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From Sam Corbett <>
Subject Re: Doing "upgrade" in yaml
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2017 16:20:46 GMT
Hi Graham,

 From the sounds of it you're reaching the limit of what's possible with 
yaml at the moment. I know that upgrading deployments of yaml-based 
blueprints is something filtering through several Brooklyn developers' 
minds but there's nothing concrete available now.

For the workflow you describe I think your best bets are either to write 
the Java or to handle the steps outwith Brooklyn. The former isn't 
especially difficult and we'd be happy to help either here or on IRC 
(#brooklyncentral on freenode).

One alternative, if you're willing to stop the entity as part of this 
flow, is to replace the entity you want to act on with an updated 
version. I'd imagine stopping v1 and removing it from the application 
then using the `add child` API [1] to add the child with updated config. 
Are you trying to avoid reprovisioning instances?



On 13/03/2017 17:35, Graham Ashby wrote:
> Me again.
> Now I'm trying this:  I want to have an effector that takes as an argument
> a set of configuration variables, it then stops the entity, updates the
> configuration, and then starts the entity (which can then run through the
> install, customize, etc..)
> I could see how to do this in Java, but how can I do this in yaml (using
> VanillaSoftwareProcess)?
> Thanks again
> Graham

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