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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: Buildr-ci-matrix » 1.5,1.8.7,ubuntu #16
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2012 08:27:31 GMT
See <,BUILD_RVM=1.8.7,label=ubuntu/16/changes>


[donaldp] Ensure RVM is on the path

[...truncated 134 lines...]
A         tests/JavaSystemProperty/src/test/java
A         tests/JavaSystemProperty/src/test/java/
A         tests/helloWorld
A         tests/helloWorld/Buildfile
A         tests/helloWorld/src
A         tests/helloWorld/src/main
A         tests/helloWorld/src/main/java
A         tests/helloWorld/src/main/java/
A         tests/compile_with_parent
A         tests/compile_with_parent/Buildfile
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child/src
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child/src/main
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child/src/main/java
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child/src/main/java/
A         tests/compile_with_parent/lib
A         tests/junit3
A         tests/junit3/Buildfile
A         tests/junit3/src
A         tests/junit3/src/test
A         tests/junit3/src/test/java
A         tests/junit3/src/test/java/
A         tests/junit3/src/main
A         tests/junit3/src/main/java
A         tests/junit3/src/main/java/
A         buildr.gemspec
A         .gitignore
A         doc
A         doc/settings_profiles.textile
A         doc/installing.textile
A         doc/preface.textile
A         doc/languages.textile
A         doc/contributing.textile
A         doc/download.textile
A         doc/index.textile
A         doc/releasing.textile
A         doc/more_stuff.textile
A         doc/scripts
AU        doc/scripts/buildr-git.rb
AU        doc/scripts/
AU        doc/scripts/
AU        doc/scripts/
AU        doc/scripts/gitflow.rb
A         doc/css
AU        doc/css/print.css
AU        doc/css/default.css
A         doc/css/syntax.css
A         doc/testing.textile
A         doc/artifacts.textile
A         doc/_layouts
A         doc/_layouts/default.html
A         doc/_layouts/preface.html
A         doc/packaging.textile
A         doc/extending.textile
A         doc/_config.yml
A         doc/images
AU        doc/images/tip.png
A         doc/images/1442160941-frontcover.jpg
AU        doc/images/buildr.png
A         doc/images/growl-icon.tiff
A         doc/images/project-structure.png
A         doc/images/favicon.png
AU        doc/images/note.png
A         doc/images/asf-logo.png
AU        doc/images/asf-logo.gif
AU        doc/images/buildr-hires.png
AU        doc/images/zbuildr.tif
A         doc/images/zbuildr.png
A         doc/projects.textile
A         doc/quick_start.textile
A         doc/building.textile
A         doc/mailing_lists.textile
A         lib
A         lib/buildr
A         lib/buildr/ide
A         lib/buildr/ide/idea.rb
A         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse.rb
A         lib/buildr/java
A         lib/buildr/java/rjb.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/test_result.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/emma.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/ant.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/external.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/packaging.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/org
A         lib/buildr/java/org/apache
A         lib/buildr/java/org/apache/buildr
A         lib/buildr/java/org/apache/buildr/
AU        lib/buildr/java/org/apache/buildr/JavaTestFilter.class
A         lib/buildr/java/cobertura.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/bdd.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/jruby.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/pom.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/deprecated.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/commands.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/ecj.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/tests.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/doc.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/version_requirement.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/compiler.rb
A         lib/buildr/clojure
A         lib/buildr/clojure/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala
A         lib/buildr/scala/tests.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala/doc.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala/org
A         lib/buildr/scala/org/apache
A         lib/buildr/scala/org/apache/buildr
A         lib/buildr/scala/org/apache/buildr/
A         lib/buildr/scala/org/apache/buildr/
AU        lib/buildr/scala/org/apache/buildr/SpecsSingletonRunner.class
A         lib/buildr/scala/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala/bdd.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala/compiler.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging
A         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/archive.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact_search.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/zip.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/version_requirement.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/ziptask.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/tar.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact_namespace.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/gems.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/package.rb
A         lib/buildr/clojure.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy
A         lib/buildr/groovy/doc.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy/bdd.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy/compiler.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala.rb
A         lib/buildr/run.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy.rb
A         lib/buildr/version.rb
A         lib/buildr/core
A         lib/buildr/core/util.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/transports.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/test.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/cc.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/filter.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/common.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/compile.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/help.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/progressbar.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/generate.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/build.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/linux.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/checks.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/application.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/jrebel.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/environment.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/run.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/doc.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/project.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/osx.rb
A         lib/buildr/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/resources
A         lib/buildr/resources/completed.png
A         lib/buildr/resources/failed.png
A         lib/buildr/resources/icons-license.txt
A         lib/buildr/resources/buildr.icns
A         lib/buildr.rb
A         .rvmrc
A         bin
AU        bin/buildr
A         Gemfile
A         rakelib
A         rakelib/checks.rake
A         rakelib/release.rake
A         rakelib/stage.rake
A         rakelib/doc.rake
A         rakelib/metrics.rake
A         rakelib/all-in-one.rake
A         rakelib/package.rake
A         rakelib/rspec.rake
A         etc
A         etc/KEYS
 U        .
At revision 1394960
[ubuntu] $ /usr/bin/env bash /tmp/
*  RVM will install the environment for Buildr development now.
*  By default it will use ruby-1.9.2-p320.
*  To force use an other version of ruby, set BUILDR_RUBY_VERSION.
*  Examples:
*     export BUILDR_RUBY_VERSION=ruby-1.9.2-p320
*     export BUILDR_RUBY_VERSION=jruby-1.6.7
*     export BUILDR_RUBY_VERSION=ruby-1.8.7-p358
ruby-1.8.7-p358 was not found, running 'rvm install ruby-1.8.7-p358'...
No binary rubies available for: ///ruby-1.8.7-p358.
Continuing with compilation. Please read 'rvm mount' to get more information on binary rubies.
Installing Ruby from source to: /home/jenkins/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-p358, this may take a
while depending on your cpu(s)...
ruby-1.8.7-p358 - #downloading ruby-1.8.7-p358, this may take a while depending on your connection...
tee: standard output: Broken pipe
tee: write error
ruby-1.8.7-p358 - #extracting ruby-1.8.7-p358 to /home/jenkins/.rvm/src/ruby-1.8.7-p358
tee: standard output: Broken pipe
tee: write error
ruby-1.8.7-p358 - #extracted to /home/jenkins/.rvm/src/ruby-1.8.7-p358
Applying patch /home/jenkins/.rvm/patches/ruby/1.8.7/stdout-rouge-fix.patch
tee: standard output: Broken pipe
tee: write error
Applying patch /home/jenkins/.rvm/patches/ruby/1.8.7/no_sslv2.diff
tee: standard output: Broken pipe
tee: write error
ruby-1.8.7-p358 - #configuring
tee: standard output: Broken pipe
tee: write error
ruby-1.8.7-p358 - #compiling
tee: standard output: Broken pipe
tee: write error
ruby-1.8.7-p358 - #installing 
tee: standard output: Broken pipe
tee: write error
Removing old Rubygems files...
Installing rubygems-1.8.24 for ruby-1.8.7-p358 ...
tee: standard output: Broken pipe
tee: write error
Installation of rubygems completed successfully.
Saving wrappers to '/home/jenkins/.rvm/bin'.
tee: standard output: Broken pipe
tee: write error
ruby-1.8.7-p358 - #adjusting #shebangs for (gem irb erb ri rdoc testrb rake).
ruby-1.8.7-p358 - #importing default gemsets (/home/jenkins/.rvm/gemsets/)
Install of ruby-1.8.7-p358 - #complete 
Please be aware that you just installed a ruby that requires 2 patches just to be compiled
on up to date linux system.
This may have known and unaccounted for security vulnerabilities.
Please consider upgrading to Ruby 1.9.3-194 which will have all of the latest security patches.
RVM is not a function, selecting rubies with 'rvm use ...' will not work.

You need to change your terminal emulator preferences to allow login shell.
Sometimes it is required to use `/bin/bash --login` as the command.
Please visit for a example.

Ruby ruby-1.8.7-p358@Buildr-ci-matrix/BUILD_JVM=1.5,BUILD_RVM=1.8.7,label=ubuntu is not installed.
Installing bundler...
Ruby ruby-1.8.7-p358@Buildr-ci-matrix/BUILD_JVM=1.5,BUILD_RVM=1.8.7,label=ubuntu is not installed.
Ruby ruby-1.8.7-p358@Buildr-ci-matrix/BUILD_JVM=1.5,BUILD_RVM=1.8.7,label=ubuntu is not installed.
exec rake ci --trace

rvm 1.16.8 (stable) by Wayne E. Seguin <>, Michal Papis <>

Ruby ruby-1.8.7-p358@Buildr-ci-matrix/BUILD_JVM=1.5,BUILD_RVM=1.8.7,label=ubuntu is not installed.
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Recording test results

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