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From Richard Downer <>
Subject Repository splitting script
Date Sat, 05 Dec 2015 23:46:10 GMT

Per the recent vote on this list, we have decided to split the
Brooklyn repository into a number of smaller modules.

With some of my colleagues, I've been working on a script to do this,
which preserves as much of the existing history, branches and tags as

You can find the script here:

And the result of running the script:

I'd be interested in your feedback!


One limitation of this script occurs when files are moved between
locations that turn into different repositories after the split. My
expectation is that files would suddenly appear in the new repository
without history.

Alex Heneveld has suggested a pre-processing phase which examines all
the files currently in each proposed subrepo, and then examines the
history to determine every filename that they have previously been
known as, and uses that in the whitelist for selecting the contents of
each subrepo. This would preserve history (although the subrepo
history would look a bit odd, as the early history of the repo would
have isolated files in random locations).

I haven't implemented Alex's suggestion, but the design of this script
would easily allow the results of the pre-processing phase to be


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