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From Alex Heneveld <>
Subject move to new repos THIS WEEKEND ?
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2016 10:09:05 GMT


TL;DR: *switch to new repos at the weekend, incubator commits cut-off 
proposed for Sat 10am UK*

The new project structure seems to be working well and I think it's time 
to move to the new repos apache/brooklyn and apache/brooklyn-*, and then 
retire the incubator project.

I've built on Richard's separation scripts, with the current version at, and it also seems to be 
working very well.  You can inspect the resulting projects at these URL's:

You can try them for yourself e.g. using:

     for x in brooklyn{,-{dist,docs,library,server,ui}} ; do
         git clone$x.git
     cd brooklyn/
     mvn clean install

I have done a lot of checking that these are all healthy -- see below -- 
but I'd value some others also casting their eyes over the projects.  If 
there are other checks I should do when I run them again please let me know.

If this looks good I propose we wait until the weekend to cut over. If 
there is no objection we would STOP committing to the incubator project 
at Saturday 10am UK, and I will re-run the scripts, test, and push to 
apache/ repos instead of ahgittin.

Meanwhile I have some notes on migrating incubator PR's and branches to 
the new repos and on using subprojects which I will complete and circulate.



A) The command:

     git log --oneline --follow `find . -name`

gives the same output modulo commit ID's and excluding the additional 
directory promotion commit in the new repo, 415 commits total

B) `find .` gives the same output, modulo items in the root and the 
.git/ dirs (actual command: `find -E . \! -regex '.*/\.git(/.*)?' \! 
-regex '\./[[:alnum:]\.]+'`)

C) Both builds work and the built artifacts are identical except for 
MANIFEST.MF (Implementation-SHA-1 and Bnd-LastModified) and (timestamp)

D) Size of project is the same and history is substantially smaller:


262M    ./.git
  44K    ./brooklyn
652K    ./brooklyn-dist
  16M    ./brooklyn-docs
9.6M    ./brooklyn-library
  19M    ./brooklyn-server
5.1M    ./brooklyn-ui
312M    .
of which 262M is */.git, 50M current


180K    ./brooklyn/.git
224K    ./brooklyn
812K    ./brooklyn-dist/.git
1.4M    ./brooklyn-dist
  20M    ./brooklyn-docs/.git
  36M    ./brooklyn-docs
  15M    ./brooklyn-library/.git
  24M    ./brooklyn-library
  36M    ./brooklyn-server/.git
  55M    ./brooklyn-server
7.6M    ./brooklyn-ui/.git
  13M    ./brooklyn-ui
129M    .
of which 79M is */.git, 50M current

The size improvement comes of course from big WAR artifacts in ancient 
history which aren't being copied across.

The remaining size is mostly accounted for by:
* screenshots in docs
* some big JS in library/sandbox history and in ui (a bit of a shame as 
when we move to bower/grunt these deps won't be part of the repo, but a 
few megs isn't really that much)
* lots of files in server and its history (none esp big, nearly all needed)


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