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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: Buildr-ci-build-jruby-win32 #79
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 21:09:20 GMT
See <>


[donaldp] Initial cut at a windows script for building the CI

[donaldp] Revert to importing non-verbose FileUtils utility methods to match buildr 1.4.6
release and earlier.

[donaldp] Continue to update the RVMs required to run the tests in the CI. The old ubuntu
LTS is tricky to get all the dependencies lined up.

[donaldp] Disable the "gem update --system" step in all-in-one package process until we can
figure out why it does not work in the CI

[donaldp] Update the parameters of some of the ci tasks to hopefully get them runing

[donaldp] Remove duplicate doco

[donaldp] Rescue an exception around the documentation tasks as it does not work on our ci

[donaldp] Use RbConfig rather than the deprecated Config

[donaldp] Explicitly define library path. Seems to be needed.

[donaldp] Remove the code that attempted to auto-install rvm. WIll just jump on box and install
by hand.

[donaldp] For the reinstall of RVM again to try and get the ative libraries compiling

[donaldp] Restrict the creation of a new shell to the install

[donaldp] Wrap all the calls rvm in another shell

[donaldp] Simplify the output for bundle

[donaldp] Force a rebuild of rvm

[donaldp] Cleanup redirects

[donaldp] Add in a mechanism for moving and upgrading rvm and add some traps to ensure the
locks are correctly removed

[donaldp] Whitespace and quote cleanup

[donaldp] Remove guard around jekyll call out as bundler eorces the dependencies presence

[donaldp] Remove if guard around tasks as bundler will enforce the presence of dependencies

[donaldp] Use %w rather than array literal syntax

[donaldp] Use %w rather than array literal syntax

[donaldp] Remove begin/rescue/end to guard against rspec not being present as bundler will
enforce the presence of rspec

[donaldp] Convert to using single quoted strings where possible

[donaldp] Remove the install and uninstall rake tasks as bundler is the way that buildr should
be installed these days

[donaldp] The metrics/coverage builds don't seem to work on the earlier ruby VMs

[donaldp] Resort the order of actions and lock down the ffi-ncurses gem in the omnibus package

[donaldp] Add JAVA_HOME directory to the build path

[donaldp] Upgrade to the next version of rjb

[donaldp] Mark two tests as pending due to persistent problems when run as part of a suite
but that run fine individually

[donaldp] Experimental support for jacoco code coverage tool.

[donaldp] Build omnibus and metrics under 1.8.7 to avoid requirement for native yaml/psych

[donaldp] BUILDR-634 - Add a basic DOAP project file

[donaldp] BUILDR-622 - Fix the documentation regarding the per-build configuration. Reported
By: Sebastiano Pilla

[donaldp] Use the current bnd repository

[donaldp] Add bnd repository during tests so that the tests will work on nodes where it does
not appear in the mvn repository

[donaldp] Ensure the rvm script is sourced

[donaldp] Bump the version of ruby 1.9.3

[donaldp] Rework the way that the job name is identified

[donaldp] Ensure RVM is on the path

[donaldp] Add some TODO notes to indicate that when we update the rjb dependency we should
remove the hack of setting the JVM_LIB environment variable

[donaldp] Add in some magic to auto install RVM when needed so that the ci jobs can run on
nodes other than ubuntu2

[donaldp] Run clobber prior to running the test to avoid the scenario where left over artifacts
can corrup a ci run

[donaldp] BUILDR-655 - Support JDK1.5 under OSX. Do this by ensuring that the JVM_LIB environment
variable is set prior to requiring RJB

[donaldp] Remove overrides for jobs that no longer exist

[donaldp] Fix the switch that selects the ruby virtual machine

[donaldp] Refactor tests to be more tolerant of systems running different speeds and different
filesystem types

[donaldp] Change the utime of generated files to further in the past so that the test passes
more reliably across a larger set of file systems

[donaldp] Use the oldest version of ruby to build the website

[donaldp] Update the ruby version for website build

[donaldp] Fix the way we determine the ame of the job

[donaldp] Add a future TODO

[donaldp] Remove the CI specific code from .rvmrc

[donaldp] Fix up the shell file syntax

[donaldp] Start to refactor the ci shell script to make it easier to run a matrix job

[donaldp] Extract JOB_NAME into a local eviroment variable BUILD_TASK

[donaldp] Upgrade the rubyzip dependency version

[donaldp] BUILDR-656 - Add documentation for generating eclipse buildfile
Submitted By Niklaus Giger

[donaldp] Upgrade the version of the hoe dependency to 3.1.0

[donaldp] Reformat the dependency updates list

[donaldp] Upgrade rspec dependencies

[donaldp] Ignore vendor dir so can install the dependencies locally aswell

[donaldp] Upgrade dependency: builder

[donaldp] Upgrade dependency: net-ssh (2.6.0 > 2.3.0)

[donaldp] Rollback rubyzip upgrade

[donaldp] Update dependency: rubyzip (0.9.9 > 0.9.4)

[donaldp] Remove tab

[donaldp] BUILDR-652 - Improve the handling of the CLI options

[donaldp] Update dependency json_pure (1.7.5 > 1.4.3)

[donaldp] Update the dependency: highline (1.6.15 > 1.6.2)

[donaldp] Bump the version of xml-simple

[donaldp] Back out rcov upgrade as it does not work under 1.9

[donaldp] Update dependency rcov (1.0.0 > 0.9.9)

[donaldp] Bump the rubyforge version

[donaldp] Update rjb dependency (1.4.1 > 1.4.0)

[donaldp] Update rdoc version

[donaldp] Force the creation of the gemset

[donaldp] Remove the cleaup as not necessary after the gemset is deleted

[donaldp] Merge the components of the eclipse IDE support into a single file

[donaldp] Rename build to match the naming convention of the other builds

[donaldp] Force the gemset commands

[donaldp] BUILDR-652 Generate buildfile from Eclipse workspace. (Niklaus Giger)

[donaldp] Add omnibus build to the CI

[donaldp] Build the omibus install using the version of jruby we actually test against

[donaldp] Attempt to build the website using 1.8.7

[donaldp] Explicitly declare atoulme-Saikuro dependency

[donaldp] Add ci task for website building

[donaldp] Add saikuro_treemap dependency

[donaldp] Add build for Buildr-metrics-build job

[donaldp] Disable some tests in jdk 1.5

[donaldp] BUILDR-627 Support explicitly listed source files in buildr cc task. (Christopher

[donaldp] Bump the amount of PermGen space allowed for jruby

[donaldp] BUILDR-606 Transitive artifact resolution should not include artifacts in 'provided'
scope in poms to match maven behaviour. (Julio Arias)

[donaldp] If running in the ci then remove the existing gemset

[donaldp] Bump the version of ci reporter

[donaldp] Make sure the JAVA_HOME is specified for all jobs

[donaldp] Add some more ignores

[donaldp] Explicitly declare --no-binstubs for bundle install otherwise it will overwrite
our bin directory.

[donaldp] BUILDR-640 Enable building jekyll and rdoc under more rubies. (Niklaus Giger)

[donaldp] Stop attempting to cleanup gems under jruby as it breaks with some of the magic
builtin gems (rake, ssl)

[donaldp] Force the removal of the Gemfile or face problems when moving from jruby to c ruby
ad back again

[donaldp] Use the ci task to ensure the test results are generated as xml

[donaldp] Add some more build tasks to CI

[donaldp] Fix indentation

[donaldp] Cleanup whitespace

[donaldp] Add a script in an attempt to simplify management of the ci jobs by importing it
into the source tree

[donaldp] Ignore the generated directory

[donaldp] Update the bnd extension documentation (Niklaus Giger)

[donaldp] Remove the installation of bin stubs as it overwrites our scripts

[donaldp] Rework the .rvmrc to work with on interactive shells

[donaldp] Improve the .rvmrc by;
 * allowing it to auto-install the appropriate ruby it it fails to find one
 * Guessing the gemset name based on the JOB_NAME environment variables (useful in buildr)
but defaulting to the dir name
 * Cleaning up the gems to remove older versions

[donaldp] Mark Buildr:Bnd.remote_repository as deprecated as dependencies appear in maven

[donaldp] BUILDR-654 Add the ability to configure the version of BND used by bnd addon. (Niklaus

[donaldp] Use RbConfig instead of obsolete and deprecated Config.

[donaldp] Remove amusing misspelling

[donaldp] Create the git_auto_aversion addon that automatically specifies a version for a
git project based on git describe

[boisvert] Integrate with Zinc (incremental compilation wrapper for scalac 2.9+)

[boisvert] * Changed: Default to Scala 2.9.2, ScalaTest 1.8, Scala Specs2 1.11,
           ScalaCheck 1.10.0.

* Changed: Scala artifact repository changed to

[boisvert] BUILDR-645 Support Mercurial as a version control system (Tan Quach)

[boisvert] BUILDR-646 TGZ files do not keep their permissions when extracted via Buildr::Unzip#extract

[donaldp] Add add_exploded_ear_artifact and add_exploded_ejb_artifact to the idea project

[donaldp] Default to using Checkstyle 5.5 in the checkstyle addon.

[donaldp] Fix the undefined default_web_xml variable in the add_web_facet method on the idea

[donaldp] Fix the add_exploded_war_artifact method on the idea project by adding in missing
method `partition_dependencies`


[boisvert] Fix: gems weren't actually pushed to

[boisvert] Comestic

[boisvert] Update What's New section for Buildr 1.4.7

[boisvert] Update download.textile

[boisvert] Update CHANGELOG

[boisvert] Update release date

[donaldp] Remove the lock file prior to invoking bundle install

[boisvert] Clear POM cache in Sandbox.reset

[boisvert] Revert "Provide local POMs to allow spec to run without network access."
(These POMs conflict with other specs with all specs are run together)

This reverts commit 36146cd5b8de53e7eb220d6603c445d7267336ae.

[boisvert] Provide local POMs to allow spec to run without network access.

[boisvert] Fix pom properties substitution on CRuby
(XML parser implementation can return multiple text nodes)

[boisvert] Update release date

[boisvert] Upgrade to jekyll 0.11.2 (fix @substitutions@)
Upgrade to RJB 1.4.0 (avoid compile issue on Windows)

[donaldp] BUILDR-618 - pom properties feature does not support hierarchy

[donaldp] Add some minimal documentation for the sonar plugin

[donaldp] Simplify the way we use rvm+bundler to invoke the tests

[donaldp] Stop attempting to run the emma and cobertura specs under jdk 1.7 as the underlying
tools are not compatible

[donaldp] Add a task that runs the tests against all the rubies

[donaldp] Attempt to get the tests passing more successfully across a range of platforms by
increasing the length of sleeps. One ugly way to address the indeterminacy

[donaldp] Ensure the Rake symbol is fully qualified else it fails to be found under jruby.
Unsure as to the root cause.

[donaldp] Update the BDD plugin to work with the latest versions of the dependencies

[donaldp] Migrate some requires out of the buildr.rb ad back into test_result as this file
is required directly by the bdd extension

[donaldp] Change the default configuration of RSpec to be RSpec 3 compatible

[donaldp] Rework the way we invoke the spec runner so that the budler cache is eliminated
prior to a run

[donaldp] Reference the rspec version we use

[donaldp] Reference the rspec version we use

[donaldp] Add ffi-ncurses as a jruby development dependecy to avoid an annoying warning

[donaldp] Set the $platform global variable to the platform as a string and use that to guard
construction of the gem as newer versions of rubygems use a complex object for platform rather
than a string

[donaldp] Update test so that tests have deterministic ordering with the new versions of Rake

[donaldp] Update test infrastructure so that it uses rvm to run tests. Update staging process
so that it runs tests against our 3 blessed platforms

[donaldp] Add personal key to KEYS registry

[donaldp] Update the changelog to indicate current release

[donaldp] Ignore the rake directory that is linked in during build process

[donaldp] Ensure that the environment variables required to run the jruby tests through to
completion and fast are set up when changing into the directory

[donaldp] Update .rvmrc to list all the versions of ruby that we support

[donaldp] Update matcher to conform with rspec latest requirements

[donaldp] Improve the handling of the include method on doc object to handle FileList, FileTask

[donaldp] Recent versions of rake will resolve paths in FileList so we need to do the same

[donaldp] Rollback update of rubyzip package as it causes several issues in our tests

[donaldp] The recent version version of the zip library does not support to_s on entries so
do to_s on name field instead

[donaldp] Use monkey patched end_with? rather than end_with as the second form has disappeared
from whatever dependency provided it in the past.

[donaldp] Revert to always recording task metadata as our tests assume that the metadata is

[donaldp] Only use psych yml library for ruby versions 1.9.2 or later

[donaldp] Improve the way pygmentize is detected to be less noisy

[donaldp] Add a Sonar extension

[donaldp] Rename pmd.rake to pmd.rb to match other addons

[donaldp] BUILDR-638 Update to rake 

Dervived from patch supplied by: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] BUILDR-316 Add GWT extension

[donaldp] BUILDR-624 Update rspec version to 2.9.0

Submitted By: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] BUILDR-632 

Update net-ssh version to 2.3.0
Update net-sftp version to 2.0.5

Submitted By: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] BUILDR-635 JRE container entry to be declared before user sources and dependencies

Submitted By: Dani Perez

[donaldp] BUILDR-637 Update rubyzip version to 0.9.8 

Submitted By: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] BUILDR-639 Stop requiring pygmentize to run "rake -T" 

Submitted By: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] Update changelog to reflect the fact that 1.4.7 was not released on the specified

[donaldp] Update the helper method for configuring the GWT facet to the format recognized
by the most recent version of IDEA

[donaldp] Enhance the exploded war artifact configuration so that it can be EJB enabled

[donaldp] Enhance the IDEA project extension further and add some notes to the changelog

[toulmean] BUILDR-628 Move to Apache Ant 1.8.3 and use canonical repository

[toulmean] Make sure tests pass, interdependency between specs

[toulmean] BUILDR-629 and BUILDR-630  thanks to Russell Teabault
* Change: BUILDR-630 Run task should not add test dependencies (Russell Teabeault)
* Change: BUILDR-629 JavaRunner should include target/resources in classpath (Russell Teabeault)

[donaldp] Rename several .rake files to .rb to match other addons

[donaldp] Add several utility methods to IDEA extension for defining artifacts and configurations.

[boisvert] Upgrade to RedCloth 4.2.9 due to issues on linux/x64

[donaldp] Make minimumTokenCount and encoding configurable for the PMD/CPD action and default
encoding to UTF-8 for compatibility with external tools (i.e. Jenkins)

[donaldp] Fix bug where the specified iml group was being overridden by default value

[boisvert] BUILDR-615 VersionRequirement.version? now returns true for versions following
pattern "r9999", e.g. "r09"

[boisvert] Rename spec

[boisvert] BUILDR-617 pom exclusion does not work (Kafka Liu)

[toulmean] put back the SVN check when staging for releases

[toulmean] Small fixes required for the release process

[toulmean] fix a few problems with the stage script

[toulmean] Committing the date of the release to publish a first RC for 1.4.7

[toulmean] Change the way we create the method tag as it clashes with an existing method

[toulmean] add a few svn:ignore entries for target folders on integration tests

[toulmean] upgrade to RJB 1.3.7

[toulmean] change version to 1.4.7, so we can start doing RCs

[toulmean] BUILDR-614 Buildr development - Using rvm, bundler and OSX installs the wrong rjb
(Russell Teabeault)

[toulmean] BUILDR-616 Buildr development - If using rvm a default .rvmrc file would be helpful
(Russell Teabeault)

[boisvert] sort added/changed/fixed items in CHANGELOG

[boisvert] Added:  MultiTest framework that allows combining multiple test frameworks for
a single project.

[boisvert] Added:  Scala Specs2 framework support.
Change: Scala Specs upgraded to 1.6.9 if using Scala 2.9.1

[boisvert] Fixed: ArtifactNamespace fails when using artifacts with classfier.

[boisvert] Buildr.transitive() now accepts hash with :scopes, :optional and :scopes_transitive

[boisvert] Improve scala file change detection

[boisvert] Scala 2.9.1 is now default

[boisvert] Buildr.artifacts() should handle any object with :to_spec method
(i.e., any object that ActsAsArtifact)

[boisvert] Handle HTTP Unauthorized (501) result code when downloading artifacts.

[donaldp] Add a FindBugs extension to buildr

[donaldp] Call to_s on target_paths to ensure the path is a string

[boisvert] Fix typos

[donaldp] Update the jdepend extension to make it parameterizable like the other analysis
extensions. Update the documetation to reflect this change

[donaldp] Updated the PMD extension so that it is consistent with the javancss extension wrt
how it is enabled

[donaldp] Add a PMD extension and some minimalistic documentation

[donaldp] Remove redundant language in Checkstyle documentation

[donaldp] Update JavaNCSS documentation to refer to JavaNCSS as extesion name

[donaldp] Add in a javancss extension and some basic documentation

[donaldp] Add in a checkstyle extension and some basic documentation

[donaldp] Update the documentation regarding the task for generating idea artifacts

[donaldp] Revert accidental change of cobertura data_file parameter

[donaldp] Parameterize the the directory where the top level cobertura tasks will generate
reports. Specify using Buildr::Cobertura.report_dir = '....'

[donaldp] Move the invocation of report_to from the task definition time to task execution
time to allow it to be monkey patched

[boisvert] All-in-one distro should have 'all-in-one' naming

[boisvert] Update all-in-one packaging: use latest rubygems and install ffi-ncurses

[donaldp] Exclude a test from the CI under jdk1.5. Unsure the cause of the failure but jdk
1.5 compatibility does not seem a high priority at this stage.

[boisvert] setup task no longer exists

[boisvert] BUILDR-611 Buildr should not unnecessarily recompile Java files explicitly added
to compile.from

[boisvert] ScalaTest now automatically loads the Mockito library

[toulmean] move to atoulme-Antwrap 0.7.2

[boisvert] Fix ToC entry for IRC

[boisvert] Fixed:  scaladoc generation with scala 2.9.x

[donaldp] Default build_on_make to false as otherwise every test requires a rebuild of the

[donaldp] Stop pretty printing the Intellij IDEA project files to avoid IDEA breaking in the
presence of non-normalized whitespace content.

[donaldp] Revert to the default value of local_repository_env_override being MAVEN_REPOSITORY

[donaldp] Ensure the local_repository_env_override attribute has a writer method

[donaldp] Change the Intellij IDEA extension to always rebuild the project files.

[donaldp] Enhance the Intellij IDEA extension to support the addition of "artifacts" and "configurations"
to the generated project file.

[donaldp] Changed the default output directory for Intellij IDEA to be _(:target, :main, :idea,
:classes) from _(:target, :main, :java) and the default test output directory to be _(:target,
:test, :idea, :classes) from _(:target, :test, :java)

[donaldp] Attempt to fix specs to work under Ruby 1.9.2

[donaldp] Add each artifact individually as a prerequisite to bundle / package task when passed
to classpath_element method

[donaldp] Disable tests in JDK 1.5 builds that rely on JDK 1.6 functionality

[donaldp] Fix formatting of contribution section

[donaldp] Fix the EOL style to remove ^M

[donaldp] Upgrade to highline 1.6.2

[donaldp] Update tests to work on the CI box

[donaldp] Inline variable

[donaldp] Upgrade to jekyll 0.11.0, jekylltask 1.1.0, RedCloth 4.2.7, rdoc 3.8 for generating

[donaldp] * Upgrade to require rubygems > 1.8.6
* BUILDR-603 Remove install/uninstall actions from :gem packaging type
* BUILDR-602 Fail the build when gem dependencies are missing rather than attempting to install
the dependencies
* BUILDR-601 Remove Buildr::Util::Gems

[donaldp] Fix the way that JAVA_HOME is guessed on jruby platform

[donaldp] Don't define any documentation tasks if running rake on jruby as they gems required
are not available

[donaldp] Make sure that the buildr version file is marked as loaded so it is not reloaded
when the gem is loaded as this generates a warning

[donaldp] Add rubinius compiled objects to the ignore lists

[donaldp] Reuse local variable rather than re-invoking method to retrieve options

[donaldp] Add explicit dependency on the ci_reporter gem and RedCloth gem. Exclude all the
documentation gems when running on jruby as several require native extensions.

[donaldp] Indent code using source code formatter

[donaldp] Add ignores for intellij project files

[donaldp] More spelling fixes

[donaldp] BUILDR-600 Centralize the common ad internal requires into one location

[donaldp] Fix spelling mistake

[donaldp] Add some basic documentation on how to work with the Apache Jenkins tool

[donaldp] Remove empty directory

[donaldp] Second attempt at disabling tests on the CI box

[donaldp] Remove empty directory

[donaldp] Fix spelling

[donaldp] Fix spelling and grammar in the comment

[donaldp] Disable specs for tests that fail on the CI box when run as a batch. Unable to determine
the root cause so disabling the test temporarily to return the build to green status

[donaldp] Fix several minor spelling mistakes

[donaldp] Add link to menu for the CI Jobs

[donaldp] Remove empty files that should have been removed as part of r1148201

[donaldp] Update documentation to indicate the correct path to require

[donaldp] Remove constant before redefining to avoid a warig

[donaldp] Add some more changes that were not captured in JIRA issues but are results of other

[donaldp] Indent the changeas as per the rest of the file

[donaldp] Remove dependency task as it is no longer needed now that we have moved to bundler
to manage our dependencies

[donaldp] Remove reference to deprecated SourceInfoCache as it no longer seems to be used
within buildr

[donaldp] Remove all the setup tasks from the build tools now that we have moved to bundler
to manage dependencies

[donaldp] Ignore the Gemfile.lock generated by bundler

[donaldp] BUILDR-548 Remove support for JTestR as it is no longer maintained (Antoine Toulme)

[donaldp] * Revert change that specified the version of bundler as the version on the CI box
is different.
* Update to allow later versions of jekyll

[donaldp] Requiring rake/rdoctask is deprecated.  Use rdoc/task instead (in RDoc 2.4.2+)

[donaldp] Explicitly add bundler as a development dependency since it seems to be required

[donaldp] Ensure that jekyll is not marked as a developer dependency when building buildr
using jruby

[donaldp] Remove a print statement left in while debugging the test

[boisvert] TestNG support for :groups and :excludegroups (Christopher Coco)

[toulmean] BUILDR-595 Add option to specifiy location of ca cert

[toulmean] BUILDR-439 'The command line is too long' when running TestNG tests

[boisvert] doc/release tasks:  use chmod -f to ignore files that aren't owned

[toulmean] fix for BUILDR-596 Update installation notes to talk about the all-in-one bundle

[boisvert] Add -v/--verbose option documentation

[toulmean] fix the -v parameter to actually read -V

[toulmean] removing the offending line from the windows instructions

[boisvert] buildr 1.4.5 moved to

[toulmean] Change the version of jruby used for the all-in-one package

[boisvert] Add 1.4.7 section

[boisvert] Update What's New section

[toulmean] contributing a few more integration tests that can also be used for documentation.
Also, cleaning up the integration tests, to make them easier to write hopefully

[boisvert] Update doc for buildr 1.4.6

[donaldp] BUILDR-592 - Allow Users to Specify SSH Options for Deployment. 

Submitted By: Marc-André Laverdière

[donaldp] Ignore IDEA project files

[donaldp] BUILDR-591 Sort modules in iml files generated by idea task to ensure main_dependencies
are exported

[boisvert] Update doc for buildr 1.4.6

[boisvert] Update CHANGELOG

[boisvert] Disable JtestR spec by default

[boisvert] JRUBY-4927 now fixed in JRuby 1.6.2

[boisvert] Fix JtestR support on C-Ruby; JRuby still doesn't work due to rspec incompatibility

[boisvert] By default, the sandbox remote repository is user's own local M2 repository
since we don't want to remotely download artifacts into the sandbox over and over.

[boisvert] Use JRuby 1.6.2

[boisvert] Upgrade to version 1.4.6 in preparation for release
Use git status -s to check for changes
Update CHANGELOG release date
SCALA_HOME should be nil in sandbox
Minor updates to stage process

[boisvert] BUILDR-587 ScalaTest uses deprecated reporter parameters
and upgrade to ScalaTest 1.6.1 as default.

[boisvert] BUILDR-584 eclipse plugin should use absolute path

[boisvert] BUILDR-586 ScalaTest uses deprecated ant task (Martin Partel)
BUILDR-586 ScalaTest uses deprecated ant task (Martin Partel)# with '#' will be ignored, and
an empty message aborts the commit.

[toulmean] remove double quotes escaping

[boisvert] Upgrade to JRuby 1.6.2

[boisvert] * Support for Scala 2.9.0+
* Scala 2.9.0-1 is now default, along with ScalaCheck 1.9, ScalaTest 1.4.1 and Specs 1.6.8.
* ScalaCheck, ScalaTest and Specs now default to sane versions when using older Scala versions.
(with help from Alexis Midon)

[boisvert] BUILDR-585 "TypeError : can't dup NilClass" when merging jars

[boisvert] BUILDR-251 Classifier not handled when downloading snapshot artifacts (Ryan Fowler)

[donaldp] BUILDR-583 Update jruby install to use jruby version 1.6.1 

Submitted By: Alexis Midon

[donaldp] BUILDR-582 - Revert the name change for the task to generate Intellij project files
to 'idea'

[donaldp] BUILDR-579 - Format generated IDEA project files to look more like what IntelliJ
generates (Peter Royal)

[donaldp] BUILDR-574 - Add changelog entry

[donaldp] BUILDR-574 - Enhance idea task to generate test resources with test scope

[boisvert] instance_methods returns strings in 1.8.7 and symbols in 1.9.x

[boisvert] Fix include?(:requirement)

[boisvert] Remove spec.has_rdoc -- deprecated in recent Rubygems

[boisvert] BUILDR-578 Tar task does not preserve uid/gid on folders (Jean-Philippe Caruana)

[boisvert] BUILDR-576 Upgrade to JUnit 4.8.2

[boisvert] BUILDR-573 HTTP upload PUT request with incorrect Content-Type (Mathias Doenitz)

[boisvert] Housekeeping: Older releases downloaded from

[donaldp] Give some credit

[donaldp] Fix mis-spelling of change

[donaldp] BUILDR-571 - Stop including the resources multiple times when depending on a project.

The idea:generate task includes references to another module's resources in additional to
a dependency on the module. 

Since resource paths are source paths in IDEA, this additional inclusion leads to those items
being on the classpath multiple times.

Submitted By: Peter Royal

[boisvert] Update 'What's New' section for 1.4.5

[boisvert] Post-release 1.4.5 edits

[boisvert] Set version to 1.4.5

[boisvert] Set release date for 1.4.5:  2011-02-20

[boisvert] BUILDR-570: Buildr does not work with Rubygems 1.5.x

[boisvert] Upgrade to ScalaTest 1.3

[boisvert] Upgrade to JRuby 1.5.6

[boisvert] Guard Windows-specific tests with Buildr::Util.win_os?

[boisvert] BUILDR-569 Buildr fails under JRuby 1.6.0.RC1 due to read-only $? variable

[boisvert] Scala shell should use project.test.dependencies

[boisvert] Fix javadoc packaging spec

[donaldp] Ensure that the IDEA module is generated correctly when the module
contains no java files.

Without this change the output directory would be the project root
which would end up being excluded as a result. This problem was caused
by the refactor of the plugin prior to migrating it into buildr core.

[boisvert] BUILDR-562 WAR package isn't updated if files under src/main/webapp are updated

[boisvert] Added: BUILDR-564 Add package(:scaladoc)
Fixed: Scaladoc task would cause build to exit prematurely

[boisvert] package_as_javadoc doesn't need to set :windowtitle

[donaldp] BUILDR-556 - Merge buildr-iidea extension back into buildr.

[boisvert] Add 'Developed with RubyMine' to credits

[boisvert] BUILDR-560 show a meaning full error message when POM cannot be parsed (Tammo van

[boisvert] BUILDR-558 Artifact uploads should show a progress bar (Tammo van Lessen)

Also fixes display of filename during upload.

[boisvert] BUILDR-557 MD5 + SHA1 checksums are not Maven compliant (Tammo van Lessen)

[boisvert] Automatically add "require buildr/{groovy,scala}"  when generating
project if Groovy/Scala files are detected.

[donaldp] BUILDR-555 - Add support for the jaxb binding compiler

[donaldp] Add license header

[donaldp] Add a blurb about myself

[donaldp] BUILDR-554 - Add support for OSGi bundle packages by importing the buildr_bnd plugin

[boisvert] Straggler from "JtestR specs now passing" commit (r1039804)

[boisvert] Add Gemfile for use with bundler

[boisvert] BUILDR-125 Add support for <security-role> in application.xml of EAR packaging
(Mikael Amborn)

[boisvert] Update to Scala 2.8.1, ScalaCheck 1.8, Specs 1.6.6

[boisvert] BUILDR-551 Continuous compilation not working for project trees

[boisvert] Update spec to use rspec ~> 2.1.0

[boisvert] BUILDR-552 Projects may now be defined using project(:name) and a block

[boisvert] BUILDR-544 Support  in pom files (Chris Dean)

[boisvert] JtestR specs now passing

[boisvert] Cleanup

[boisvert] Add comment to help prevent future regressions

[djspiewak] Fixed regressions in JRebel refactoring

[djspiewak] Fixed JLine support with artifact fallback when we can't read it from SCALA_HOME

[djspiewak] Fixed Scala shell when version of Scala in use is different from the version referenced

[boisvert] BUILDR-546 Upgrade to Rubyzip 0.9.4 (Michael Guymon)

[boisvert] Ugh.  Java's jar tool doesn't like empty zips. Fix paranoid checks.

[boisvert] Also use Java's 'jar' command to test zip file validity

[boisvert] Add publish-doc task

[boisvert] Add note about using OSX + RVM.

Move "Using multiple versions of Buildr" to its own section

[boisvert] Update "What's New" for 1.4.4 release

[boisvert] Merge 43e3ade5dbec9a000c018b59a3106792a00c9d20:

Update download.textile following 1.4.4 release

[boisvert] Merge 67aa27510f6d2e242f3a0f80d0a070a4a4bfe187 (but keep using rspec ~> 2.1.0)

Use rspec ~> 1.3.1 and JtestR 0.6

[boisvert] Merge 8e039b203adbbc6ab5be4372a8f4afe0a53961b3:

BUILDR-549 Upgrade to RJB 1.3.3 to address "Cannot create JVM" issue with Java Update 3 on
Mac OS X.
Win32 platform upgraded to RJB 1.3.2.

Set Buildr::VERSION to 1.4.4

[boisvert] Add HTTP authentication example

[boisvert] Upgrade to RSpec 2.1.0
Upgrade to JtestR 0.6
This commit breaks JtestR specs (to be resuscitated in due time)

[boisvert] No need to hardcode RSpec in namespacing code

[boisvert] Ooops. groovy/doc/rb didn't make it in previous commit

[boisvert] Update CHANGELOG

[boisvert] BUILDR-550 Add support for groovydoc
DocEngine.source_ext now supports array result
Upgrade to Groovy 1.7.5

[donaldp] BUILDR-547 - Ensure ECJ compiler works when there is a space in the path of dependencies

[donaldp] Remove some unecessary whitespace

[donaldp] BUILDR-545 - Add the ability to specify the description element in in application.xml
contained within an ear.

[donaldp] Use :context_root rather than :context-root in example

[boisvert] Fix rcov output dir

[boisvert] Add Mac OS X note about Java Update 3 and need to install developer package

[donaldp] Mirror the .gitignore into svn:ignore property

[donaldp] BUILDR-530 - Disable rspec colored output on dos/win32 consoles

[donaldp] BUILDR-536 - Add the CI mailing list to the website

[boisvert] Another Ruby 1.9 fix

[boisvert] cleanup

[boisvert] Fix ruby 1.9 failures

[boisvert] More rspec 2.0.0 tweaks; use rspec 2.0.1

[boisvert] More RSpec 2.0.0 changes

[boisvert] More RSpec-related tweaks; specs now run on Ruby 1.9

[boisvert] More documentation about buildr version selection

[boisvert] BUILDR-540 Upgrade to rspec 2.0.0

[boisvert] BUILDR-522 Send notifications when continuous compilation succeeds/fails.

[boisvert] Refactor linux.rb

[boisvert] BUILDR-521 System tray notifications for Linux systems (via libnotify/notify-send)

[boisvert] BUILDR-543 POMs are installed and uploaded twice when using artifacts with classifier

Note:  I've changed things such that Buildr will only implicitly install and
upload poms along with the main artifact (i.e., an artifact without classifier).
For the cases where only artifacts with classifiers are used, the POM must be
explicitly installed/uploaded if desired.

[boisvert] BUILDR-542 Release task:  SVN tagging fails if parent tag directory does not
exist yet (Gerolf Seitz)

[boisvert] Add missing clojure.rb

[boisvert] Ensure Clojure dependencies are available during tests

[boisvert] Move clojure shell to buildr/clojure/shell.rb, refactor dependencies

[boisvert] shell:clojure no longer requires CLOJURE_HOME

[boisvert] BUILDR-537 Shell tasks should use JAVA_OPTS by default
BUILDR-538 Shell tasks should support passing :java_args

[toulmean] make sure the version is casted as a String

[boisvert] Fix runner?

[boisvert] Refactor Buildr::Shell module.
Complete standard interface:  shell.with, shell.using and shell.classpath methods.       
Move Buildr::Shell::JavaRebel to Buildr::JRebel module
Add minimal specs for Buildr::Shell
(Needed before I go and add new features)

[boisvert] Fix Run::Base.to_sym for case where specify :name => :foo isn't used
Cleanup runner? method.

[boisvert] Add missing expectation (test.compile) for run task dependency

[boisvert] Revert "Upgrade to rspec 2.0.0"

This reverts commit 23302d184f9350875a6c5a5537e05294288d8e32.

[boisvert] Add minimal doc for protobuf extension

[boisvert] Add step to push gems to / Gemcutter

[boisvert] Upgrade to rspec 2.0.0

[boisvert] 1.4.3 released; update What's New and set next version to 1.4.4

[boisvert] Update install instructions

[boisvert] Update actual release date

[boisvert] BUILDR-535 Failing 'checks' produce no meaningful errors on JRuby

[boisvert] Need require 'buildr/version' before reading spec

[boisvert] Prepare for 1.4.3 release

[boisvert] Prepare for 1.4.3 release

[boisvert] Use rcov 0.9.9

[boisvert] BUILDR-534 package_with_sources does not package source artifacts if no sources
but resources exist.
(Tammo Van Lessen)

[boisvert] Add warning if path in zipfile contains backslash

[boisvert] Add warning if path in zipfile contains backslash

[boisvert] BUILDR-529 Stop using gem name foo in tests as it is the name of an actual gem
(Peter Donald)

[boisvert] BUILDR-531 Improve error message when build requires gem that can't be found in

local/remote gem repositories (Peter Donald)

[boisvert] BUILDR-524 Optimized and more robust reading of jar MANIFEST.MF (Hugues Malphettes)

[boisvert] BUILDR-532 package_as_source does not package resources (Tammo van Lessen)

[toulmean] fix for BUILDR-528 Stop using deprecated method Gem::Dependency.version_requirements

[boisvert] cleanup

[boisvert] Check for possible corruption usign Java's ZipInputStream since it's stricter than
These checks would have caught BUILDR-517 early.

[boisvert] BUILDR-517 package(:jar).include(directory, :as=>"foo") produces a corrupted

[boisvert] BUILDR-526 Gracefully handle h2 sections with no id in documentation (Peter Donald)

[boisvert] cosmetic

[boisvert] BUILDR-525 Documentation refers to repositories.upload_to rather than repositories.release_to

[boisvert] Update CHANGELOG

[boisvert] BUILDR-527: package(:war) if libs passed are files (instead of artifacts)

[boisvert] RDoc: Merge with rake's so we get better crossref and inheritance links

[boisvert] Add comment re: ScalaTestAntTask

[boisvert] ScalaTestTask now deprecated in scalaTest 1.2;  use ScalaTestAntTask instead

[boisvert] Cosmetic fix

[boisvert] BUILDR-514 New 'run' local task.

[boisvert] Need jekylltask gem for documentation

[boisvert] Fix previous commit

[boisvert] JavaRebel wasn't correctly detected.
("or" operator has lesser precedence than assignment)

[boisvert] BUILDR-518 Load _buildr.rb or .buildr.rb from same directory as Buildfile if they
exist (Peter Donald)

[boisvert] BUILDR-519 Load repositories.release_to from build settings (Peter Donald)

[boisvert] Avoid spec failure on JRuby

[boisvert] BUILDR-520 Scaladoc 2.8 no longer support -windowtitle, use -doc-title instead.
1) separate out doc specs 
2) introduce java & scala specific specs
3) doc defaults now injected through after_define extensions

[boisvert] Fix documentation:  Buildr.environment

[boisvert] Revert back to RJB 1.2.5

[boisvert] BUILDR-515 -update-snapshot doesn't work as expected
Turns out we had a bug in the spec test :(

[boisvert] More cosmetic updates to releasing.textile

[boisvert] Cosmetic updates to releasing.textile

[boisvert] Upgrade to RJB 1.2.9

[toulmean] fix for highlight of doc

[boisvert] BUILDR-513 --trace fails with NoMethodError : undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass

[boisvert] BUILDR-512 Buildr::Util.ruby invokes non existent method (Peter Donald)

[toulmean] update doc for 1.4.2

[toulmean] setting date for release

[toulmean] java headers in java file

[boisvert] More spec fixes for --trace changes

[boisvert] Fix groovyc compiler spec for--trace

[toulmean] add Apache headers

[boisvert] Fix compiler spec for --trace=javac

[boisvert] BUILDR-510 Add support for trace categories: --trace=foo,bar

[toulmean] don't install some dev dependencies on jruby as they are not supported there

[toulmean] BUILDR-482 followup: jruby is being picky on the Java module scope

[boisvert] Cleanup classpath handling

[boisvert] cleanup whitespace

[boisvert] BUILDR-493 Eclipse task should generate javadocpath

[toulmean] a better way to express we expect the method to be called, and don't mind how many
times it is.

[boisvert] Set vscaldoc version to 1.2-m1

[boisvert] BUILDR-465 Eclipse project names should be customizable
BUILDR-509 Option to generate non-prefixed Eclipse project names

[toulmean] stub instead of using should to avoid arity

[toulmean] BUILDR-335 follow up: excluding libraries from war is confusing

[boisvert] BUILDR-212 Update support for SNAPSHOT artifacts (Timo Rantalaiho and Izzet Mustafa)

[toulmean] directory entries don't exist on linux, so this spec fails: we now check that there
is no file entry instead

[toulmean] BUILDR-482: Javadoc : cannot load class

[toulmean] BUILDR-403: Buildr::Util::Gems.install does not find gems on remote sources

[toulmean] BUILDR-503 Include with as includes directories as files when the directory has
the same name as the path

[boisvert] BUILDR-507 Gem packaging should replace dashes with dots in version number (Peter

[boisvert] BUILDR-506 Gem packaging does not work under windows (Peter Donald)

[boisvert] BUILDR-508 Remove unnecessary use of Java.classpath in OpenJPA extension
(Peter Donald)

[boisvert] Fix rdoc of classpath_variables

[toulmean] fix for support of 1.9.2

[toulmean] use dup to avoid an error on the frozen state - workaround to work with 1.9 on

[boisvert] BUILDR-501 Fix buildr label when listing tasks (Peter Donald)

[toulmean] partial fix for BUILDR-483, with specs for javac

[toulmean] allow for single sourcepath argument, and lazily create output

[boisvert] BUILDR-483: Write specs for java commands (Antoine Toulme)

[boisvert] BUILDR-499 Java package caching through constants
e.g. ( cached as Java::Lang::String)
can shadow Ruby modules.

[boisvert] Fix documentation bug

[toulmean] added test to change war spec

[boisvert] Update changelog

[toulmean] make sure junit3 is supported ; adding an integration test and tweaking filter_classes

[boisvert] BUILDR-498 Artifact download fails with "negative argument" if terminal capabilities
are undefined

[toulmean] test case to show how to get to parent

[toulmean] change to jruby 1.5.2

Started by user donaldp
Building remotely on windows1 in workspace <>
At revision 1399431
[Buildr-ci-build-jruby-win32] $ cmd /c call C:\Users\hudson\AppData\Local\Temp\1\hudson9137502944947912901.bat

<>SET> SCALA_HOME=F:\hudson\tools\scala-

<>SET> JRUBY_OPTS=-J-XX:MaxPermSize=312m

<>SET> JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx1024m

<>SET> RUBY_HOME=F:\hudson\tools\jruby-1.6.7

<>SET> JAVA_HOME=F:\hudson\tools\java\jdk1.7.0

<>SET> GEM_HOME=.gems

<>SET> PATH=f:\hudson\tools\java\latest-1.6-64/bin;C:\Program
Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\BIN\amd64;C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v3.5;C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v3.5\Microsoft
.NET Framework 3.5 (Pre-Release Version);C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727;C:\Program
Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\VCPackages;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual
Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\Tools;C:\Program
Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\Tools\bin;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\bin\x64;C:\Program
Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\bin\win64\x64;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\bin;C:\Program
Files (x86)\CollabNet\Subversion Client;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\java\java6\jre\bin;C:\bin;C:\Program
Files\TortoiseSVN\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program
Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\DTS\Binn\;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program
Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft
SQL Server\100\DTS\Binn\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit\;c:\Program
Files (x86)\Microsoft ASP.NET\ASP.NET Web Pages\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\VisualSVN Server\bin;C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319;"C:\Program

<>CALL> gem install
Successfully installed bundler-1.2.1
1 gem installed
Fetching gem metadata from
Error Bundler::HTTPError during request to dependency API
Fetching full source index from
Installing rake ( 
Installing RedCloth (4.2.9) 
Installing Saikuro (1.1.0) WARNING: Saikuro-1.1.0 has an invalid nil value for @cert_chain

Installing posix-spawn (0.3.6) with native extensions 
Gem::Installer::ExtensionBuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

        F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/bin/jruby.exe extconf.rb 
WARNING: JRuby does not support native extensions or the `mkmf' library very well.
Check for alternatives.

'make' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Gem files will remain installed in F:/hudson/hudson-slave/workspace/Buildr-ci-build-jruby-win32/vendor/bundle/jruby/1.8/gems/posix-spawn-0.3.6
for inspection.
Results logged to F:/hudson/hudson-slave/workspace/Buildr-ci-build-jruby-win32/vendor/bundle/jruby/1.8/gems/posix-spawn-0.3.6/ext/gem_make.out
An error occurred while installing posix-spawn (0.3.6), and Bundler cannot continue.
Make sure that `gem install posix-spawn -v '0.3.6'` succeeds before bundling.
(in F:/hudson/hudson-slave/workspace/Buildr-ci-build-jruby-win32)
rake aborted!
no such file to load -- rspec/core/rake_task
org/jruby/ `require'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:36:in `require'
F:/hudson/hudson-slave/workspace/Buildr-ci-build-jruby-win32/rakelib/rspec.rake:16:in `(root)'
org/jruby/ `load'
F:/hudson/hudson-slave/workspace/Buildr-ci-build-jruby-win32/rakelib/rspec.rake:1620:in `load'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake.rb:2451:in `load_imports'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake.rb:2390:in `raw_load_rakefile'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake.rb:2017:in `load_rakefile'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake.rb:2068:in `standard_exception_handling'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake.rb:2016:in `load_rakefile'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake.rb:2000:in `run'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake.rb:2068:in `standard_exception_handling'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake.rb:1998:in `run'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/bin/rake:31:in `(root)'
org/jruby/ `load'
F:/hudson/tools/jruby-1.6.7/bin/rake:19:in `(root)'
Build step 'Execute Windows batch command' marked build as failure
Recording test results

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