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From Richard Downer <>
Subject Re: Repository splitting script
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2015 22:56:39 GMT
Alex, all,

I've merged Alex's PR#1 and a few bug fixes of my own. The results are
looking better now; I've re-pushed to all my TEMP-* repositories for
people to take a look at the results.

On 7 December 2015 at 01:19, Alex Heneveld
<> wrote:
> * script to clean out big binary litter files (refer to notes in an email a
> few weeks back, from Svet?)

I've prototyped a few options for that - they are comment out in
`` to speed up the processing just at the moment.

John McCabe also suggested that when we delete a binary artifact, we
drop an empty file <foobar.jar.BINARY.FILE.DELETED> to leave a clue
for anyone working in the history as to why a build isn't working.

> * fix pom files on result of `` script so it builds
> (make this a diff / git cherry-pick we can just apply once all PRs are
> merged?)

John also said to me that he would take a look at this problem. He was
temporarily prevented from doing so by a bug in the split script which
broke TEMP-brooklyn-server, but that dodgy repo should now be fixed.

> * adjust move-w-history for new structure and whitelist

The problem with doing a move (rename) before splitting is that it
does obscure the history. I tried this at first, and the "Commits"
view on GitHub showed only as far as the rename. That's also the
default behaviour for `git log` - that has a `--follow` option but the
doc suggests that it only works when viewing the log for a single

> Anything else?

I have wondered about rewriting the commit messages that say "This
closes #1234" to say "This closes" - that way
when the commit history is viewed in GitHub the pull request links
continue to work.

`git filter-branch` has a `--msg-filter` option that can do this.


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