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From Svetoslav Neykov <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] BROOKLYN-460 Brooklyn Camp syntax for adding tags to an entity spec
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2017 11:11:14 GMT
I think we should support arbitrary objects for tags. Users should use only tags they understand,
so it's fine to have free-form tags in there.
The problem with tag objects in YAML is that we can't use DSL - because  the tags need to
be resolved pretty early, while constructing the EntitySpec when there are no running entities.
So Futures/Tasks/DeferredSuppliers should not be allowed for tag values.
On the other hand YAML lists, maps could be useful.


> On 31.03.2017 г., at 11:49, Valentin Aitken <>
> Hi,
> I'd like to bring attention to a new feature I suggested in BROOKLYN-460 [1] and [2].
> Current requirement is to be able to supply String tags in an entity spec in YAML so
it can be then retrieved via REST API with GET /v1/applications/<appId>/entities/<entityId>/tags.
> Example usage in a YAML blueprint:
> services:
> - type:
>  brooklyn.tags:
>  - tag1
>  - "2"
>  - hello world
> Please shout if you have further requirements for brooklyn.tags.
> Main concern raised in [2] comments is whether that syntax should support any Object
as a tag.
> My concern is that although Object is allowed
> in Apache Brooklyn only classes defined in org.apache.brooklyn.core.mgmt.BrooklynTags
are used as a tag.
> Every entity has this tag at the moment:
> [{"kind":"yaml_spec","contents":"services:\n- type......"}]
> That is good since REST query for tags in every entity will have "kind" field which someone
can rely on.
> Good use case is to very easy filter out kind -> yaml_spec and making sure user can
retrieve only tags assigned in YAML.
> That's why I decided to follow the same pattern and in YAML and accept
> string values only which are then passed to org.apache.brooklyn.core.mgmt.BrooklynTags.newNotesTag
> in order to keep existing pattern with "kind" and "contents" fields for every tag.
> [1]
> [2]
> -- 
> Valentin Aitken
> Software Engineer
> Cloudsoft Corporation Ltd.

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