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From John McCabe <>
Subject Re: Incubator re-org
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2015 18:15:36 GMT
Hi All -
We've raised pull request 1119 [1] which implements the restructuring of
the incubator-brooklyn project in preparation for the split into multiple

You can checkout the PR locally and build as normal,

## Snippet from the PR [1]
This pull applies the pre-repository-split restructuring script from rdowner/brooklyn-repo-split#5 [2], and
updates maven/tests accordingly.

Once applied the project will be structured in preparation for the split
into multiple git repositories (brooklyn-server, brooklyn-ui,
brooklyn-library, brooklyn-dist, brooklyn).

A verbose commit history is maintained for reference with each commit
prefixed by the impacted submodule, ie [SERVER], [LIBRARY] etc. (Note the
work-in-progress repo was originally located here [3].)

The project can be built as normal, with a brooklyn pom in the root of the

You may also build each submodule in turn, brooklyn-ui, brooklyn-server,
brooklyn-library and finally brooklyn-dist. The brooklyn subdirectory will
eventually become the split repo base project,.

Feedback is greatly welcomed.


On Sat, 19 Dec 2015 at 12:43 Alex Heneveld <>

> Hi All-
> John has been doing fantastic work at [1] for post-restructure tweaks so
> that everything builds nicely.  It is close to the point where we can
> merge it.
> This can be done following the normal PR process but because it is a
> major reorg I wanted to (a) flag it and (b) do it when it's a quiet time
> (like tomorrow maybe?).  We've discussed this already so it shouldn't
> come as a surprise, but things to be aware of.
> Once this is merged:
> 1) Existing branches and PR's may have to be rebased or merged
> 2) Your IDE may have to be completely reset
> On (1) git actually does a remarkable job of tracking things across
> moves, so I expect conflicts will mainly be:
> * where you have added or deleted files
> * where you have changed something which has changed (especially the poms)
> If you have a PR or WIP which does these it will be a bit easier to
> merge them first so please let us know.  In particular there is UI,
> OSGi, and Salt work in progress I think we were hoping to merge. But I
> don't want to hold up the migration for too long.
> FYI it will be a little bit more tedious to migrate these changes across
> to the new repo structure (ie apache/brooklyn{,-*}) but git-patch
> assuming we keep the same filesystem structure using git modules should
> work pretty well once you have rebased on the reorged incubator project.
> Best
> Alex
> [1]

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