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From Apache Hudson Server <>
Subject Build failed in Hudson: buildr-ci-build-jruby #114
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2010 04:33:55 GMT
See <>


[boisvert] Fix rcov output dir

[boisvert] Add Mac OS X note about Java Update 3 and need to install developer package

[donaldp] Mirror the .gitignore into svn:ignore property

[donaldp] BUILDR-530 - Disable rspec colored output on dos/win32 consoles

[donaldp] BUILDR-536 - Add the CI mailing list to the website

[boisvert] Another Ruby 1.9 fix

[boisvert] cleanup

[boisvert] Fix ruby 1.9 failures

[boisvert] More rspec 2.0.0 tweaks; use rspec 2.0.1

[boisvert] More RSpec 2.0.0 changes

[boisvert] More RSpec-related tweaks; specs now run on Ruby 1.9

[boisvert] More documentation about buildr version selection

[boisvert] BUILDR-540 Upgrade to rspec 2.0.0

[boisvert] BUILDR-522 Send notifications when continuous compilation succeeds/fails.

[boisvert] Refactor linux.rb

[boisvert] BUILDR-521 System tray notifications for Linux systems (via libnotify/notify-send)

[boisvert] BUILDR-543 POMs are installed and uploaded twice when using artifacts with classifier

Note:  I've changed things such that Buildr will only implicitly install and
upload poms along with the main artifact (i.e., an artifact without classifier).
For the cases where only artifacts with classifiers are used, the POM must be
explicitly installed/uploaded if desired.

[boisvert] BUILDR-542 Release task:  SVN tagging fails if parent tag directory does not
exist yet (Gerolf Seitz)

[boisvert] Add missing clojure.rb

[boisvert] Ensure Clojure dependencies are available during tests

[boisvert] Move clojure shell to buildr/clojure/shell.rb, refactor dependencies

[boisvert] shell:clojure no longer requires CLOJURE_HOME

[boisvert] BUILDR-537 Shell tasks should use JAVA_OPTS by default
BUILDR-538 Shell tasks should support passing :java_args

[toulmean] make sure the version is casted as a String

[boisvert] Fix runner?

[boisvert] Refactor Buildr::Shell module.
Complete standard interface:  shell.with, shell.using and shell.classpath methods.       
Move Buildr::Shell::JavaRebel to Buildr::JRebel module
Add minimal specs for Buildr::Shell
(Needed before I go and add new features)

[boisvert] Fix Run::Base.to_sym for case where specify :name => :foo isn't used
Cleanup runner? method.

[boisvert] Add missing expectation (test.compile) for run task dependency

[boisvert] Revert "Upgrade to rspec 2.0.0"

This reverts commit 23302d184f9350875a6c5a5537e05294288d8e32.

[boisvert] Add minimal doc for protobuf extension

[boisvert] Add step to push gems to / Gemcutter

[boisvert] Upgrade to rspec 2.0.0

Started by user boisvert
Building remotely on ubuntu2
U         Rakefile
U         addon/buildr/protobuf.rb
U         spec/sandbox.rb
U         spec/ide/eclipse_spec.rb
U         spec/java/packaging_spec.rb
U         spec/java/emma_spec.rb
U         spec/java/test_coverage_helper.rb
U         spec/packaging/artifact_namespace_spec.rb
U         spec/packaging/artifact_spec.rb
U         spec/packaging/archive_spec.rb
U         spec/core/run_spec.rb
U         spec/core/cc_spec.rb
A         spec/core/shell_spec.rb
U         spec/core/compile_spec.rb
U         spec/core/build_spec.rb
U         spec/spec_helpers.rb
U         buildr.gemspec
U         doc/installing.textile
U         doc/more_stuff.textile
U         doc/mailing_lists.textile
U         lib/buildr/java/tests.rb
U         lib/buildr/scala/shell.rb
U         lib/buildr/packaging/artifact.rb
U         lib/buildr/groovy/shell.rb
U         lib/buildr/groovy/compiler.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/test.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/cc.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/build.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/linux.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/checks.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/application.rb
A         lib/buildr/core/jrebel.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/run.rb
U         lib/buildr/core/shell.rb
U         lib/buildr/core.rb
A         lib/buildr/clojure
A         lib/buildr/clojure/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/clojure.rb
U         lib/buildr/run.rb
U         lib/buildr/shell.rb
A         lib/buildr/resources/completed.png
A         lib/buildr/resources/failed.png
A         lib/buildr/resources/icons-license.txt
U         lib/buildr.rb
U         rakelib/release.rake
U         rakelib/rspec.rake
 U        .
At revision 1032211
[buildr-ci-build-jruby] $ /bin/bash -xe /tmp/
+ /home/toulmean/jruby-1.5.2/bin/jruby -J-Xmx256m -J-XX:MaxPermSize=256m -S rake ci
(in <>
Compiling Java libraries ...
jruby <> --buildfile
buildr.buildfile compile
(in <,> development)
Compiling buildr
Compiling buildr:java into lib/buildr/java
Note: <>
uses or overrides a deprecated API.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.
Note: <>
uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
Note: <>
uses or overrides a deprecated API.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.
Note: <>
uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
Note: <>
uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
Compiling buildr:scala into lib/buildr/scala
Compiling buildr:extra into addon/buildr
Completed in 1.626s
/home/toulmean/jruby-1.5.2/bin/jruby -S rspec --format failing_examples:failed --format html:_reports/specs.html
--backtrace --format documentation spec/version_requirement_spec.rb spec/addon/drb_spec.rb
spec/java/commands_spec.rb spec/java/external_spec.rb spec/java/ecj_spec.rb spec/java/doc_spec.rb
spec/java/run_spec.rb spec/java/packaging_spec.rb spec/java/tests_spec.rb spec/java/bdd_spec.rb
spec/java/emma_spec.rb spec/java/ant_spec.rb spec/java/cobertura_spec.rb spec/java/compiler_spec.rb
spec/java/java_spec.rb spec/core/compile_spec.rb spec/core/doc_spec.rb spec/core/run_spec.rb
spec/core/common_spec.rb spec/core/cc_spec.rb spec/core/project_spec.rb spec/core/generate_spec.rb
spec/core/checks_spec.rb spec/core/application_spec.rb spec/core/util_spec.rb spec/core/extension_spec.rb
spec/core/transport_spec.rb spec/core/shell_spec.rb spec/core/test_spec.rb spec/core/build_spec.rb
spec/ide/idea7x_spec.rb spec/ide/eclipse_spec.rb spec/packaging/artifact_spec.rb spec/packaging/artifact_namespace_spec.rb
spec/packaging/packaging_spec.rb spec/packaging/archive_spec.rb spec/scala/doc_spec.rb spec/scala/tests_spec.rb
spec/scala/bdd_spec.rb spec/scala/compiler_spec.rb
jruby: No such file, directory, or command -- rspec
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For example, <>
is 21 days old

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