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From Alex Heneveld <>
Subject Incubator re-org
Date Sat, 19 Dec 2015 12:43:35 GMT
Hi All-

John has been doing fantastic work at [1] for post-restructure tweaks so 
that everything builds nicely.  It is close to the point where we can 
merge it.

This can be done following the normal PR process but because it is a 
major reorg I wanted to (a) flag it and (b) do it when it's a quiet time 
(like tomorrow maybe?).  We've discussed this already so it shouldn't 
come as a surprise, but things to be aware of.

Once this is merged:

1) Existing branches and PR's may have to be rebased or merged
2) Your IDE may have to be completely reset

On (1) git actually does a remarkable job of tracking things across 
moves, so I expect conflicts will mainly be:

* where you have added or deleted files
* where you have changed something which has changed (especially the poms)

If you have a PR or WIP which does these it will be a bit easier to 
merge them first so please let us know.  In particular there is UI, 
OSGi, and Salt work in progress I think we were hoping to merge. But I 
don't want to hold up the migration for too long.

FYI it will be a little bit more tedious to migrate these changes across 
to the new repo structure (ie apache/brooklyn{,-*}) but git-patch 
assuming we keep the same filesystem structure using git modules should 
work pretty well once you have rebased on the reorged incubator project.



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