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From Ciprian Ciubotariu <>
Subject Brooklyn REST API using JAX-RS 2
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2016 13:36:52 GMT
I've created PR #1140 containing a CXF implementation of brooklyn's REST 
services, geared towards the effort to run brooklyn as an OSGi feature within 

For this purpose I added the brooklyn-rest-resources-cxf project, which 
contains the same resources as broojlyn-server, but implemented using CXF and 
Aries blueprint injection.

However, cxf-3.1.4 is based on jax-rs-2.x, so the existing brooklyn-rest-api 
(which is based on jax-rs-1 for Jersey-1.x) is not compatible. I duplicated it 
as brooklyn-brooklyn-rest-api-cxf.

An interesting point to make is that jax-rs-2 is downward compatible with jax-
rs-1, but only at the source level. The binary jax-rs jars and dependent 
compiled projects cannot be interchanged successfully. CXF cannot find 
annotations when parsing annotated classes built against jax-rs-1, while 
jersey-1 crashes when jax-rs-2 is on the classpath.

I am trying to find solutions to merge the two rest-api projects, so we don't 
duplicate the sources, while still producing two different maven artifacts: one 
with jax-rs-1 for brooklyn-rest-server, and another using jax-rs-2 for the cxf 
implementation. I am appealing to you to discuss solutions for this, and 
select one that seems best for the time being.


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