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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: buildr-ci-build-jruby-jdk5 #75
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2011 09:07:51 GMT
See <>


[donaldp] Fix formatting of contribution section

[donaldp] Fix the EOL style to remove ^M

[donaldp] Upgrade to highline 1.6.2

[donaldp] Update tests to work on the CI box

[donaldp] Inline variable

[donaldp] Upgrade to jekyll 0.11.0, jekylltask 1.1.0, RedCloth 4.2.7, rdoc 3.8 for generating

[donaldp] * Upgrade to require rubygems > 1.8.6
* BUILDR-603 Remove install/uninstall actions from :gem packaging type
* BUILDR-602 Fail the build when gem dependencies are missing rather than attempting to install
the dependencies
* BUILDR-601 Remove Buildr::Util::Gems

[donaldp] Fix the way that JAVA_HOME is guessed on jruby platform

[donaldp] Don't define any documentation tasks if running rake on jruby as they gems required
are not available

[donaldp] Make sure that the buildr version file is marked as loaded so it is not reloaded
when the gem is loaded as this generates a warning

[donaldp] Add rubinius compiled objects to the ignore lists

[donaldp] Reuse local variable rather than re-invoking method to retrieve options

[donaldp] Add explicit dependency on the ci_reporter gem and RedCloth gem. Exclude all the
documentation gems when running on jruby as several require native extensions.

[donaldp] Indent code using source code formatter

[donaldp] Add ignores for intellij project files

[donaldp] More spelling fixes

[donaldp] BUILDR-600 Centralize the common ad internal requires into one location

[donaldp] Fix spelling mistake

[donaldp] Add some basic documentation on how to work with the Apache Jenkins tool

[donaldp] Remove empty directory

[donaldp] Second attempt at disabling tests on the CI box

[donaldp] Remove empty directory

[donaldp] Fix spelling

[donaldp] Fix spelling and grammar in the comment

[donaldp] Disable specs for tests that fail on the CI box when run as a batch. Unable to determine
the root cause so disabling the test temporarily to return the build to green status

[donaldp] Fix several minor spelling mistakes

[donaldp] Add link to menu for the CI Jobs

[donaldp] Remove empty files that should have been removed as part of r1148201

[donaldp] Update documentation to indicate the correct path to require

[donaldp] Remove constant before redefining to avoid a warig

[donaldp] Add some more changes that were not captured in JIRA issues but are results of other

[donaldp] Indent the changeas as per the rest of the file

[donaldp] Remove dependency task as it is no longer needed now that we have moved to bundler
to manage our dependencies

[donaldp] Remove reference to deprecated SourceInfoCache as it no longer seems to be used
within buildr

[donaldp] Remove all the setup tasks from the build tools now that we have moved to bundler
to manage dependencies

[donaldp] Ignore the Gemfile.lock generated by bundler

[donaldp] BUILDR-548 Remove support for JTestR as it is no longer maintained (Antoine Toulme)

[donaldp] * Revert change that specified the version of bundler as the version on the CI box
is different.
* Update to allow later versions of jekyll

[donaldp] Requiring rake/rdoctask is deprecated.  Use rdoc/task instead (in RDoc 2.4.2+)

[donaldp] Explicitly add bundler as a development dependency since it seems to be required

[donaldp] Ensure that jekyll is not marked as a developer dependency when building buildr
using jruby

[donaldp] Remove a print statement left in while debugging the test

[boisvert] TestNG support for :groups and :excludegroups (Christopher Coco)

[toulmean] BUILDR-595 Add option to specifiy location of ca cert

[toulmean] BUILDR-439 'The command line is too long' when running TestNG tests

[boisvert] doc/release tasks:  use chmod -f to ignore files that aren't owned

[toulmean] fix for BUILDR-596 Update installation notes to talk about the all-in-one bundle

[boisvert] Add -v/--verbose option documentation

[toulmean] fix the -v parameter to actually read -V

[toulmean] removing the offending line from the windows instructions

[boisvert] buildr 1.4.5 moved to

[toulmean] Change the version of jruby used for the all-in-one package

[boisvert] Add 1.4.7 section

[boisvert] Update What's New section

[toulmean] contributing a few more integration tests that can also be used for documentation.
Also, cleaning up the integration tests, to make them easier to write hopefully

[boisvert] Update doc for buildr 1.4.6

[donaldp] BUILDR-592 - Allow Users to Specify SSH Options for Deployment. 

Submitted By: Marc-André Laverdière

[donaldp] Ignore IDEA project files

[donaldp] BUILDR-591 Sort modules in iml files generated by idea task to ensure main_dependencies
are exported

[boisvert] Update doc for buildr 1.4.6

[boisvert] Update CHANGELOG

[boisvert] Disable JtestR spec by default

[boisvert] JRUBY-4927 now fixed in JRuby 1.6.2

[boisvert] Fix JtestR support on C-Ruby; JRuby still doesn't work due to rspec incompatibility

[boisvert] By default, the sandbox remote repository is user's own local M2 repository
since we don't want to remotely download artifacts into the sandbox over and over.

[boisvert] Use JRuby 1.6.2

[boisvert] Upgrade to version 1.4.6 in preparation for release
Use git status -s to check for changes
Update CHANGELOG release date
SCALA_HOME should be nil in sandbox
Minor updates to stage process

[boisvert] BUILDR-587 ScalaTest uses deprecated reporter parameters
and upgrade to ScalaTest 1.6.1 as default.

[boisvert] BUILDR-584 eclipse plugin should use absolute path

[boisvert] BUILDR-586 ScalaTest uses deprecated ant task (Martin Partel)
BUILDR-586 ScalaTest uses deprecated ant task (Martin Partel)# with '#' will be ignored, and
an empty message aborts the commit.

[toulmean] remove double quotes escaping

[boisvert] Upgrade to JRuby 1.6.2

[boisvert] * Support for Scala 2.9.0+
* Scala 2.9.0-1 is now default, along with ScalaCheck 1.9, ScalaTest 1.4.1 and Specs 1.6.8.
* ScalaCheck, ScalaTest and Specs now default to sane versions when using older Scala versions.
(with help from Alexis Midon)

[boisvert] BUILDR-585 "TypeError : can't dup NilClass" when merging jars

[boisvert] BUILDR-251 Classifier not handled when downloading snapshot artifacts (Ryan Fowler)

[donaldp] BUILDR-583 Update jruby install to use jruby version 1.6.1 

Submitted By: Alexis Midon

[donaldp] BUILDR-582 - Revert the name change for the task to generate Intellij project files
to 'idea'

[donaldp] BUILDR-579 - Format generated IDEA project files to look more like what IntelliJ
generates (Peter Royal)

[donaldp] BUILDR-574 - Add changelog entry

[donaldp] BUILDR-574 - Enhance idea task to generate test resources with test scope

[boisvert] instance_methods returns strings in 1.8.7 and symbols in 1.9.x

[boisvert] Fix include?(:requirement)

[boisvert] Remove spec.has_rdoc -- deprecated in recent Rubygems

[boisvert] BUILDR-578 Tar task does not preserve uid/gid on folders (Jean-Philippe Caruana)

[boisvert] BUILDR-576 Upgrade to JUnit 4.8.2

[boisvert] BUILDR-573 HTTP upload PUT request with incorrect Content-Type (Mathias Doenitz)

[boisvert] Housekeeping: Older releases downloaded from

[donaldp] Give some credit

[donaldp] Fix mis-spelling of change

[donaldp] BUILDR-571 - Stop including the resources multiple times when depending on a project.

The idea:generate task includes references to another module's resources in additional to
a dependency on the module. 

Since resource paths are source paths in IDEA, this additional inclusion leads to those items
being on the classpath multiple times.

Submitted By: Peter Royal

[boisvert] Update 'What's New' section for 1.4.5

[boisvert] Post-release 1.4.5 edits

[boisvert] Set version to 1.4.5

[boisvert] Set release date for 1.4.5:  2011-02-20

[boisvert] BUILDR-570: Buildr does not work with Rubygems 1.5.x

[boisvert] Upgrade to ScalaTest 1.3

[boisvert] Upgrade to JRuby 1.5.6

[boisvert] Guard Windows-specific tests with Buildr::Util.win_os?

[boisvert] BUILDR-569 Buildr fails under JRuby 1.6.0.RC1 due to read-only $? variable

[boisvert] Scala shell should use project.test.dependencies

[boisvert] Fix javadoc packaging spec

[donaldp] Ensure that the IDEA module is generated correctly when the module
contains no java files.

Without this change the output directory would be the project root
which would end up being excluded as a result. This problem was caused
by the refactor of the plugin prior to migrating it into buildr core.

[boisvert] BUILDR-562 WAR package isn't updated if files under src/main/webapp are updated

[boisvert] Added: BUILDR-564 Add package(:scaladoc)
Fixed: Scaladoc task would cause build to exit prematurely

[boisvert] package_as_javadoc doesn't need to set :windowtitle

[donaldp] BUILDR-556 - Merge buildr-iidea extension back into buildr.

[boisvert] Add 'Developed with RubyMine' to credits

[boisvert] BUILDR-560 show a meaning full error message when POM cannot be parsed (Tammo van

[boisvert] BUILDR-558 Artifact uploads should show a progress bar (Tammo van Lessen)

Also fixes display of filename during upload.

[boisvert] BUILDR-557 MD5 + SHA1 checksums are not Maven compliant (Tammo van Lessen)

[boisvert] Automatically add "require buildr/{groovy,scala}"  when generating
project if Groovy/Scala files are detected.

[donaldp] BUILDR-555 - Add support for the jaxb binding compiler

[donaldp] Add license header

[donaldp] Add a blurb about myself

[donaldp] BUILDR-554 - Add support for OSGi bundle packages by importing the buildr_bnd plugin

[boisvert] Straggler from "JtestR specs now passing" commit (r1039804)

[boisvert] Add Gemfile for use with bundler

[boisvert] BUILDR-125 Add support for <security-role> in application.xml of EAR packaging
(Mikael Amborn)

[boisvert] Update to Scala 2.8.1, ScalaCheck 1.8, Specs 1.6.6

[boisvert] BUILDR-551 Continuous compilation not working for project trees

[boisvert] Update spec to use rspec ~> 2.1.0

[boisvert] BUILDR-552 Projects may now be defined using project(:name) and a block

[boisvert] BUILDR-544 Support  in pom files (Chris Dean)

[boisvert] JtestR specs now passing

[boisvert] Cleanup

[boisvert] Add comment to help prevent future regressions

[djspiewak] Fixed regressions in JRebel refactoring

[djspiewak] Fixed JLine support with artifact fallback when we can't read it from SCALA_HOME

[djspiewak] Fixed Scala shell when version of Scala in use is different from the version referenced

[boisvert] BUILDR-546 Upgrade to Rubyzip 0.9.4 (Michael Guymon)

[boisvert] Ugh.  Java's jar tool doesn't like empty zips. Fix paranoid checks.

[boisvert] Also use Java's 'jar' command to test zip file validity

[boisvert] Add publish-doc task

[boisvert] Add note about using OSX + RVM.

Move "Using multiple versions of Buildr" to its own section

[boisvert] Update "What's New" for 1.4.4 release

[boisvert] Merge 43e3ade5dbec9a000c018b59a3106792a00c9d20:

Update download.textile following 1.4.4 release

[boisvert] Merge 67aa27510f6d2e242f3a0f80d0a070a4a4bfe187 (but keep using rspec ~> 2.1.0)

Use rspec ~> 1.3.1 and JtestR 0.6

[boisvert] Merge 8e039b203adbbc6ab5be4372a8f4afe0a53961b3:

BUILDR-549 Upgrade to RJB 1.3.3 to address "Cannot create JVM" issue with Java Update 3 on
Mac OS X.
Win32 platform upgraded to RJB 1.3.2.

Set Buildr::VERSION to 1.4.4

[boisvert] Add HTTP authentication example

[boisvert] Upgrade to RSpec 2.1.0
Upgrade to JtestR 0.6
This commit breaks JtestR specs (to be resuscitated in due time)

[boisvert] No need to hardcode RSpec in namespacing code

[boisvert] Ooops. groovy/doc/rb didn't make it in previous commit

[boisvert] Update CHANGELOG

[boisvert] BUILDR-550 Add support for groovydoc
DocEngine.source_ext now supports array result
Upgrade to Groovy 1.7.5

[donaldp] BUILDR-547 - Ensure ECJ compiler works when there is a space in the path of dependencies

[donaldp] Remove some unecessary whitespace

[donaldp] BUILDR-545 - Add the ability to specify the description element in in application.xml
contained within an ear.

[donaldp] Use :context_root rather than :context-root in example

[boisvert] Fix rcov output dir

[boisvert] Add Mac OS X note about Java Update 3 and need to install developer package

[donaldp] Mirror the .gitignore into svn:ignore property

[donaldp] BUILDR-530 - Disable rspec colored output on dos/win32 consoles

[donaldp] BUILDR-536 - Add the CI mailing list to the website

[boisvert] Another Ruby 1.9 fix

[boisvert] cleanup

[boisvert] Fix ruby 1.9 failures

[boisvert] More rspec 2.0.0 tweaks; use rspec 2.0.1

[boisvert] More RSpec 2.0.0 changes

[boisvert] More RSpec-related tweaks; specs now run on Ruby 1.9

[boisvert] More documentation about buildr version selection

[boisvert] BUILDR-540 Upgrade to rspec 2.0.0

[boisvert] BUILDR-522 Send notifications when continuous compilation succeeds/fails.

[boisvert] Refactor linux.rb

[boisvert] BUILDR-521 System tray notifications for Linux systems (via libnotify/notify-send)

[boisvert] BUILDR-543 POMs are installed and uploaded twice when using artifacts with classifier

Note:  I've changed things such that Buildr will only implicitly install and
upload poms along with the main artifact (i.e., an artifact without classifier).
For the cases where only artifacts with classifiers are used, the POM must be
explicitly installed/uploaded if desired.

[boisvert] BUILDR-542 Release task:  SVN tagging fails if parent tag directory does not
exist yet (Gerolf Seitz)

[boisvert] Add missing clojure.rb

[boisvert] Ensure Clojure dependencies are available during tests

[boisvert] Move clojure shell to buildr/clojure/shell.rb, refactor dependencies

[boisvert] shell:clojure no longer requires CLOJURE_HOME

[boisvert] BUILDR-537 Shell tasks should use JAVA_OPTS by default
BUILDR-538 Shell tasks should support passing :java_args

[toulmean] make sure the version is casted as a String

[boisvert] Fix runner?

[boisvert] Refactor Buildr::Shell module.
Complete standard interface:  shell.with, shell.using and shell.classpath methods.       
Move Buildr::Shell::JavaRebel to Buildr::JRebel module
Add minimal specs for Buildr::Shell
(Needed before I go and add new features)

[boisvert] Fix Run::Base.to_sym for case where specify :name => :foo isn't used
Cleanup runner? method.

[boisvert] Add missing expectation (test.compile) for run task dependency

[boisvert] Revert "Upgrade to rspec 2.0.0"

This reverts commit 23302d184f9350875a6c5a5537e05294288d8e32.

[boisvert] Add minimal doc for protobuf extension

[boisvert] Add step to push gems to / Gemcutter

[boisvert] Upgrade to rspec 2.0.0

Started by upstream project "buildr-ci-build-jruby" build number 120
Building remotely on ubuntu2
U         _buildr
U         Rakefile
U         addon/buildr/emma.rb
U         addon/buildr/antlr.rb
U         addon/buildr/cobertura.rb
U         addon/buildr/javacc.rb
A         addon/buildr/jaxb_xjc.rb
U         addon/buildr/jibx.rb
U         addon/buildr/openjpa.rb
U         addon/buildr/jetty.rb
U         addon/buildr/protobuf.rb
U         addon/buildr/hibernate.rb
A         addon/buildr/bnd.rb
U         addon/buildr/drb.rb
U         addon/buildr/jdepend.rb
U         addon/buildr/xmlbeans.rb
U         spec/sandbox.rb
D         spec/ide/idea7x_spec.rb
U         spec/ide/eclipse_spec.rb
A         spec/ide/idea_spec.rb
U         spec/java/packaging_spec.rb
U         spec/java/bdd_spec.rb
U         spec/java/emma_spec.rb
U         spec/java/test_coverage_helper.rb
U         spec/java/tests_spec.rb
U         spec/scala/doc_spec.rb
U         spec/scala/bdd_spec.rb
U         spec/scala/scala.rb
U         spec/scala/compiler_spec.rb
U         spec/scala/tests_spec.rb
U         spec/packaging/artifact_namespace_spec.rb
U         spec/packaging/artifact_spec.rb
U         spec/packaging/archive_spec.rb
A         spec/addon/bnd_spec.rb
A         spec/addon/jaxb_xjc_spec.rb
A         spec/groovy/doc_spec.rb
U         spec/core/application_spec.rb
U         spec/core/run_spec.rb
U         spec/core/cc_spec.rb
U         spec/core/project_spec.rb
A         spec/core/shell_spec.rb
U         spec/core/common_spec.rb
U         spec/core/compile_spec.rb
U         spec/core/build_spec.rb
A         spec/xpath_matchers.rb
U         spec/spec_helpers.rb
U         _jbuildr
A         tests/include_path
A         tests/include_path/Buildfile
A         tests/include_path/doc
A         tests/include_path/doc/index.html
U         tests/integration_testing.rb
A         tests/include_as
A         tests/include_as/Buildfile
A         tests/include_as/doc
A         tests/include_as/doc/index.html
U         tests/JavaSystemProperty/Buildfile
U         buildr.gemspec
U         .gitignore
D         doc/pages
U         doc/installing.textile
U         doc/languages.textile
U         doc/contributing.textile
U         doc/download.textile
U         doc/index.textile
U         doc/more_stuff.textile
U         doc/scripts/
U         doc/artifacts.textile
U         doc/_layouts/default.html
U         doc/packaging.textile
U         doc/mailing_lists.textile
D         lib/buildr/java.rb
D         lib/buildr/tasks
D         lib/buildr/packaging.rb
D         lib/buildr/core.rb
D         lib/buildr/ide.rb
D         lib/buildr/ide/idea7x.rb
D         lib/buildr/ide/idea7x.ipr.template
D         lib/buildr/ide/idea.ipr.template
U         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse/plugin.rb
U         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse/java.rb
U         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse/scala.rb
U         lib/buildr/ide/idea.rb
U         lib/buildr/ide/eclipse.rb
D         lib/buildr/java/jtestr_runner.rb.erb
U         lib/buildr/java/test_result.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/emma.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/ant.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/packaging.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/cobertura.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/bdd.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/jruby.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/pom.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/deprecated.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/commands.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/ecj.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/tests.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/doc.rb
U         lib/buildr/java/compiler.rb
A         lib/buildr/clojure
A         lib/buildr/clojure/shell.rb
U         lib/buildr/scala/tests.rb
U         lib/buildr/scala/doc.rb
U         lib/buildr/scala/shell.rb
U         lib/buildr/scala/bdd.rb
U         lib/buildr/scala/compiler.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/archive.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact_search.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/zip.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/ziptask.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/tar.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact_namespace.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/gems.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/package.rb
A         lib/buildr/clojure.rb
A         lib/buildr/groovy/doc.rb
U         lib/buildr/groovy/shell.rb
U         lib/buildr/groovy/compiler.rb
U         lib/buildr/run.rb
U         lib/buildr/groovy.rb
U         lib/buildr/version.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/util.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/transports.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/test.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/cc.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/filter.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/common.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/compile.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/help.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/generate.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/build.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/linux.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/checks.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/application.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/jrebel.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/environment.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/run.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/doc.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/project.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/shell.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/osx.rb
U         lib/buildr/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/resources/completed.png
A         lib/buildr/resources/failed.png
A         lib/buildr/resources/icons-license.txt
U         lib/buildr.rb
A         Gemfile
D         rakelib/setup.rake
U         rakelib/checks.rake
U         rakelib/release.rake
U         rakelib/stage.rake
U         rakelib/doc.rake
U         rakelib/all-in-one.rake
U         rakelib/package.rake
U         rakelib/rspec.rake
 U        .
At revision 1154676
[buildr-ci-build-jruby-jdk5] $ /bin/bash -xe /tmp/
+ /home/toulmean/jruby-1.5.2/bin/jruby -J-Xmx256m -J-XX:MaxPermSize=256m -S rake ci
(in <>
Compiling Java libraries ...
jruby <> --buildfile
buildr.buildfile compile
/home/toulmean/jruby-1.5.2/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:777:in `report_activate_error':
RubyGem version error: rubyzip(0.9.1 not = 0.9.4) (Gem::LoadError)

	from /home/toulmean/jruby-1.5.2/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:211:in `activate'
	from /home/toulmean/jruby-1.5.2/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:1056:in `gem'
	from <>:30
	from <>:29:in `each'
	from <>:29
rake aborted!
Command failed with status (1): [jruby /home/hudson/hudson-slave/workspace/...]

(See full trace by running task with --trace)
Recording test results

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