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From Svetoslav Neykov <>
Subject Re: what to do if a pre-install script fails?
Date Tue, 31 May 2016 09:21:49 GMT
Hi Geoff,

Agree we should change it. As you say breaking an existing blueprint will actually reveal
existing problems.

Coincidentally I am working on similar changes but on locations so I'd like to include them
here for discussion. Here are the commands which don't have exist code checks:
  * setup.scripts
  * installDevUrandom
  * generate.hostname
  * openIptables 
  * stopIptables
  * extraSshPublicKeyUrls

Of those openIpTables and stopIptables are already deprecated so perhaps logging a warning
will be enough for them.


> On 31.05.2016 г., at 12:12, Geoff Macartney <>
> hi Brooklyn devs,
> Shouldn't an “install” step fail if a pre-install script exits with return status
> At the moment in AbstractSoftwareProcessSshDriver we have
> @Override
> public void runPreInstallCommand() {
>    if(Strings.isNonBlank(getEntity().getConfig(BrooklynConfigKeys.PRE_INSTALL_COMMAND)))
>        execute(ImmutableList.of(getEntity().getConfig(BrooklynConfigKeys.PRE_INSTALL_COMMAND)),
"running pre-install commands");
>    }
> }
> Not a mention of “failIfNonZero”. Shouldn’t that be the case, however?
> There are a handful of similar methods - pre/post install, pre/post configure etc.  In
general I'd imagine you'd want to have the default behaviour be to fail if any returned non-zero.
> Not too surprisingly, I came across this because a step in a pre-install script of mine
was failing, but it took time to find because the install phase appeared to complete successfully.
> I moot we change this.  While this could break some existing blueprints, I think in such
cases it's more likely that it is highlighting a problem that has been missed, rather than
causing a problem because someone is explicitly relying on that behaviour.
> What do you think?
> all the best
> Geoff
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