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From Alex Heneveld <>
Subject Re: [HEADS-UP] Brooklyn graduation <- git repos, docs, cli
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2015 12:51:33 GMT

Hi All-

So we are sitting at:

* brooklyn - master project, pointers to others
* brooklyn-core - contains util, api, core, policy, and rest api
* brooklyn-ui - JS GUI
* brooklyn-library - tomcat, cassandra, etc

But a few things have occured to me:

(1) It will be confusing have `brooklyn-core` as a git project of which 
the sub-dir `core` containing *maven* project `brooklyn-core` is just 
ONE part.  Maybe that piece should be called `brooklyn-server` ?

(2) David and Geoff sent a proposal for a CLI *client* -- which would 
allow us to tweak the getting started guide to be based on a CLI.  This 
CLI client could be a separate project, maybe `brooklyn-cli`.  As it 
sounds like it will be written in go (which makes easy-to-install 
binaries) and the way go works life will definitely be easier if this is 
a separate project.

(2A) We have an existing `brooklyn-cli` used to launch the server from 
the CLI.  Rename this `brooklyn-server-cli`?

(3) The docs/ subdir (the web-site) also is a logically separate piece; 
personally I think it deserves its own git repo (`brooklyn-docs`) and 
not in `brooklyn`

(4) I know git submodules are far from perfect but maybe that's a good 
thing to put into `brooklyn`, along with a README and a master pom which 
can build all subprojects.  (It's either submodules or scripts I think, 
and decent info in the README, because otherwise it will be confusing 
for people using the code.)

One nice thing about the above is that the different languages and 
contribution areas are different git projects; docs (markdown) in one, 
UI (js/html) in another, library (java/yaml) another, server (java), and 
cli (go).  Assuming people agree with the above we'd have a different 

* brooklyn
* brooklyn-server
* brooklyn-docs
* brooklyn-ui
* brooklyn-cli
* brooklyn-library

Although it is a fair few projects it feels natural.  In for a penny, in 
for a pound.

Finally in terms of process I'd like to suggest a (5) that we:

* remove references to "incubator"
* cut a 0.9.0 release
* bump to 1.0.0-snapshot
* do a git copy with history to move things into new repo structure in 
someone's personal space (but removing the awful big binaries from early 
history), and possibly test the submodules workflow
* point infra at that repo and with the list of commands we ran to make that

Where people have opinions can I suggest they reply with something like:

(1) +1
(2) +1
(2A) +1
(3) +1
(4) +0
(5) +1

(^^^ my votes)


On 18/11/2015 20:22, Richard Downer wrote:
> +1 - that sounds like a good idea. I'd suggest that - at least
> initially - the docs go into this repository.
> I'm still not convinced about the versioning - BUT that is a separate
> issue and won't block consensus for splitting the repositories.
> Hadrian, any thoughts on the feasibility of editing the history to
> remove the large binary objects? That seems to have to got lost in
> this thread.
> Richard.
> On 18 November 2015 at 19:02, Hadrian Zbarcea <> wrote:
>> Do you see apache/brooklyn as being the distro project? If that's the case
>> +1 from me.
>> Hadrian
>> On 11/18/2015 01:59 PM, Alex Heneveld wrote:
>>> For external relations purposes and as an umbrella should we also have
>>> apache/brooklyn ?
>>> I tend to think yes.
>>> Best
>>> Alex
>>> On 18 Nov 2015 17:55, "Hadrian Zbarcea" <> wrote:
>>>> So I see a lot of consensus on Alex's proposal with the following
>>>> amendment (s/brooklyn/brooklyn-core/):
>>>> * apache/brooklyn-core
>>>> * apache/brooklyn-ui
>>>> * apache/brooklyn-library
>>>> If we can get a consensus on this I don't think we need to go to a vote.
>>>> I
>>>> will address the other comments as direct replies, because I don't see
>>>> them
>>>> as contradictory to this proposal.
>>>> WDYT?
>>>> Hadrian
>>>> On 11/17/2015 12:44 PM, Alex Heneveld wrote:
>>>>> +1 to removing the large artifacts; it's just stupid having them there.
>>>>> Personally I would like to see the apache/incubator-brooklyn carved up
>>>>> as follows:
>>>>> * apache/brooklyn
>>>>> * apache/brooklyn-ui
>>>>> * apache/brooklyn-library
>>>>> The third one contains all the concrete items, like jboss and tomcat
>>>>> cassandra etc.  The UI is the jsgui.
>>>>> The first one is the main one, with everything else, including CLI and
>>>>> REST API, vanilla software process, and jclouds locations and osgi.
>>>>> The only other thing I'm wondering is whether brooklyn-api should be
>>>>> separate, and very rarely changing.  This would allow us potentially
>>>>> run different versions of brooklyn-* in the same system, using the magic
>>>>> of OSGi.
>>>>> WDYT?
>>>>> Best
>>>>> Alex
>>>>> On 17/11/2015 17:03, Richard Downer wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Hadrian,
>>>>>> I don't think there's any need to split the repository (although
>>>>>> no strong opinions on this, if someone else has an idea).
>>>>>> However there has been a long-standing issue with our repository's
>>>>>> history - in the dim and distant past, binary artifacts of Tomcat
>>>>>> used for testing were committed to the repository. These are long
>>>>>> gone, but they still exist in the git history, and everybody is forced
>>>>>> to clone these large artifacts.
>>>>>> Could we use the graduation migration as an opportunity to rewrite
>>>>>> git history to permanently remove these large artifacts? It'd result
>>>>>> in a much quicker clone of the repo for new contributors to Brooklyn.
>>>>>> Richard.
>>>>>> On 17 November 2015 at 00:58, Hadrian Zbarcea <>
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hello Brooklyners,
>>>>>>> The Brooklyn graduation resolution is again on the board agenda.
>>>>>>> time I
>>>>>>> paid paranoid attention to details and I hope the stars to be
>>>>>>> aligned.
>>>>>>> Assuming all goes well, there will be a few tasks to take care
>>>>>>> graduation, mostly related to dropping the "incubating" suffix.
>>>>>>> of that
>>>>>>> process it is possible to split the git repository into multiple
>>>>>>> smaller
>>>>>>> ones. It is possible to do it later, but doing it now would be
>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>> more natural, I think.
>>>>>>> Therefore, if anybody has any idea or proposal related to that,
>>>>>>> up
>>>>>>> now. In the absence of consensus the status quo will be maintained.
>>>>>>> will
>>>>>>> work with infra and try to make the process as smooth as possible
>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>> community regardless of which way we decide to go.
>>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>>> Hadrian

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