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From Aled Sage <>
Subject Re: files.customize
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2017 10:55:53 GMT
Hi Graham,

If this is at the end of the customize phase, you could use 

However, I presume you want this at the start of `customize`. I agree it 
makes sense to support that.

I think I'd be fine with us making `copyResources` protected, for 
power-users who are writing Java.

We should also add config for `templates.customize` and 
`files.customize` that will be uploaded at the start of the customize 
phase. However, I don't think we'd get that into the Brooklyn 0.11.0 
release as we do a feature-freeze after the first RC is produced.

Could you create an "improvement" in Apache Brooklyn jira please, to 
track this?


On 17/04/2017 13:46, Graham Ashby wrote:
> (and templates.customize)
> As part of what I'm doing, I want to be able to send a templated
> configuration file in the customization phase.
> I was all prepared to write the code in my software process code, but
> .AbstractSoftwareProcessDriver.copyResources() is private, not protected.
> What I've done is reuse copyPreInstallResources(), saving its templates
> and files, and restoring them after I'm done.
> So, what would be really nice is to have files.customize and
> templates.customize already taken care of.  Or make copyResources()
> protected.
> Thanks
> Graham

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