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From Sam Corbett <>
Subject Re: Testing children of group members
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2016 12:12:38 GMT
Thanks Graeme.

I've come to the same conclusion. More generally, I think we can add a 
test entity that uses both `target` and `targetId` parameters from 
TargetableTestComponent with a `scope` parameter (of type 
The entity to be tested is the combination of `targetId` and `scope` 
resolved against `target`.

If we call this a "relative" test case, I would then structure my test 
case along the lines of this pseudocode:

       # target entity (= group member) set by loopOverGroupMembers
       targetId: foo
       scope: child

I'm mid-way through testing this idea, will report back if it proves useful.


On 17/06/2016 12:50, Graeme Miller wrote:
> I think what we are missing is a LoopOverChildrenTestCase. It would be very
> similar to LoopOverGroupMembersTestCase and can probably share some code. A
> combination of LoopOverGroupMembersTestCase followed by
> LoopOverChildrenTestCase should allow you to test the structure you
> mentioned.
> Regards,
> Graeme
> On 17 June 2016 at 11:24, Sam Corbett <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to use Brooklyn's test entities to test an app with the following
>> structure:
>>    cluster:
>>    - member 1
>>       - child 1
>>    - member 2
>>       - child 2
>> The things I want to test are on the child entities. Every child has the
>> same CAMP id.
>> LoopOverGroupMembersTestCase gets me the members, but can I get from them
>> to the children? Having experimented lots I currently think the answer is
>> no.
>> I'm wondering whether there's a case for a `RelativeEntityTestCase` class,
>> that resolves its target relative to its parent entity. (I had assumed that
>> that was what LOGMTC would do, but in fact it overwrites any test spec
>> target with the group member.)
>> Can anyone help?
>> Thanks,
>> Sam.

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