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From Svetoslav Neykov <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Change app default to require all children to be up
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2016 08:56:42 GMT
Makes sense. 
Customising the behaviour form YAML should be possible even now by declaring an enricher with
the same ID.


> On 4.11.2016 г., at 23:00, Aled Sage <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> TL;DR: I'd like to change the defaults for an app so that it is "down" and "on-fire"
if any of its children are failed.
> _*Current Situation*_
> Currently in Brooklyn, it is surprising what values are set for an app's "service.isUp"
and its "service.state" sensors:
> * If any of the app's children are "isUp=true" (or if it has no children), then the app
sets itself as "isUp=true".
> * If any of the children report "state=on_fire", then the app sets itself as "state=on_fire".
> Note the inconsistency: if one of two children are healthy, then the app is "isUp=true
&& state=on_fire".
> This behaviour of "quorum" for children/members is controlled by an enricher, which can
be easily configured in Java but not in YAML.
> _*Proposal*_
> We should change the default quorum behaviour for apps, to require all of the app's children
to be up. I'd argue that is the most common reason that it has those children.
> We should make this more easily configurable through config keys on the app, so one can
easily change the defaults. For example, to get the old behaviour:
>   services:
>   - type: org.apache.brooklyn.entity.stock.BasicApplication
>      brooklyn.config:
>        quorum.up: atLeastOneUnlessEmpty
>        quorum.running: all
>      brooklyn.children:
>        ...
> Would this change negatively affect any existing apps? Are there more use-cases where
the default of "atLeastOneUnlessEmpty" is more sensible than "all"?
> See for an implementation of this.
> Aled

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