin)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-403 Buildr::Util::Gems.install does not find gems on remote sources
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-436 release task should only replace "-SNAPSHOT" (spec from Jean-Philippe Caruana)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-438 Release Task: customizable version numbers (Alexis Midon)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-464 Improve the versioning of Buildr (Rhett Sutphin)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-466 Rendering issue with IE on the website (Shane Witbeck)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-468 test:failed does not respect test.exclude
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-469 test:failed causes all transitive tests to run
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-472 ECJ dependency now required to build any java project
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-477 Error while parsing maven-metadata.xml
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-479 Enforce using a minimal version of jruby
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-481 Antwrap monkey-patching in core.rb
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-482 Javadoc : cannot load class
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-488 artifact poms not reinstalled
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-491 sftp download goes into infinite loop
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-498 Artifact download fails with "negative argument" if
+          terminal capabilities are undefined
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-499 Java package caching through constants
+          e.g. ( cached as Java::Lang::String)
+          can shadow Ruby modules
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-501 Fix buildr label when listing tasks (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-503 Include with as includes directories as files when the directory has the same name as the path
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-506 Gem packaging does not work under windows (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-508 Remove unnecessary use of Java.classpath in OpenJPA
+          extension (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-507 Gem packaging should replace dashes with dots in
+          version number (Peter Donald)
+1.4.1 (2010-07-07)
+* Added:  BUILDR-420 Support external compiler
+* Added:  BUILDR-425 Specify dev dependencies in .gemspec
+* Change: BUILDR-459 Update gemspec to accept json_pure ~> 1.4.3
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-455 cc_spec.rb l 160 depends on time and thus fails intermittently
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-461 Packages with different ids collide
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-439 "The command line is too long" when running TestNG tests
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-463 Setting a system property in the buildfile causes a NoClassDefFoundError
+1.4.0 (2010-06-18)
+* Added:  BUILDR-405 Enhance the idea7x extension to supply a task to delete generated files
+          (Peter Donald)
+* Added:  Support for regexps in include and exclude patterns (BUILDR-406)
+* Added:  Support for Scala 2.8 compiler-level change detection and dependency
+          tracking
+* Added:  Continuous compilation
+* Added:  Generic documentation framework (using the `doc` task).  Replaces
+          `javadoc` task
+* Added:  New "test:failed" task to execute only tests that failed during last
+          run (Antoine Toulme)
+* Added:  Project extensions (before/after_define) now support dependency ordering
+          similar to Rake (e.g. before_define(:my_setup => :compile)
+* Added:  BUILDR-328 Detect Eclipse plugin project with META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
+          and Bundle-SymbolicName: entry
+* Added:  Support for Eclipse classpath variables to avoid absolute pathnames in
+          generated .classpath using:
+            eclipse.classpath_variables { :VAR => '/path/to/libraries' }
+* Added:  Support for excluding libraries from Eclipse classpath using:
+            eclipse.exclude_libs += ['/path/to/some/library.jar']
+* Added:  Environment variable IGNORE_BUILDFILE can be set to "yes" or
+          "true" to ignore changes in Buildfile when running tests.
+* Added:  "buildr test=only" will only run tests explicitly specified on the
+          command line (and ignore transitive test dependencies)
+* Added:  ArtifactNamespace.{keys,clear} methods
+* Added:  BUILDR-326 Support unzipping tar.gz files (Antoine Toulme)
+* Added:  BUILDR-368 Support protocol buffer code generation
+          (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
+* Added:  BUILDR-375 Buildr now recognizes buildfile.rb and Buildfile.rb
+          (Kerry Wilson)
+* Added:  BUILDR-390 Buildr::group() should accept :classifier argument
+* Added:  BUILDR-407 Exclude and include patterns should support lambdas or procs
+* Added:  BUILDR-408 Filter include() and exclude() should accept Rake tasks
+* Added:  BUILDR-409 archive.include() should convert arguments to artifact
+          if applicable
+* Added:  BUILDR-453 Provide a ci task that uses the ci_reporter gem (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
+* Added:  ScalaTest now generates JUnit XML reports in addition to text files.
+* Change: Updated to Ant 1.8.0
+* Change: Updated to Cobertura
+* Change: Updated to Groovy 1.7.1
+* Change: Updated to JRuby 1.5.1
+* Change: Updated to JtestR 0.5
+* Change: Updated to JUnit 4.7
+* Change: Updated to JMock 2.5.1 (Antoine Toulme)
+* Change: Updated to RJB 1.2.5
+* Change: Updated to Scala Specs
+* Change: Updated to ScalaCheck 1.6
+* Change: Updated to ScalaTest 1.0.1
+* Change: Updated to json_pure 1.4.0
+* Change: Load buildr.rb from $HOME/.buildr instead of $HOME
+          ($HOME/buildr.rb is still loaded with deprecation warning)
+* Change: BUILDR-400 Don't forbid projects to use their own compiler after one has been guessed
+* Change: BUILDR-401 Don't set compiler to output warnings if verbose
+* Change:['scala.version'] now overrides SCALA_HOME to
+          determine which Scala libraries used for compiling.  If both are
+          are provided and reference the same Scala version, then local
+          jars from SCALA_HOME are used.
+* Change: Tagline changed from "The build system that doesn't suck" to "Build like you code"
+* Change: BUILDR-355 Use Rake for defining tasks to do the Buildr distro over JRuby (Izzet Mustafa oglu)
+* Change: BUILDR-448 Don't use sudo by default for rake setup
+* Change: BUILDR-450 Update .gitignore to exclude idea project files and files generated during spec tests (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-208 ansi control characters are printed on Windows (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-348 Buildr fails on windows with jruby and ODE 1.X
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-183 Can't define root artifact namespace outside of project
+          (Ittay Dror)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-223 Release Task: customizable commit message (Alexis Midon)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-232 buildr should print the class of an exception, not just
+          its message (Antoine Toulme)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-233 Can't specify version in artifact namespace
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-267 Skipping tests is only done after they are compiled
+          (Antoine Toulme)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-281 Application#initialize fails if home dir isn't writable
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-327 Specifying :plugin eclipse nature explicitly fails
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-330  Install task should re-install artifact even if they
+          already exist (Alexis Midon)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-334 Eclipse .classpath files use absolute paths for library
+          entries (Stefan Wasilewski)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-336 Prints Command Without --trace
+          (Antoine Toulme)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-341 jruby -S extract is no longer supported by jruby
+          (Antoine Toulme)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-344 Buildr::TestFramework::TestResult::YamlFormatter uses
+          deprecated form of example_pending (Rhett Sutphin)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-345 Improve project documentation (Peter Schröder)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-346 Test classpath can not be set (Peter Schröder)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-347 Compile.from does not work correctly with FileTask when
+          no compiler is set (Peter Schröder)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-349 resources.filter should use defaults from profile.yaml
+          even if mapping is provided
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-360 Reintroduce tag_name instance method for Git release task for
+          backward compatibility (Antoine Toulme)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-361 Generate Eclipse .project file even if project has no
+          nature.  Also prevent generation of .project if project has
+          children. (Antoine Toulme)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-364 Package spec should be set to a Symbol when :file is
+          used (Klaas Prause)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-365 test task should use test compile dependencies
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-366 Scala dependencies should be lazily loaded into
+          Java.classpath
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-373 Package type specific implementations of install,
+          uninstall and upload are not invoked (Antoine Toulme)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-374 upload tasks can attempt to upload artifacts multiple times (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-379 Ant sql task abruptly terminates buildr
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-380 GitRelease: recursive search for root '/' does not work
+          under Windows (Antoine Toulme)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-381 JUnit tests on Groovy project fail with
+          NoClassDefFoundError: junit/framework/TestCase
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-382 Packages with default spec are not always created correctly
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-383 artifact().from(task_dependency) should not trigger
+          task_dependency if artifact exists
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-384 Buildr fails with rubygems 1.3.6
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-386 Display JRuby version in buildr -V (Antoine Toulme)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-388 Continuous Compilation Support for Sub-Projects
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-391 resources task does not detect changes
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-392 Array values not flattened in (one version) of eclipse
+          task properties (Antoine Toulme, Peter Dettman)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-306 Cobertura extension does not handle dependencies
+          correctly (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-398 FileUtils#sh does not work correctly on Windows
+          (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-399 invoke_with_call_chain does not restore call chain
+          correctly (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-418 jruby exception: `ffi_libraries': no library specified
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-442 Errors while running the specs with jruby 1.5
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-449 Fix failing specs on Windows (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
+* Fixed:  buildr test=all didn't run all tests as expected
+* Fixed:  Fail-fast if package.with() or include() called with nil values
+* Fixed:  Failures not reported correctly for ScalaTest (Alex Eagle)
+* Fixed:  Test dependencies should include test compile dependencies
+* Fixed:  Classpath correctly passed to Scala shell
+* Fixed:  Removed redundant tracing of command arguments
+* Fixed:  filter.using(hash) now correctly substitutes mappings with boolean
+          "false" value
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-404 buildr -V causes exception on JRuby
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-411 fix for RDoc generation
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-417 package_as_javadoc calls deprecated method
+          (Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-412 Gemspec dependencies don't add up - to the point it's not possible to release
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-414 Provide tag_name method on GitRelease as part of API
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-419 Exclusion patterns only work if they contain a wildcard
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-421 The MANIFEST.MF file packaged by Buildr as permissions set to 600
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-423 MANIFEST.MF files are not closed, leading to open files leak.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-447 Path object do not include empty dirs in base directory (Peter Donald)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-457 package(:jar) adds . entry to the jar
+1.3.5 (2009-10-05)
+* Added:  Interactive shell (REPL) support
+* Added:  BeanShell as default shell for java projects, bsh is small and it's
+          syntax provides the closest to an interpreted java. The BeanShell
+          console includes a graphical class browser. Shell is named :bsh
+* Added:  Mandriva (urpmi) installation support (with help from Franck Villaume).
+* Added:  BUILDR-56 Download Scala artifacts if not available locally
+* Added:  BUILDR-163 cobertura:check (Marko Sibakov, Daniel Spiewak).
+* Added:  BUILDR-295 Eclipse task: make 'M2_REPO' repository variable configurable
+* Added:  BUILDR-300 Make Eclipse task more configurable (Antoine Toulme, Alex Boisvert)
+* Change: Upgraded to rubyforge-1.0.5 and net-ssh 2.0.15
+* Change: Monkey-Patched FileUtils::sh on JRuby to use POSIX `system`
+* Change: Updated to Rake 0.8.7, RSpec 1.2.8 and JRuby-openssl 0.5.2.
+* Change: Updated to easyb 0.9 (Joel Muzzerall)
+* Change: Updated to TestNG 5.10
+* Change: Updated to JRuby 1.3.1
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-23 Support for setting file mode when packaging (Ittay Dror).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-278 tasks/*.rake files are loaded after the buildfile (Rhett Sutphin)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-282 release goal should not strip leading '0' digits from version numbers.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-289 Improved error message when JAVA_HOME points to an invalid JRE/JDK installation
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-290 Dependencies cannot be downloaded over SSL.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-291 Local tasks do not support arguments (Ittay Dror).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-292 Workaround for JRUBY-3381 on
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-301 TestNG doesn't report failure if more than one test fails
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-307 Failures are not reported correctly for ScalaTest (Jeremie Lenfant-Engelmann)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-313 Prevent release with uncommitted_files on Git 1.4.3+ (Alexis Midon)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-315 Fix Eclipse .classpath for local libraries (Mat Schaffer)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-304 Referencing an existing package task using the package
+          method fails if the package has a custom filename (Rhett Sutphin)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-322 When specifying files (instead of directories) as sources for compile task,
+          Buildr uses target directory timestamp only (not compiled output timestamp)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-324: Regression - baseDir system property is not set when executing tests [Alexis Midon]
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-325: Overriding package spec with classifer doesn't work (Antoine Toulme)
+1.3.4 (2009-04-21)
+* Added:  BUILDR-93 Add specs for ScalaCheck integration
+* Added:  BUILDR-94 Add specs for Scala Specs integration
+* Added:  BUILDR-136 Support Scala/Java Joint Compiler (Daniel Spiewak).
+* Added:  BUILDR-159 Improved 'check' to accept both tar and tgz archives.
+* Added:  BUILDR-164 New 'artifacts:sources' task to download source code
+          for artifact jars.
+* Added:  BUILDR-222 Support Git as a version control system
+* Added   BUILDR-223 Release Task: customizable commit message
+* Added:  BUILDR-242 Include Scala-Tools Repository by Default.
+* Added:  BUILDR-268 Allow proxying for https connections (Joel Muzzerall).
+* Added:  Info message "Packaging filename.ext" now displayed for packaging tasks
+* Added:  Added Scala.version and Scala.version_str
+* Change: require 'buildr/scala' is now officially required to use Scala features
+* Change: Introduced new options from Rake 0.8.3: -I (libdir), -R (rakelib),
+          --rules, --no-search, --silent.
+* Change: Upgraded to Rubyforge 1.0.1.
+* Change: Upgraded to use Rake 0.8.4.
+* Change: Upgraded to use Net-SSH 2.0.11.
+* Change: Upgraded to use RSpec 1.2.2.
+* Change: Upgraded to use JRuby 1.1.6 (when auto-installing).
+* Change: Buildr, no longer in incubation (hurray!): new site, mailing list, SVN, Git.
+* Change: BUILDR-171 Eclipse task generates meta-data files for projects with
+          test source code but no main source code.
+* Change: BUILDR-177 Moved cobertura and emma extensions to lib directory.
+* Change: BUILDR-187 Source code attachment for Eclipse .classpath.
+* Change: BUILDR-188 Source code attachment for IDEA .iml file (Marko Sibakov).
+* Change: BUILDR-209 Scala Specs Should Use src/specs/scala/
+* Change: BUILDR-237 Use MacPorts Scala on OS X.
+* Change: BUILDR-260 Upgrade to Scala 2.7.3 compatible dependencies:
+          ScalaSpecs 1.4.3, ScalaCheck 1.5 and ScalaTest 0.9.5
+* Change: Buildr now uses Jekyll to generate Web site/documentation:
+ This replaces Docter so less code to
+maintain and the same Textile/Liquid mechanism as when using Github pages.
+* Change: To access Release object (e.g. to set tag_name) use Release.find.
+* Fixed:  Removed double complete/fail messages showing up on console.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-140 Get rid of const_defined? all across the board.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-158 Nailgun is now a delegate for buildr/drb (a pure-ruby dRuby server)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-170 ArtifactNamespace#method_missing has a condition that is never true.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-172 Scala compiler not loaded by default.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-175 Fail to find child project when calling project method inside project definition.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-185 Exception if using artifact names with hyphen (Joel
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-192 TestNG report results are overwritten (Alexis Midon).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-193 TestNG uses project name for suite name (not valid file
+          name on Windows).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-194 Buildr always adds 'Manifest-Version' to generated manifest file.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-198 Filter#run always calls mkpath with :verbose.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-199 ArchiveTask#needed uses 'each' with no effect (Ittay Dror).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-201 Sample project is not valid (Alexis Midon).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-214 Buildr is stuck uploading to sftp repository (Heikki Hulkko).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-216 Profiles documentation is wrong (Shane Witbeck).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-218 Manifest.from_zip fails if the zip doesn't already have
+META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (Joel Muzzerall).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-226 Release task should use XML output of "svn info" instead
+of human-readable output (Alexis Midon).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-230 release task fails if there's a space in the path to the
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-235 JRuby download link is broke (Alexis Midon).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-239 HTTP redirects lose authentication information (Joel
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-240 Make TestNG print traces in the console (Alex Midon).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-241 IDEA7X IPR generation does not pay attention to base_dir
+for submodules (Rhett Sutphin).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-247 OpenObject does not work with Hash#only (Rhett Sutphin).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-253 ZipTask now uses Zlib::DEFAULT_COMPRESSION instead of NO_COMPRESSION
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-255 tasks/*.rake files are loaded more than once.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-261 ScalaSpecs should be run with Scala dependencies
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-263 package(:war).merge not working correctly with exclude()
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-271 Using buildr --environment leads to "Don't know how to
+build task XXX".
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-269 rspec bdd is broken (Jeff Hodges)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-272 'rake gem' does not build gem under JRuby (Clinton R.
+* Remove: BUILDR-215 buildr:freeze and unfreeze tasks don't work since we're
+no longer running with the rake command.
+1.3.3 (2008-10-08)
+* Added:  JtestR support. Implemented pending jtestr specs.
+* Added:  Growl notifications (OS X only).
+* Added:  error, info and trace methods.
+* Added:  Release task support for alternative SVN repository layout
+          (e.g.,
+* Added:  BUILDR-128 Emma support
+* Added:  BUILDR-135. Extracted reusable replacement logic into Filter::Mapper
+* Added:  BUILDR-148 It is now possible to set the version of various 3rd
+          party libraries from the build.yml file.  Supported libraries
+          include Ant and the various test and BDD frameworks.
+* Change: Error reporting now shows 'buildr aborted!' (used to say rake),
+          more of the stack trace without running --trace, and when running
+          with supported terminal, error message is red.
+* Change: Eclipse task updated to documented Scala plugin requirements
+          (
+* Change: Buildr.application.buildfile returns a task instead of a String.
+* Change: BUILDR-104 Buildr::group has :under and :version, but not :type.
+          Now it has :type too (Lacton).
+* Change: BUILDR-139 Incremental test run.
+* Change: BUILDR-141 Removed NEXT_VERSION from release task.
+* Change: BUILDR-148 ant-junit no longer included in root classpath, but
+          specified during taskdef.
+* Change: BUILDR-153 To customize the SVN tag used by the release task, set
+          Release.tag_name to either the tag value or a proc that takes the
+          version number and return the desired tag.
+* Fixed:  Should not display "(in `pwd`, development)" when using --quiet.
+* Fixed:  Release task's regexp to find either THIS_VERSION and VERSION_NUMBER.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-106 download(artifact(...)=>url) broken in certain cases
+          (Lacton).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-108 Trace to explain why a compile is done (Lacton).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-109 Failure of "Buildr::Filter should respond to :include and
+          use these inclusion patterns" (Lacton).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-110 Error creating buildfile from POM when missing plugin
+          configuration (Geoffrey Ruscoe).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-112 Using a user gem repository with 'rake setup' (Lacton).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-114 Hash.from_java_properties does not behave
+          like java.util.Properties (Lacton).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-116: TestTask should include the main compile target in its
+          dependencies, even when using non standard directories (Lacton).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-117 Shared directory for both code and resources produces
+          duplicate Eclipse classpath entries (Nathan Hamblen)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-119 Eclipse task does not accept test resource folders
+          (Lacton)
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-122: eclipse task should not check for directory existence
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-123: eclipse task should honor ResourceTask's target directory
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-124 unzip(...).from_path does not work correctly without
+          include (Rhett Sutphin).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-126  Tests options are shared between unrelated projects when
+          using #options instead of #using (Lacton).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-129. Modifying a project manifest should not alter it's
+          parent project manifest.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-137 JRuby 1.1.3 and Buildr 1.3.2 don't appear to work
+          (on Windows).
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-138 ScalaTest premature use of Buildr::Repositories
+          inconsistent with customizing locations.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-152 Project.task fails when task name starts with a colon.
+* Fixed:  BUILDR-157 Tasks library not loaded from a submodule.
+* Docs:   BUILDR-111 Troubleshoot tip when Buildr's bin directory shows up in
+          RUBYLIB (Geoffrey Ruscoe).
+1.3.2 (2008-07-18)
+* Added: --prereqs command line argument to show all tasks and their
+dependencies. You can also follow with regular expression to narrow down the
+list of tasks.
+* Changed: Upgraded to Rubyforge 1.0.0.
+* Changed: BUILDR-86 Use newest versions of net-ssh and net-sftp gems.
+* Changed: BUILDR-88 Test classes/resources should come before compile
+classes/resources so they load up earlier in java classpath.
+* Changed: BUILDR-102 Update JUnit Version to 4.4.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-73 idea7x task incorrect adds target/resources to the sources
+* Fixed: BUILDR-76 Added more specs and fixes to compile task.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-77 Layout feature not working.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-79 Remove :source option for Scala compiler
+* Fixed: BUILDR-80 Fix reference to Util#timestamp method on nailgun addon.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-82 Temporary work around for Net::SSH 2.0.2 attempting to
+load Pageant DLLs when running on JRuby/Windows.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-89 JUnit (and all other Java frameworks) no longer include
+abstract classes.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-90 Installing from source doesn't work with JRuby.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-91 When doing a release, buildr should spawn the same version
+of buildr
+* Fixed: BUILDR-92 IDEA 7x: add resources directories to classpath.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-95: Only download Scala test framework artifacts when required
+* Fixed: BUILDR-100 Directory structure documentation needs updating.
+* Fixed: Installation instructions updated for RubyGems 1.2.0.
+ (2008-06-04)
+* Fixed: BUILDR-78 Broken dependency on Rubyforge Gem.
+1.3.1 (2008-05-19)
+* Added: Downloading files from SFTP server, uploading to HTTP.
+* Added: jibx_bind method to use JiBX for Java<=>XML binding (by David
+* Changed: Upgraded to Net::SSH 2.0 and Net::SFTP 2.0.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-67 HTTP GET now works with query parameters (Tommy Knowlton).
+* Fixed: BUILDR-68 Now accepting JAVA_HOME setting on OS X (Nathan Hamblen).
+* Fixed: JUnit now accepts java_args and passes these arguments to the JVM
+(only applicable when forking).
+* Fixed: BUILDR-70 JUnit not passing environment variables from the
+:environment option.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-75 Filter now runs if there's a target directory, even if
+there are no source files to copy over, since everyone else just checks for existence before depending on it.
+* Fixed: BUILDR-63 Possible fix.
+1.3.0 (2008-04-25)
+* Added: Testing with EasyB (Nicolas Modrzyk).
+* Added: Testing with JBehave (John Layton).
+* Added: Testing with RSpec (Nick Sieger).
+* Added: Nailgun integration for improved user experience when running on
+* Added: Cobertura tasks can be invoked for a single project using project
+name as prefix to cobetura tasks.
+* Added: Cobertura can exclude specified classes from instrumentation.
+* Added: ArchiveTask#clean can be used to remove content from a package.
+* Added: Groovy compiler.
+* Added: Mechanism to simplify creating extensions (see Extension module).
+* Added: To run all test cases 'rake spec'.  Test coverage reports will show
+up in html/coverage.  To run failing tests against, 'rake failing'.
+* Added: Layout class for controlling the project layout.  Also cleaned up
+places where paths were used instead of path names.
+* Added: HTTP Basic authentication support (Yuen-Chi Lian).
+* Added: EAR packaging (Victor Hugo Borja).
+* Added: Profiles(.yaml), based on the code provided by Yanko Ivanov.
+* Added: Resources task picks the default mapping from the filter element of
+the current profile (if specified).
+* Added: Consolidated API for RJB and JRuby, replacing the now deprecated
+* Added: JRuby 1.1 support (Victor Hugo Borja, Nick Sieger).
+* Added: IDEA 7 task: use buildr idea7x (Shane Witbeck).
+* Added: Experimental support for installing/loading Gems as part of a build.
+* Added: Experimental support for YAML configurtion files:
+~/.buildr/settings.yaml, build.yaml and profiles.yaml.
+* Added: Ability to create a package that is not an artifact and specify the
+target file using the :file argument.
+* Changed: JUnit/TestNG test cases are selected by superClass or annotations,
+not by class-name pattern.
+* Changed: Upgraded to Antwrap 0.7.0, thanks to Caleb Powell for relicensing
+under Apache License.
+* Changed: Upgraded to Rake 0.8, RSpec 1.1, RJB 1.1, OpenJPA 1.0.1.
+* Changed: Resources are now copied to target/resources instead of
+target/classes, and target/test/resources instead of target/test-resources.
+* Changed: Test cases are now compiled into target/test/classes instead of
+* Changed: Compile extension and CompileTask are now separate from the Java
+module.  Multiple compilers can be used, either guessed from the project
+layout, or specified with compile.using(:name).
+* Changed: Test extension and TestTask are now separate from the Java module.
+JUnit and TestNG are Java specific extensions picked using test.with(:name).
+* Changed: For compile and test, use dependencies instead of classpath (with
+works are before).
+* Changed: Test framework componentized along the same lines as the
+* Changed: The way packaging is handled: package_as_[type] is now called once
+for a given package with the exact file name.  If packaging requires a change
+to the specifiction (e.g. a different file type than the package type), add a
+package_as_[type]_spec method.
+* Changed: The default packaging type is inferred from the compiler, and
+without a compiler, defaults to :zip.
+* Changed: JUnit test framework now runs on all classes that extend
+* Changed: Scalac compiler now used by the regular compile task, the scalac
+task is deprecated.
+* Changed: RDoc are now generated using Allison
+* Changed: Resource tasks no longer generate target directory if there are no
+resources to copy over.
+* Changed: To prevent collissions with required files, the source layout now
+places everything under lib/buildr, so require 'core/compile' is now require
+* Changed: The various Java tasks (JavaCC, XMLBeans, JDepends, etc) are now
+located in the extra directory, and may at some point relocate to an addon
+* Removed: Prepare tasks removed.
+* Removed: All deprecated features since 1.1.  If you've seen warnings before,
+except the build to break.
+* Removed: No longer using Facets or recommending you use it in buildfiles.
+* Fixed: More typos/documentation fixes by Lacton
+* Fixed: Artifact.pom resolves artifact without classifier, i.e
+org.testng:testng:jar:jdk15:5.1 uses org.testng:testng:pom:5.1 (Tommy).
+* Fixed: More patches towards JRuby support, courtesy of Vic Borja.
+* Fixed: Error when downloading a file from a server which answers with a
+response with no content length.
+* Fixed: Improved the Eclipse task (BUILDR-17): removed resources target
+directory from the source directories, made the main resource directories
+relative to the project directory and reordered project elements (Thomas
+* Fixed: When compiling Scala only include scala-library and scala-compiler
+JARs (John Layton).
+* Fixed: POM generation now applies JAR as default packaging if unspecified
+(Maarten Billemont).
+1.2.10 (2007-11-26)
+* Changed: Resources sets permission on copied files to make them
+read/write-able (Shane Witbeck).
+* Changed: Artifact download no longer generates destination directory if not
+downloaded (Antoine).
+* Fixed: EOL in MANIFEST.MF.
+* Fixed: Bunch of typos, courtesy of Merlyn Albery-Speyer and Soemirno
+1.2.9 (2007-11-08)
+* Changed: Upgraded to RJB 1.0.11.
+* Fixed: Backward compatibility in Java.rjb/wrapper.
+1.2.8 (2007-11-01)
+* Added: Resolving Maven snapshots from remote repository (Rhett Sutphin)
+* Changed: scala now takes number, e.g. "1.5" instead of
+"jvm-1.5" (Nathan Hamblen)
+* Changed: Eclipse task uses updated Scala plugin nature and builder (Alex
+* Fixed: Bringing Buildr back to 1.0.9, XMLBeans fix.
+1.2.7 (2007-10-29)
+* Added: You can create an artifact from a given file using
+artifact(<spec>).from(<path>).  You can then install it into the local
+repository or upload it to the release server using install(<artifacts>) and
+upload(<artifacts>). (Idea: Shane Witbeck and Tommy Mason).
+* Added: ANTLR support.
+* Changed: Speed boost to ZIP packaging.
+* Changed: RjbWrapper is now JavaWrapper, and revised to nicely support JRuby.
+A few other minor tweaks to make JRuby support possible in the future. (Travis
+* Changed: JUnit now runs tests with clonevm false by default, you can change
+with test.using :clonevm=>true (Karel)
+* Changed: JUnit now switches over to project's base directory.
+* Changed: package(:war).with(:libs, :classes) uses only these specified libs
+and class directories, replacing any previous value.
+* Fixed: Jetty task no longer sets "log4j.configuration" system property
+* Fixed: release task didn't work
+1.2.6 (2007-09-26)
+* Added: Option for setting environment name (-e) and attribute accessor
+(Buildr.environment).  Default taken from BUILDR_ENV environment variable.
+* Added: AAR packaging for Axis2 service archives (Alex Boisvert)
+* Added: Environment variable for JUnit tests (test.using :environment=>).
+* Added: tar method similar to zip method.
+* Added: Experimental transitive method.  Looks like artifacts, quacks like
+artifacts, but returns artifacts by the boat load. (Credit, Daniel Roop)
+* Changed: Now accepting JAVA_OPTS in addition to JAVA_OPTIONS.
+* Changed: TarTask is now based on ArchiveTask, same API as ZipTask.
+* Changed: Javadoc array arguments now passed as multiple command line options
+(e.g. :link=>['foo', 'bar'] becomes --link foo --link bar). (Daniel Roop)
+* Changed: Jetty task now uses SLF4J instead of commons-logging + log4j for
+better hot-swap capability and plugability (Alex Boisvert)
+* Removed: Turns out --verbose command line option is useless.  Removed.
+* Fixed: Jetty task now uses WebAppContextClassLoader to support hot-swapping
+webapps (Alex Boisvert)
+* Fixed: "release" task now works with SVN URLs ending with /branches/*/ (Alex
+* Fixed: Resources not included in JAR/WAR unless there's a src/main/java
+directory (Olexandr Zakordonskyy).
+* Fixed: Files starting with dot (e.g. .config) not copied over as resource
+files, and not included in ZIP (Olexandr Zakordonskyy).
+* Fixed: Empty directories not copied over as resources (Olexandr
+* Fixed: JAVA_OPTS and test.options[:java_args] not passed to JUnit task
+* Fixed: archive.exclude doesn't work when including a directory using
+:from/:as option.
+* Fixed: JUnit/TestNG no longer run inner classes as test classes (Mark
+1.2.5 (2007-08-13)
+* Fixed: Buildr not finding buildfile in parent directory, or switching to
+parent directory.
+* Fixed: checks.rb:103: warning: multiple values for a block parameter (2 for
+* Fixed: ZIPs include empty META-INF directory.
+1.2.4 (2007-08-03)
+* Added: Forking option for JUnit test framework: :once to fork for each
+project, :each to fork for each test case, and false to not fork. (Tammo van
+* Added: Path traversal in Zip, so zip.path("foo/bar").path("..") returns
+* Fixed: JUnit test framework output shows errors in console, more readable
+when forking is on (Tammo van Lessen).
+* Fixed: Cobertura reports not working (Anatol Pomozov).
+* Fixed: Zip creates funky directory name when using :as (Tommy Mason).
+* Fixed: package_as_tar incorrectly calling with(options) (Tommy Mason).
+* Fixed: Loading of everything which should get rid of "already initialized
+constant VERSION" warning.
+* Fixed: --requires option now works properly when using buildr.
+* Fixed: MANIFEST.MF lines must not be longer than 72 characters (Tommy
+* Fixed: Creating manifest from array does not place Name first.
+* Fixed: Complain if no remote repositories defined, add at least one
+repository when creating from POM, POM reader fails if dependencyManagement
+missing (Jean-Baptiste Quenot).
+* Fixed: Not looking for buildfile in parent directory.
+* Fixed: Project's compile/test task looking for options in local task of same
+* Fixed: ZIP/JAR/WAR include directory entries in some cases and not others.
+* Fixed: Computation of relative paths in Eclipse project generation (Cameron
+1.2.3 (2007-07-26)
+* Added: Get your buildfile created form existing POM, just run buildr on
+existing Maven project (Anatol Pomozov).
+* Added: package(:tar), package(:tgz), TarballTask dn TarTask (Tommy
+* Changed: The ArchiveTask needs no introduction: it's a base task that
+provides common functionality for ZipTask, TarTask and friends.
+* Fixed: Release runs buildr instead of buildr.cmd on Windows (Chris Power).
+* Fixed: Cobertura reports broken (Anatol Pomozov).
+1.2.2 (2007-07-18)
+* Added: resources.using and filter.using now accepts a format as the first
+argument, default being :maven, but you can also use :ant, :ruby or pass a
+regular expression
+* Fixed: Sleek upload with changelog for each release courtesy of Anatol
+* Fixed: Zip.path.contains fails on paths with more than one directory
+* Fixed: Speed of sorting entries when creating new Zip file
+* Fixed: Uploading using SFTP creates directory for uploaded file
+1.2.1 (2007-07-12)
+* Added: Proxy exclusion, use environment variable NO_PROXY, or
+options.proxy.exclude = <url> || [<url>]
+* Added: You can now copy resources from multiple source directories, using
+* Added: Hash.from_java_properties(string) and hash.to_java_properties.
+* Changed: Buildr.options now wrap various environment variables instead of
+duplicating them (HTTP_PROXY, NO_PROXY, TEST, DEBUG).
+* Changed: No longer passing proxies to transports, instead they obtain them
+from environment variables.
+* Changed: Buildr now uses XJavaDoc 1.1 instead of 1.1-j5. If you need the
+1.1-j5 fix, see here
+* Fixed: One RubyForge release for all packages, instead of one per package
+(Anatol Pomozov).
+* Fixed: buildr command does not recognize project tasks (foo:compile) or
+default task (
+* Fixed: Upload fails on SFTP permissions.
+* Fixed: Hibernate.schema_export not passing Ant task when yielding.
+* Fixed: IntelliJ Idea project files generation for projects more than two
+degrees deep.
+1.2.0 (2007-06-06)
+* Added: Artifact.list returns specs for all registered artifacts (those
+created with artifact or package).
+* Added: Buildr.option.java_args are used when creating the RJB JVM, when
+running a Java process (unless you override directly), and when running JUnit
+tests (again, unless override).
+* Added: TestNG support (test.using :testng).
+* Added: You can run multiple tests from the command line, e.g. rake
+* Added: If you want to distribute source code and JavaDoc alongside your JARs
+(helpful when using IDE/debugging), you can now do so by calling
+package_with_sources and package_with_javadoc on the project (or the parent
+project to affect all its sub-projects).
+* Added: junit:report task generates XML and HTML reports in the reports/junit
+* Added: test=all option runs all test cases ignoring failure.
+* Added: project generation for IntelliJ Idea. Imports dependencies properly
+from your local repository (the M2_REPO path variable must be defined),
+supports tests and resources.
+* Added: A check task for each project that runs after packaging and can be
+used to check the build itself, using RSpec matchers.
+* Added: The help task can be used to get basic information about your build.
+Right now it returns a list of described tasks, but you can extend it using
+the help method. Try it out: rake help.
+* Added: Integration tests that run after packaging (unless tests are
+disabled). There's only one integration tests task (duh) that you can access
+from anywhere. You can tell a project to run its tests during the integration
+phase with test.using :integration.
+* Added: package :sources and package :javadoc, used by package_with_sources
+and package_with_javadoc.
+* Added: Unzip paths now return root/target. (Nathan)
+* Added: buildr command line, replacing rake. Differs from rake in two ways:
+uses buildfile by default (but Rakefile also works) and offers to create
+buildfile if you don't already have one.
+* Added: options.proxy.http now set from the environment variable HTTP_PROXY
+(Anatol Pomozov).
+* Added: options.java_args now set from environment variable JAVA_OPTIONS.
+* Changed: Filter now complains if source directory or target directory not
+set, or if source directory does not exist.
+* Changed: returns true if filter run, false otherwise, and can be
+run multiple times.
+* Changed: repositories.proxy returns a URI or nil; you can still set a proxy
+using a hash.
+* Changed: Transports went the way of the Dodo, instead we now use
+read/write/download/upload methods implemented on URI itself.
+* Changed: We now have a way to configure multiple proxies through the
+options.proxy method; use that instead of repositories.proxies.
+* Changed: Upgraded to Ant 1.7.0, JUnit 4.3, JMock 1.2.
+* Changed: TestTask now provides list of test classes and failed classes
+through test_classes and failed_tests attributes.
+* Changed: The jetty method is now available everywhere, so you can change the
+URL using jetty.url = at the top of the Rakefile. Also upgraded to 6.1.3.
+* Changed: Test classes are now identified as either starting with Test* or
+ending with *Test, before attempting any include/exclude patterns. Anything
+ending with *TestCase or *Suite ignored for now (but if you explain why, we
+can add it back).
+* Changed: What used to be the projects task is now help:projects task,
+anticipating more help: tasks to come.
+* Changed: We now have 3(!) JDepend tasks: jdepend:swing (with windows!),
+jdepend:text (console) and jdepend:xml (enterprisy).
+* Changed: Good news for packagers: package_as_ yield no longer required, just
+make sure to create the task once and return it each time.
+* Changed: JUnit tests now run using Ant, which makes them faster to run, and
+gives you text/XML reports (check out the reports/junit directory).
+* Changed: Cobertura now writes reports to reports/cobertura, in fact, if
+you're looking for a report of any kind, the reports directory is the place to
+find it.
+* Changed: Upgraded to AntWrap 0.6. Note that with AntWrap 0.6 we yield to the
+block instead of doing instance_eval, so any call to the ant project must be
+prefixed with an AntProject object. Code that relies on the old functionality
+(and that's pretty much any code with element-containing tasks) will break.
+* Changed: artifacts now accepts a struct.
+* Changed: The method folded into Artifact, the
+repositories.deploy method renamed upload and folded into ActsAsArtifact.
+* Changed: The deploy task is now called upload, and repositories.deploy_to is
+now repositories.release_to.
+* Removed: The check task, which previously was a way to find some circular
+dependencies (multitask) but not others (dynamically defined).
+* Removed: JUnitTask, test.junit and Java.junit methods all deprecated;
+anything you need to affect the unit tests is right there in TestTask.
+* Removed: The package(:jar) and package(:war) options, such as :manifest,
+:include, :libs are all deprecated. Instead, use the package method to define
+the package, and the with method to enhance it, e.g.
+package(:war).with(:libs=>...) instead of package(:war, :libs=>...).
+* Removed: The []= method on ZipTask and anything derived from it is
+deprecated in favor of using attribute accessors.
+* Removed: Ant.executable and Ant.declarative are deprecated. Use Buildr.ant
+instead of Ant.executable. Use AntWrap directly if you need the
+Ant.declarative functionality.
+* Fixed: Filter now properly handles multiple keys on the same line.
+* Fixed: Tests teardown now properly executing.
+* Fixed: Cobertura tasks now run tests, even if test=no.
+* Fixed: XMLBeans compile task not detecting change to XSD file.
+* Fixed: and download task do not create directory path for
+downloaded file (Anders Bengtsson).
+* Fixed: Gets JVM version number from system property java.version instead of
+calling java -version.
+* Fixed: Artifact downloads POM first, such that you can download/create/fake
+it youself.
+1.1.3 (2007-06-12)
+* Added: Long awaited idea project files generation. Very early code, the iml
+seems to be generated okay but needs testing. The ipr is still missing but
+will come in due time (and it's not always necessary anyway).
+*Fixed: Doc bug: unzip doesn't have an into(dir) method.
+*Fixed: File names don't always have a dot.
+*Fixed: For Jetty servers, http://foo//bar is not http://foo/bar
+1.1.2 (2007-05-29)
+* Added: Allow passing :java_args option to the junit task
+* Added: Hibernate XDoclet and SchemaExport tasks. (Requires buildr/hibernate)
+* Added: JDepend UI for seeing depenencies across all projects. (Requires
+* Added: Cobertura test coverage tasks, reporting both html and xml. (Requires

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