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From ahgittin <>
Subject [GitHub] brooklyn-server issue #836: REST call to get activities on an adjunct
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2017 15:59:57 GMT
Github user ahgittin commented on the issue:
    @aledsage the one thing i find with merges is that it's a bit difficult to see changes
made to resolve conflicts as part of the merge commit.  i always forget the exact command
but manage to find it. 
    however it keeps much better history, e.g.
    % git log --oneline --graph master..
    *   cea2d34 Merge branch 'tasks-better-tree' into adjunct-activities-rest-api
    | * 9213f0e fix message publish synching to guarantee in-order delivery
    | * 508183b more assertion routines, map equality and unordered iterable equality
    | * 8b72769 Tasks.tryQueueing won't queue if calling thread is interrupted
    | * 9888870 switch queue-or-submit-blocking-then-get invocations to new simpler DynamicTasks.get.
but note some things fail getImmediately if they are running a queueing context eg EffectorSayHiTest,
until fixed in the next PR.
    * |   b042989 Merge branch 'tasks-better-tree' into adjunct-activities-rest-api
    |\ \  
    | |/  
    | * 0c2e1f6 Merge branch 'master' into tasks-4
    | * bb26d32 change when cancellation is done for getImmediate - means effector invocation
now works
    | * d7b086b Merge branch 'tasks-better' into tasks-better-tree
    * | d1ab00c REST API for entity adjunct activities
    * | cf56492 Merge branch 'tasks-better-tree' into adj10
    * 6dfe498 deprecated since is now 0.13.0 not 0.12.0
    * 80446ab Merge branch 'master' into tasks-better-tree
    * 130a29b fix tests that asserted specific tasks (as there are now more)
    * 79cc9bc task visibility: ensure all tasks have a name, updating exec.submit() methods
to take name
    * aeecd3e task GC and visibility: tidy GC code, don't delete some things eg subscriptions
quite so aggressively
    * b0556de include adjunct info as a subscription description
    * e1f948a task visibility: entity initialization
    * 0a1acec fix deadlock in initial publication of sensors on setting up a subscription
    * 84d24d1 fix visibility: entity init runs in same thread
    * d4c9fe1 entity adjuncts have extra tag for execution context, used in subscription delivery
    * 8ecf395 task visibility: better names for config retrieval tasks
    * 4430f76 task optimization: some queued-or-submitted tasks use foreground for executing
    * 7f4d7bd task visibility: entity mgmt create and startup wrapped in its own task
    it's usually prettier but even here not hard to see `d1ab00c` as the important mainline
    more impressive is:
    % git log --oneline --graph tasks-better-tree..
    * cea2d34 Merge branch 'tasks-better-tree' into adjunct-activities-rest-api
    * b042989 Merge branch 'tasks-better-tree' into adjunct-activities-rest-api
    * d1ab00c REST API for entity adjunct activities
    * cf56492 Merge branch 'tasks-better-tree' into adj10
    making it super easy to see.  and bear in mind this at one point built on 3 other branches.
 if i'd ever rebased this or any of those branches, the ability to reconcile changes would
be gone.  with `git merge` however it was always straightforward.


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