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Subject svn commit: r776896 - /buildr/trunk/doc/contributing.textile
Date Wed, 20 May 2009 23:30:19 GMT
Author: djspiewak
Date: Wed May 20 23:30:18 2009
New Revision: 776896

Switched Git information from GitHub to official Apache clone


Modified: buildr/trunk/doc/contributing.textile
--- buildr/trunk/doc/contributing.textile (original)
+++ buildr/trunk/doc/contributing.textile Wed May 20 23:30:18 2009
@@ -79,18 +79,18 @@
 h3(#git).  Git
-Not a fan SVN?  We understand.  You can also grab a copy of "Buildr from GitHub":
+Not a fan SVN?  We understand.  You can also use the "official Apache Git clone.":
 This clone is maintained by the ASF and kept in sync with the SVN repository (though, in
practice there may be some delay in cloning recent commits).  Apache's Git hosting supports
both git:// and http:// protocols (you should use git:// if at all possible as it is faster
than http://):
 {% highlight sh %}
-$ git clone git://
+$ git clone git://
+# or...
+$ git clone
 {% endhighlight %}
 If you want to learn more about Git, you can start by watching Scott Chacon’s "Git presentation":
(PDF), or any of the "Git screencasts":  For more, there's also the
"Git Internals book":
 And keep this "Git cheat sheet":
close at hand. Very useful.
-*Note:* The GitHub repository is maintained by contributors to this project, but is *not*
an official Apache repository.  To obtain Buildr from the official Apache repository, consider
using @git-svn@ instead.
 h3. Working with Source Code
 To install Buildr from the source directory:

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