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From Svetoslav Neykov <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Brooklyn 0.10.0 [rc4]
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2016 21:28:58 GMT
This is to call for a vote for the release of Apache Brooklyn 0.10.0.

This release comprises of a source code distribution, and a corresponding
binary distribution, and Maven artifacts.

The source and binary distributions, including signatures, digests, etc. can
be found at:

The artifact SHA-256 checksums are as follows:

  8d21ad3c4e15348992bbf0fd966ac18692df59edb8049f01a770e04665b7d287 *apache-brooklyn-0.10.0-rc4-1.noarch.rpm
  2fc5bf7c88a243edfb4f0cd61071f348b322f38dc31a6e97dda030634a184a06 *apache-brooklyn-0.10.0-rc4-bin.tar.gz
  3ac0899e4ff46e7baa1d9cea3d6cb328227a1183d2817446f77549d8704fc6ba *
  00dc1229aab6141ceb87402a378a4396b6bd7e2790f09147ac566fdda3dad951 *apache-brooklyn-0.10.0-rc4-client-cli-linux.tar.gz
  b5be217910efd0ea72e38823d18b669e77da5b8a88b997d990e8bdbf8f249929 *
  0d3b113c451012daea9cd6cf82e4de007f690e4ee7b9626357a876588b5163fa *apache-brooklyn-0.10.0-rc4-client-cli-macosx.tar.gz
  9d2565afc8ae4a18065e1a137999ad57149d180b045f5314ac0afb49afa43597 *
  b8055063c30512254308e2acb1bd6e79c76d6b57649739867cca223c64611c8e *apache-brooklyn-0.10.0-rc4-client-cli-windows.tar.gz
  610c9e04050a531646ca6577a07a35fe82e7b57bc5c28ef2e54843278a6b7bc8 *
  7181d50f2710f6125ea977e6da582b1057051afd55956a01e9f774db9b790e52 *apache-brooklyn-0.10.0-rc4-karaf.tar.gz
  10f3e5ca5b25d86580f7bd35fa118132f097f6bce359e339a97ac17c68000da5 *
  97652dc4cd0130e44d3f8e9ffb16f1f6b343ed2971c83e426444db18ff93962d *apache-brooklyn-0.10.0-rc4-src.tar.gz
  60886f9b7e99b7ea63ba5dc655370694df4cffadec91ac2e561ad7f5528b6972 *
  6f0fdf46dfa1d39e84a7ffff88461c3724f8ed9adaac9619f0f3d3a5a4c2329e *apache-brooklyn-0.10.0-rc4-vagrant.tar.gz
  e2bd6548310cf4eee75c906957cd431bcfa3ddf819e687bcbe2cf23333b5cf16 *

The Nexus staging repository for the Maven artifacts is located at:

All release artifacts are signed with the following key:

KEYS file available here:

The artifacts were built from git commit IDs:

brooklyn: 197908b0f80f154a86fa85d05a629c1bfab239b0
brooklyn-client: 0e870fa15714c5a050bb67d6fa0429ff90a8fa4c
brooklyn-dist: dda655c45abab34601a5e62250431ea93fdf1755
brooklyn-docs: d75752725ef6683a0f52e3059ed475dc69872f9e
brooklyn-library: 9fbc78cb4a9d1dccdbdbb70a1ee48f2afddfe067
brooklyn-server: 9dcd2d3498c989c2dd7449ccc22f2533ac05eb73
brooklyn-ui: a6e2e8bccfdd98b4f7155b5be86f5b85149e0f33
All of the above have been tagged as "apache-brooklyn-0.10.0-rc4"

Please vote on releasing this package as Apache Brooklyn 0.10.0.

The vote will be open for at least 72 hours.
[ ] +1 Release this package as Apache Brooklyn 0.10.0
[ ] +0 no opinion
[ ] -1 Do not release this package because ...


CHECKLIST for reference

[ ] Download links work.
[ ] Binaries work.
[ ] Checksums and PGP signatures are valid.
[ ] Expanded source archive matches contents of RC tag.
[ ] Expanded source archive builds and passes tests.
[ ] LICENSE is present and correct.
[ ] NOTICE is present and correct, including copyright date.
[ ] All files have license headers where appropriate.
[ ] All dependencies have compatible licenses.
[ ] No compiled archives bundled in source archive.
[ ] I follow this project’s commits list.

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