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From Valentin Aitken <>
Subject Re: Is nested DSL supported?
Date Thu, 25 May 2017 13:28:13 GMT
 From my experience yes, DSL can be nested.
If you get( Config<T>) and the raw value is not from T but a "DSL" value 
then the DeferredSupplier value will be evaluated.
Nested DeferredSupplier are also evaluated if necessary.

However if your raw value is a list of "DSL" and you 
`get(Config<List<T>>)` then it will not be evaluated.
An example [1]


On 25/05/17 15:59, Murdo Aird wrote:
> Can Brooklyn DSL be nested?
> I want to retrieve a secret from vault using the external provider and the following
syntax works:
> $brooklyn:external("vault", "name-of-secret")
> However, the secret I want to retrieve is variable and depends on the way the blueprint
is deployed. I, therefore, want to be able to pull the "name-of-secret" from some other config.
For example:
> $brooklyn:external("vault", $brooklyn:entity("blah").config("name-of-secret"))
> However that syntax does not work. Any guidance would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Murdo

Valentin Aitken
Software Engineer
Cloudsoft Corporation Ltd.

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