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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: Buildr-metrics-build #64
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2012 19:15:42 GMT
See <>


[donaldp] Add saikuro_treemap dependency

[donaldp] Add build for Buildr-metrics-build job

[donaldp] Disable some tests in jdk 1.5

[donaldp] BUILDR-627 Support explicitly listed source files in buildr cc task. (Christopher

[donaldp] Bump the amount of PermGen space allowed for jruby

[donaldp] BUILDR-606 Transitive artifact resolution should not include artifacts in 'provided'
scope in poms to match maven behaviour. (Julio Arias)

[donaldp] If running in the ci then remove the existing gemset

[donaldp] Bump the version of ci reporter

[donaldp] Make sure the JAVA_HOME is specified for all jobs

[donaldp] Add some more ignores

[donaldp] Explicitly declare --no-binstubs for bundle install otherwise it will overwrite
our bin directory.

[donaldp] BUILDR-640 Enable building jekyll and rdoc under more rubies. (Niklaus Giger)

[donaldp] Stop attempting to cleanup gems under jruby as it breaks with some of the magic
builtin gems (rake, ssl)

[donaldp] Force the removal of the Gemfile or face problems when moving from jruby to c ruby
ad back again

[donaldp] Use the ci task to ensure the test results are generated as xml

[donaldp] Add some more build tasks to CI

[donaldp] Fix indentation

[donaldp] Cleanup whitespace

[donaldp] Add a script in an attempt to simplify management of the ci jobs by importing it
into the source tree

[donaldp] Ignore the generated directory

[donaldp] Update the bnd extension documentation (Niklaus Giger)

[donaldp] Remove the installation of bin stubs as it overwrites our scripts

[donaldp] Rework the .rvmrc to work with on interactive shells

[donaldp] Improve the .rvmrc by;
 * allowing it to auto-install the appropriate ruby it it fails to find one
 * Guessing the gemset name based on the JOB_NAME environment variables (useful in buildr)
but defaulting to the dir name
 * Cleaning up the gems to remove older versions

[donaldp] Mark Buildr:Bnd.remote_repository as deprecated as dependencies appear in maven

[donaldp] BUILDR-654 Add the ability to configure the version of BND used by bnd addon. (Niklaus

[donaldp] Use RbConfig instead of obsolete and deprecated Config.

[donaldp] Remove amusing misspelling

[donaldp] Create the git_auto_aversion addon that automatically specifies a version for a
git project based on git describe

[boisvert] Integrate with Zinc (incremental compilation wrapper for scalac 2.9+)

[boisvert] * Changed: Default to Scala 2.9.2, ScalaTest 1.8, Scala Specs2 1.11,
           ScalaCheck 1.10.0.

* Changed: Scala artifact repository changed to

[boisvert] BUILDR-645 Support Mercurial as a version control system (Tan Quach)

[boisvert] BUILDR-646 TGZ files do not keep their permissions when extracted via Buildr::Unzip#extract

[donaldp] Add add_exploded_ear_artifact and add_exploded_ejb_artifact to the idea project

[donaldp] Default to using Checkstyle 5.5 in the checkstyle addon.

[donaldp] Fix the undefined default_web_xml variable in the add_web_facet method on the idea

[donaldp] Fix the add_exploded_war_artifact method on the idea project by adding in missing
method `partition_dependencies`


[boisvert] Fix: gems weren't actually pushed to

[boisvert] Comestic

[boisvert] Update What's New section for Buildr 1.4.7

[boisvert] Update download.textile

[boisvert] Update CHANGELOG

[boisvert] Update release date

[donaldp] Remove the lock file prior to invoking bundle install

[boisvert] Clear POM cache in Sandbox.reset

[boisvert] Revert "Provide local POMs to allow spec to run without network access."
(These POMs conflict with other specs with all specs are run together)

This reverts commit 36146cd5b8de53e7eb220d6603c445d7267336ae.

[boisvert] Provide local POMs to allow spec to run without network access.

[boisvert] Fix pom properties substitution on CRuby
(XML parser implementation can return multiple text nodes)

[boisvert] Update release date

[boisvert] Upgrade to jekyll 0.11.2 (fix @substitutions@)
Upgrade to RJB 1.4.0 (avoid compile issue on Windows)

[donaldp] BUILDR-618 - pom properties feature does not support hierarchy

[donaldp] Add some minimal documentation for the sonar plugin

[donaldp] Simplify the way we use rvm+bundler to invoke the tests

[donaldp] Stop attempting to run the emma and cobertura specs under jdk 1.7 as the underlying
tools are not compatible

[donaldp] Add a task that runs the tests against all the rubies

[donaldp] Attempt to get the tests passing more successfully across a range of platforms by
increasing the length of sleeps. One ugly way to address the indeterminacy

[donaldp] Ensure the Rake symbol is fully qualified else it fails to be found under jruby.
Unsure as to the root cause.

[donaldp] Update the BDD plugin to work with the latest versions of the dependencies

[donaldp] Migrate some requires out of the buildr.rb ad back into test_result as this file
is required directly by the bdd extension

[donaldp] Change the default configuration of RSpec to be RSpec 3 compatible

[donaldp] Rework the way we invoke the spec runner so that the budler cache is eliminated
prior to a run

[donaldp] Reference the rspec version we use

[donaldp] Reference the rspec version we use

[donaldp] Add ffi-ncurses as a jruby development dependecy to avoid an annoying warning

[donaldp] Set the $platform global variable to the platform as a string and use that to guard
construction of the gem as newer versions of rubygems use a complex object for platform rather
than a string

[donaldp] Update test so that tests have deterministic ordering with the new versions of Rake

[donaldp] Update test infrastructure so that it uses rvm to run tests. Update staging process
so that it runs tests against our 3 blessed platforms

[donaldp] Add personal key to KEYS registry

[donaldp] Update the changelog to indicate current release

[donaldp] Ignore the rake directory that is linked in during build process

[donaldp] Ensure that the environment variables required to run the jruby tests through to
completion and fast are set up when changing into the directory

[donaldp] Update .rvmrc to list all the versions of ruby that we support

[donaldp] Update matcher to conform with rspec latest requirements

[donaldp] Improve the handling of the include method on doc object to handle FileList, FileTask

[donaldp] Recent versions of rake will resolve paths in FileList so we need to do the same

[donaldp] Rollback update of rubyzip package as it causes several issues in our tests

[donaldp] The recent version version of the zip library does not support to_s on entries so
do to_s on name field instead

[donaldp] Use monkey patched end_with? rather than end_with as the second form has disappeared
from whatever dependency provided it in the past.

[donaldp] Revert to always recording task metadata as our tests assume that the metadata is

[donaldp] Only use psych yml library for ruby versions 1.9.2 or later

[donaldp] Improve the way pygmentize is detected to be less noisy

[donaldp] Add a Sonar extension

[donaldp] Rename pmd.rake to pmd.rb to match other addons

[donaldp] BUILDR-638 Update to rake 

Dervived from patch supplied by: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] BUILDR-316 Add GWT extension

[donaldp] BUILDR-624 Update rspec version to 2.9.0

Submitted By: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] BUILDR-632 

Update net-ssh version to 2.3.0
Update net-sftp version to 2.0.5

Submitted By: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] BUILDR-635 JRE container entry to be declared before user sources and dependencies

Submitted By: Dani Perez

[donaldp] BUILDR-637 Update rubyzip version to 0.9.8 

Submitted By: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] BUILDR-639 Stop requiring pygmentize to run "rake -T" 

Submitted By: Russell Teabeault

[donaldp] Update changelog to reflect the fact that 1.4.7 was not released on the specified

[donaldp] Update the helper method for configuring the GWT facet to the format recognized
by the most recent version of IDEA

[donaldp] Enhance the exploded war artifact configuration so that it can be EJB enabled

[donaldp] Enhance the IDEA project extension further and add some notes to the changelog

[toulmean] BUILDR-628 Move to Apache Ant 1.8.3 and use canonical repository

[toulmean] Make sure tests pass, interdependency between specs

[toulmean] BUILDR-629 and BUILDR-630  thanks to Russell Teabault
* Change: BUILDR-630 Run task should not add test dependencies (Russell Teabeault)
* Change: BUILDR-629 JavaRunner should include target/resources in classpath (Russell Teabeault)

[donaldp] Rename several .rake files to .rb to match other addons

[donaldp] Add several utility methods to IDEA extension for defining artifacts and configurations.

[boisvert] Upgrade to RedCloth 4.2.9 due to issues on linux/x64

[donaldp] Make minimumTokenCount and encoding configurable for the PMD/CPD action and default
encoding to UTF-8 for compatibility with external tools (i.e. Jenkins)

[donaldp] Fix bug where the specified iml group was being overridden by default value

[boisvert] BUILDR-615 VersionRequirement.version? now returns true for versions following
pattern "r9999", e.g. "r09"

[boisvert] Rename spec

[boisvert] BUILDR-617 pom exclusion does not work (Kafka Liu)

[toulmean] put back the SVN check when staging for releases

[toulmean] Small fixes required for the release process

[toulmean] fix a few problems with the stage script

[toulmean] Committing the date of the release to publish a first RC for 1.4.7

[toulmean] Change the way we create the method tag as it clashes with an existing method

[toulmean] add a few svn:ignore entries for target folders on integration tests

[toulmean] upgrade to RJB 1.3.7

[toulmean] change version to 1.4.7, so we can start doing RCs

[toulmean] BUILDR-614 Buildr development - Using rvm, bundler and OSX installs the wrong rjb
(Russell Teabeault)

[toulmean] BUILDR-616 Buildr development - If using rvm a default .rvmrc file would be helpful
(Russell Teabeault)

[boisvert] sort added/changed/fixed items in CHANGELOG

[boisvert] Added:  MultiTest framework that allows combining multiple test frameworks for
a single project.

[boisvert] Added:  Scala Specs2 framework support.
Change: Scala Specs upgraded to 1.6.9 if using Scala 2.9.1

[boisvert] Fixed: ArtifactNamespace fails when using artifacts with classfier.

[boisvert] Buildr.transitive() now accepts hash with :scopes, :optional and :scopes_transitive

[boisvert] Improve scala file change detection

[boisvert] Scala 2.9.1 is now default

[boisvert] Buildr.artifacts() should handle any object with :to_spec method
(i.e., any object that ActsAsArtifact)

[boisvert] Handle HTTP Unauthorized (501) result code when downloading artifacts.

[donaldp] Add a FindBugs extension to buildr

[donaldp] Call to_s on target_paths to ensure the path is a string

[boisvert] Fix typos

[donaldp] Update the jdepend extension to make it parameterizable like the other analysis
extensions. Update the documetation to reflect this change

[donaldp] Updated the PMD extension so that it is consistent with the javancss extension wrt
how it is enabled

[donaldp] Add a PMD extension and some minimalistic documentation

[donaldp] Remove redundant language in Checkstyle documentation

[donaldp] Update JavaNCSS documentation to refer to JavaNCSS as extesion name

[donaldp] Add in a javancss extension and some basic documentation

[donaldp] Add in a checkstyle extension and some basic documentation

[donaldp] Update the documentation regarding the task for generating idea artifacts

[donaldp] Revert accidental change of cobertura data_file parameter

[donaldp] Parameterize the the directory where the top level cobertura tasks will generate
reports. Specify using Buildr::Cobertura.report_dir = '....'

[donaldp] Move the invocation of report_to from the task definition time to task execution
time to allow it to be monkey patched

[boisvert] All-in-one distro should have 'all-in-one' naming

[boisvert] Update all-in-one packaging: use latest rubygems and install ffi-ncurses

[donaldp] Exclude a test from the CI under jdk1.5. Unsure the cause of the failure but jdk
1.5 compatibility does not seem a high priority at this stage.

[boisvert] setup task no longer exists

[boisvert] BUILDR-611 Buildr should not unnecessarily recompile Java files explicitly added
to compile.from

[boisvert] ScalaTest now automatically loads the Mockito library

[toulmean] move to atoulme-Antwrap 0.7.2

[boisvert] Fix ToC entry for IRC

[boisvert] Fixed:  scaladoc generation with scala 2.9.x

[donaldp] Default build_on_make to false as otherwise every test requires a rebuild of the

[donaldp] Stop pretty printing the Intellij IDEA project files to avoid IDEA breaking in the
presence of non-normalized whitespace content.

[donaldp] Revert to the default value of local_repository_env_override being MAVEN_REPOSITORY

[donaldp] Ensure the local_repository_env_override attribute has a writer method

[donaldp] Change the Intellij IDEA extension to always rebuild the project files.

[donaldp] Enhance the Intellij IDEA extension to support the addition of "artifacts" and "configurations"
to the generated project file.

[donaldp] Changed the default output directory for Intellij IDEA to be _(:target, :main, :idea,
:classes) from _(:target, :main, :java) and the default test output directory to be _(:target,
:test, :idea, :classes) from _(:target, :test, :java)

[donaldp] Attempt to fix specs to work under Ruby 1.9.2

[donaldp] Add each artifact individually as a prerequisite to bundle / package task when passed
to classpath_element method

[donaldp] Disable tests in JDK 1.5 builds that rely on JDK 1.6 functionality

[donaldp] Fix formatting of contribution section

[donaldp] Fix the EOL style to remove ^M

[donaldp] Upgrade to highline 1.6.2

[donaldp] Update tests to work on the CI box

[donaldp] Inline variable

[donaldp] Upgrade to jekyll 0.11.0, jekylltask 1.1.0, RedCloth 4.2.7, rdoc 3.8 for generating

[donaldp] * Upgrade to require rubygems > 1.8.6
* BUILDR-603 Remove install/uninstall actions from :gem packaging type
* BUILDR-602 Fail the build when gem dependencies are missing rather than attempting to install
the dependencies
* BUILDR-601 Remove Buildr::Util::Gems

[donaldp] Fix the way that JAVA_HOME is guessed on jruby platform

[donaldp] Don't define any documentation tasks if running rake on jruby as they gems required
are not available

[donaldp] Make sure that the buildr version file is marked as loaded so it is not reloaded
when the gem is loaded as this generates a warning

[donaldp] Add rubinius compiled objects to the ignore lists

[donaldp] Reuse local variable rather than re-invoking method to retrieve options

[donaldp] Add explicit dependency on the ci_reporter gem and RedCloth gem. Exclude all the
documentation gems when running on jruby as several require native extensions.

[donaldp] Indent code using source code formatter

[donaldp] Add ignores for intellij project files

[donaldp] More spelling fixes

[donaldp] BUILDR-600 Centralize the common ad internal requires into one location

[donaldp] Fix spelling mistake

[donaldp] Add some basic documentation on how to work with the Apache Jenkins tool

[donaldp] Remove empty directory

[donaldp] Second attempt at disabling tests on the CI box

[donaldp] Remove empty directory

[donaldp] Fix spelling

[donaldp] Fix spelling and grammar in the comment

[donaldp] Disable specs for tests that fail on the CI box when run as a batch. Unable to determine
the root cause so disabling the test temporarily to return the build to green status

[donaldp] Fix several minor spelling mistakes

[donaldp] Add link to menu for the CI Jobs

[donaldp] Remove empty files that should have been removed as part of r1148201

[donaldp] Update documentation to indicate the correct path to require

[donaldp] Remove constant before redefining to avoid a warig

[donaldp] Add some more changes that were not captured in JIRA issues but are results of other

[donaldp] Indent the changeas as per the rest of the file

[donaldp] Remove dependency task as it is no longer needed now that we have moved to bundler
to manage our dependencies

[donaldp] Remove reference to deprecated SourceInfoCache as it no longer seems to be used
within buildr

[donaldp] Remove all the setup tasks from the build tools now that we have moved to bundler
to manage dependencies

[donaldp] Ignore the Gemfile.lock generated by bundler

[donaldp] BUILDR-548 Remove support for JTestR as it is no longer maintained (Antoine Toulme)

[donaldp] * Revert change that specified the version of bundler as the version on the CI box
is different.
* Update to allow later versions of jekyll

[donaldp] Requiring rake/rdoctask is deprecated.  Use rdoc/task instead (in RDoc 2.4.2+)

[donaldp] Explicitly add bundler as a development dependency since it seems to be required

[donaldp] Ensure that jekyll is not marked as a developer dependency when building buildr
using jruby

[donaldp] Remove a print statement left in while debugging the test

[boisvert] TestNG support for :groups and :excludegroups (Christopher Coco)

[toulmean] BUILDR-595 Add option to specifiy location of ca cert

[toulmean] BUILDR-439 'The command line is too long' when running TestNG tests

[boisvert] doc/release tasks:  use chmod -f to ignore files that aren't owned

[toulmean] fix for BUILDR-596 Update installation notes to talk about the all-in-one bundle

[boisvert] Add -v/--verbose option documentation

[toulmean] fix the -v parameter to actually read -V

[toulmean] removing the offending line from the windows instructions

[boisvert] buildr 1.4.5 moved to

[toulmean] Change the version of jruby used for the all-in-one package

[boisvert] Add 1.4.7 section

[boisvert] Update What's New section

[toulmean] contributing a few more integration tests that can also be used for documentation.
Also, cleaning up the integration tests, to make them easier to write hopefully

[boisvert] Update doc for buildr 1.4.6

[donaldp] BUILDR-592 - Allow Users to Specify SSH Options for Deployment. 

Submitted By: Marc-André Laverdière

[donaldp] Ignore IDEA project files

[donaldp] BUILDR-591 Sort modules in iml files generated by idea task to ensure main_dependencies
are exported

[boisvert] Update doc for buildr 1.4.6

[boisvert] Update CHANGELOG

[boisvert] Disable JtestR spec by default

[boisvert] JRUBY-4927 now fixed in JRuby 1.6.2

[boisvert] Fix JtestR support on C-Ruby; JRuby still doesn't work due to rspec incompatibility

[boisvert] By default, the sandbox remote repository is user's own local M2 repository
since we don't want to remotely download artifacts into the sandbox over and over.

[boisvert] Use JRuby 1.6.2

[boisvert] Upgrade to version 1.4.6 in preparation for release
Use git status -s to check for changes
Update CHANGELOG release date
SCALA_HOME should be nil in sandbox
Minor updates to stage process

[boisvert] BUILDR-587 ScalaTest uses deprecated reporter parameters
and upgrade to ScalaTest 1.6.1 as default.

[boisvert] BUILDR-584 eclipse plugin should use absolute path

[boisvert] BUILDR-586 ScalaTest uses deprecated ant task (Martin Partel)
BUILDR-586 ScalaTest uses deprecated ant task (Martin Partel)# with '#' will be ignored, and
an empty message aborts the commit.

[toulmean] remove double quotes escaping

[boisvert] Upgrade to JRuby 1.6.2

[boisvert] * Support for Scala 2.9.0+
* Scala 2.9.0-1 is now default, along with ScalaCheck 1.9, ScalaTest 1.4.1 and Specs 1.6.8.
* ScalaCheck, ScalaTest and Specs now default to sane versions when using older Scala versions.
(with help from Alexis Midon)

[boisvert] BUILDR-585 "TypeError : can't dup NilClass" when merging jars

[boisvert] BUILDR-251 Classifier not handled when downloading snapshot artifacts (Ryan Fowler)

[donaldp] BUILDR-583 Update jruby install to use jruby version 1.6.1 

Submitted By: Alexis Midon

[donaldp] BUILDR-582 - Revert the name change for the task to generate Intellij project files
to 'idea'

[donaldp] BUILDR-579 - Format generated IDEA project files to look more like what IntelliJ
generates (Peter Royal)

[donaldp] BUILDR-574 - Add changelog entry

[donaldp] BUILDR-574 - Enhance idea task to generate test resources with test scope

[...truncated 94 lines...]
A         spec/core/project_spec.rb
A         spec/core/shell_spec.rb
A         spec/core/common_spec.rb
A         spec/core/compile_spec.rb
A         spec/core/generate_spec.rb
AU        spec/core/extension_spec.rb
A         spec/core/transport_spec.rb
A         spec/core/util_spec.rb
A         spec/core/build_spec.rb
A         spec/core/test_spec.rb
A         spec/core/checks_spec.rb
A         spec/xpath_matchers.rb
A         spec/spec_helpers.rb
AU        _jbuildr
A         all-in-one
A         all-in-one/_buildr
AU        all-in-one/buildr
AU        all-in-one/buildr.cmd
A         tests
A         tests/include_path
A         tests/include_path/Buildfile
A         tests/include_path/doc
A         tests/include_path/doc/index.html
A         tests/integration_testing.rb
A         tests/BUILDR-320
A         tests/BUILDR-320/Buildfile
A         tests/package_war_as_jar
A         tests/package_war_as_jar/Buildfile
A         tests/package_war_as_jar/src
A         tests/package_war_as_jar/src/main
A         tests/package_war_as_jar/src/main/java
A         tests/package_war_as_jar/src/main/java/
A         tests/include_as
A         tests/include_as/Buildfile
A         tests/include_as/doc
A         tests/include_as/doc/index.html
A         tests/JavaSystemProperty
A         tests/JavaSystemProperty/Buildfile
A         tests/JavaSystemProperty/src
A         tests/JavaSystemProperty/src/test
A         tests/JavaSystemProperty/src/test/java
A         tests/JavaSystemProperty/src/test/java/
A         tests/helloWorld
A         tests/helloWorld/Buildfile
A         tests/helloWorld/src
A         tests/helloWorld/src/main
A         tests/helloWorld/src/main/java
A         tests/helloWorld/src/main/java/
A         tests/compile_with_parent
A         tests/compile_with_parent/Buildfile
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child/src
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child/src/main
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child/src/main/java
A         tests/compile_with_parent/child/src/main/java/
A         tests/compile_with_parent/lib
A         tests/junit3
A         tests/junit3/Buildfile
A         tests/junit3/src
A         tests/junit3/src/test
A         tests/junit3/src/test/java
A         tests/junit3/src/test/java/
A         tests/junit3/src/main
A         tests/junit3/src/main/java
A         tests/junit3/src/main/java/
A         buildr.gemspec
A         doc
A         doc/settings_profiles.textile
A         doc/installing.textile
A         doc/preface.textile
A         doc/languages.textile
A         doc/contributing.textile
A         doc/download.textile
A         doc/index.textile
A         doc/releasing.textile
A         doc/more_stuff.textile
A         doc/scripts
AU        doc/scripts/buildr-git.rb
AU        doc/scripts/
AU        doc/scripts/
AU        doc/scripts/
AU        doc/scripts/gitflow.rb
A         doc/css
AU        doc/css/print.css
AU        doc/css/default.css
A         doc/css/syntax.css
A         doc/testing.textile
A         doc/artifacts.textile
A         doc/_layouts
A         doc/_layouts/default.html
A         doc/_layouts/preface.html
A         doc/packaging.textile
A         doc/extending.textile
A         doc/_config.yml
A         doc/images
AU        doc/images/tip.png
A         doc/images/1442160941-frontcover.jpg
AU        doc/images/buildr.png
A         doc/images/growl-icon.tiff
A         doc/images/project-structure.png
A         doc/images/favicon.png
AU        doc/images/note.png
A         doc/images/asf-logo.png
AU        doc/images/asf-logo.gif
AU        doc/images/buildr-hires.png
AU        doc/images/zbuildr.tif
A         doc/images/zbuildr.png
A         doc/projects.textile
A         doc/quick_start.textile
A         doc/building.textile
A         doc/mailing_lists.textile
A         .gitignore
A         lib
A         lib/buildr
A         lib/buildr/ide
A         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse
A         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse/plugin.rb
A         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse/java.rb
A         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse/scala.rb
A         lib/buildr/ide/idea.rb
A         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse.rb
A         lib/buildr/java
A         lib/buildr/java/rjb.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/test_result.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/emma.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/ant.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/external.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/packaging.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/org
A         lib/buildr/java/org/apache
A         lib/buildr/java/org/apache/buildr
A         lib/buildr/java/org/apache/buildr/
AU        lib/buildr/java/org/apache/buildr/JavaTestFilter.class
A         lib/buildr/java/cobertura.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/bdd.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/jruby.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/pom.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/deprecated.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/commands.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/ecj.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/tests.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/doc.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/version_requirement.rb
A         lib/buildr/java/compiler.rb
A         lib/buildr/clojure
A         lib/buildr/clojure/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala
A         lib/buildr/scala/tests.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala/doc.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala/org
A         lib/buildr/scala/org/apache
A         lib/buildr/scala/org/apache/buildr
A         lib/buildr/scala/org/apache/buildr/
A         lib/buildr/scala/org/apache/buildr/
AU        lib/buildr/scala/org/apache/buildr/SpecsSingletonRunner.class
A         lib/buildr/scala/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala/bdd.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala/compiler.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging
A         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/archive.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact_search.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/zip.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/version_requirement.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/ziptask.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/tar.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact_namespace.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/gems.rb
A         lib/buildr/packaging/package.rb
A         lib/buildr/clojure.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy
A         lib/buildr/groovy/doc.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy/bdd.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy/compiler.rb
A         lib/buildr/scala.rb
A         lib/buildr/run.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy.rb
A         lib/buildr/version.rb
A         lib/buildr/core
A         lib/buildr/core/util.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/transports.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/test.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/cc.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/filter.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/common.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/compile.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/help.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/progressbar.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/generate.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/build.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/linux.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/checks.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/application.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/jrebel.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/environment.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/run.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/doc.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/project.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/osx.rb
A         lib/buildr/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/resources
A         lib/buildr/resources/completed.png
A         lib/buildr/resources/failed.png
A         lib/buildr/resources/icons-license.txt
A         lib/buildr/resources/buildr.icns
A         lib/buildr.rb
A         .rvmrc
A         bin
AU        bin/buildr
A         Gemfile
A         rakelib
A         rakelib/checks.rake
A         rakelib/release.rake
A         rakelib/stage.rake
A         rakelib/doc.rake
A         rakelib/metrics.rake
A         rakelib/all-in-one.rake
A         rakelib/package.rake
A         rakelib/rspec.rake
A         etc
A         etc/KEYS
 U        .
At revision 1389123
[Buildr-metrics-build] $ /usr/bin/env bash /tmp/
*  RVM will install the environment for Buildr development now.
*  By default it will use ruby-1.9.2-p320.
*  To force use an other version of ruby, set BUILDR_RUBY_VERSION.
*  Examples:
*     export BUILDR_RUBY_VERSION=ruby-1.9.2-p320
*     export BUILDR_RUBY_VERSION=jruby-1.6.7
*     export BUILDR_RUBY_VERSION=ruby-1.8.7-p358
.rvmrc: line 18: rvm: command not found
ruby-1.9.2-p320 was not found, running 'rvm install ruby-1.9.2-p320'...
.rvmrc: line 21: rvm: command not found
.rvmrc: line 26: rvm: command not found
.rvmrc: line 29: rvm: command not found
.rvmrc: line 35: rvm: command not found
Installing bundler...
.rvmrc: line 38: rvm: command not found
.rvmrc: line 41: rvm: command not found
.rvmrc: line 43: rvm: command not found line 38: rvm: command not found
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Archiving artifacts

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