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From drigodwin <>
Subject [GitHub] brooklyn-docs pull request #231: document the new ElectPrimaryPolicy and rel...
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2017 15:57:02 GMT
Github user drigodwin commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: guide/blueprints/ ---
    @@ -0,0 +1,149 @@
    +There are a collection of policies, enrichers, and effectors to assist with common
    +failover scenarios and more general anything which wants a primary elected and
    +These can be used for:
    +* Nominating one child among many to be noted as a primary via a sensor (simply add the
    +* Allowing preferences for such children to be specified  (via `ha.primary.weight`)
    +* Causing the primary to change if the current primary goes down or away
    +* Causing `promote` and `demote` effectors to be invoked on the appropriate nodes when
the primary is elected/changed
    +  (with the parent reset to `STARTING` while this occurs)
    +* Mirroring sensors and optionally effectors from the primary to the parent
    +A simple example is as follows, deploying two `item` entities with one designated as
    +and its `main.uri` sensor published at the root. If "Preferred Item" fails, "Failover
    +will be become the primary. Any `demote` effector on "Preferred Item" and any `promote`
    +on "Failover Item" will be invoked on failover.
    +- type: org.apache.brooklyn.policy.ha.ElectPrimaryPolicy
    +  brooklyn.config:
    +    # `best` will cause failback to occur automatically when possible; could use `failover`
    +    primary.selection.mode: best
    +    propagate.primary.sensors: [ main.uri ]
    +- # this enricher will cause the parent to report as failed if there is no primary
    +  type: org.apache.brooklyn.policy.ha.PrimaryRunningEnricher
    +- type: item
    +  name: Preferred Item
    +  brooklyn.config:
    +    ha.primary.weight: 1
    +- type: item
    +  name: Failover Item
    +#### ElectPrimary Policy
    +- org.apache.brooklyn.policy.ha.ElectPrimaryPolicy
    +The ElectPrimaryPolicy acts to keep exactly one of its children or members as primary,
promoting and demoting them when required.
    +A simple use case is where we have two children, call them North and South, and we wish
for North to be primary.  If North fails, however, we want to promote and fail over to South.
 This can be done by:
    +* adding this policy at the parent
    +* setting ` ha.primary.weight` on North
    --- End diff --
    erroneous space before ha


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