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From Alex Heneveld <>
Subject Re: JcloudsLocation#rebindMachine and Windows machines
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2015 10:05:55 GMT


Some people have been using the word "register" for blueprints which 
attach to existing systems to bring them under Brooklyn management.  I 
like it.  "rebind" is currently overloaded as it is used mainly for 
items coming from persisted state, and the prefix "re" is misleading in 
the case where we are bringing something into Brooklyn for the first time.

(And I submit that prefix is not present in the word "register" despite 
appearances to the contrary!)

So my suggestion would be to add a new method "register(ConfigBag)" 
which returns a MachineLocation, and deprecate rebindMachine(...).


On 17/08/2015 19:03, Sam Corbett wrote:
> Hi all,
> A fairly technical question. I'd like to understand the implications of a
> problem before I try to fix it.
> Brooklyn has a class called JcloudsLocation that is the main point of
> interaction with jclouds. Its duty is to orchestrate jclouds to either
> provision new machines or to connect to existing ones.
> The two main methods for this are:
> public MachineLocation obtain(ConfigBag setup) throws
> NoMachinesAvailableException
> public JcloudsSshMachineLocation rebindMachine(ConfigBag setup) throws
> NoMachinesAvailableException
> Calling the first of these causes a new machine to be provisioned. Calling
> the latter causes an existing machine to be found and connected to.
> Their return types differ. Obtain returns a MachineLocation but rebind a
> JcloudsSshMachineLocation. A MachineLocation allows obtain to handle both
> Windows and non-Windows machines. A JcloudsSshMachineLocation can only be a
> non-Windows VM, and thus my problem: rebindMachine cannot be used to
> reconnect to a Windows machine. Unfortunately, rebindMachine is publicly
> accessible. There are a number of cases within Brooklyn that expect to get
> a JcloudsSshMachineLocation and probably more in downstream projects.
> Do I have any other option than to deprecate all of the methods named
> `rebindMachine` in favour of a new method named something slightly
> different that returns a MachineLocation? Or can I get away with changing
> the signature of the method (as was done to obtain earlier this year)?
> Sam

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