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Subject svn commit: r658094 - in /incubator/buildr/trunk/doc/pages: index.textile whats_new.textile
Date Tue, 20 May 2008 03:31:48 GMT
Author: assaf
Date: Mon May 19 20:31:48 2008
New Revision: 658094

Updated what's new to cover new features.


Modified: incubator/buildr/trunk/doc/pages/index.textile
--- incubator/buildr/trunk/doc/pages/index.textile (original)
+++ incubator/buildr/trunk/doc/pages/index.textile Mon May 19 20:31:48 2008
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
 h2.  News
-Check out "all that's new in Buildr 1.3":whats_new.html.
+Check out "all that's new in Buildr 1.3.1":whats_new.html.
 * Buildr 1.3 now runs on JRuby 1.1
 * Support for building Scala projects

Modified: incubator/buildr/trunk/doc/pages/whats_new.textile
--- incubator/buildr/trunk/doc/pages/whats_new.textile (original)
+++ incubator/buildr/trunk/doc/pages/whats_new.textile Mon May 19 20:31:48 2008
@@ -1,5 +1,28 @@
 h1.  What's New
+h2.  Buildr 1.3.1
+* Fixed to specific Gem dependencies, so should install cleanly on Windows.
+* Buildr now supports publishing files to HTTP server for remote repositories
+  that support HTTP uploads (PUT).
+* Buildr now supports reading files from SFTP server and upgrades to 
+  Net::SSH 2.0 and Net::SFTP 2.0.
+* HTTP downloads now accept URLs with query parameters (Tommy Knowlton).
+* On OS X if you are not using the default JDK, you can set the JAVA_HOME
+  environment variable to point to any other JDK (Nathan Hamblen).
+* JUnit properly passes options[:environment] as environment variables to the
+  test case.  In addition options[:java_args] are now passed as arguments to
+  the JVM, for example to set heap size, only applicable when forking (the
+  default mode when running JUnit).
+* Fixed BUILDR-75: Filter now runs if there's a target directory, even if
+  there are no source files to copy over, and creates an empty target
+  directory.  The previous behavior caused some problems with code that checked
+  if was nil, but didn't check if there are any
+  resource.sources to process.
+* Added the jibx_bind method to use JiBX for Java<=>XML binding (by David
+  Peterson).
 h2.  Buildr 1.3
 h3.  Multiple Languages
@@ -349,13 +372,10 @@
 * Buildr 1.3 upgrades to Rake 0.8, RSpec 1.1, RJB 1.1 and OpenJPA
 1.0.1.  Buildr no longer includes or uses Facets.
 * JUnit tests now operate on all compiled test classes that extend
 @junit.framework.TestCase@ or use the @Test@ annotation; TestNG test cases are
 filtered by annotation.  Test cases no longer have to use a specific file name.
 * Remote repositories now support HTTP Basic Authentication.
 * The prepare task has been removed, if you need to, simply add a prerequisite
 to the compile task.
@@ -364,26 +384,19 @@
 * The "What's new?":whats_new.html page (this one, actually), summarizes all
 the important new features and changes in each release.
 * The "Recipes":recipes.html page (also available in the PDF) lists recipes for
 using Buildr, collected from the mailing list.  Feel free to contribute tips,
 tricks and techniques.
 * The "Troubleshooting":troubleshooting.html page (also available in the PDF)
 collects troubleshooting ideas from the mailing list.
 * The "Getting Started":getting_started.html has been rewritten to cover all
 you need to know about downloading and installing Buildr on Linux, OS/X,
 Windows and with JRuby (1.1 or later).
 * A new "Contributing":contributing.html page has more details on how to file
 bugs, policy for submitting patches, running Buildr test cases, and helping
 with the documentation.
 * A new page for "Settings and Profiles":settings_profiles.html.
 * The "Extending Buildr":extending.html page that deals with writing your own
 tasks, creating extensions and specifying alternative layouts.
 * The site also includes "RSpec report":specs.html which provides the official
   specification against which we test each release.

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